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Exchange Of Prisoners

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Both Houses of the Legislature of. Michigan haye unanhnously adoptcd the j following resolutions relativo to an cschatigc üf prisoners, and also as to tho treatment of persons captured as ! teers. Thoy justly recognize no diö'eronce bef ween rebels eaptured on the water and those eaptured on land : Jiesohed, That in the present condition ■ of the country, with 110 prospect of an iminediate termination ot' the war, and , many of the citizens of tliis state in captivity, as prisoners of war, it is expedient that arrangeren ts should be made lor exchange of prisoner, and that our Representativos i:i Congress be requested, mid our Senators be inatructêd, to use thoir proper iuihienee to bring about Bucfa arrangemGDts, Resolved, That we hold it to bc a duty we owe to our fellów-eountrymon engaged in the present deplorable conflict, to do all in our power to mitígate the severities and barbansm of war, a;:d thcreforc deein it not onlj' expedient, hut a dictate . of humanity, that all persons eaptured as privateers upon the high sean should i be held and deemed to be prisoners of war, t) 'ue ho!J and trealed as such during the eontinuanee of the esisting contcst. jResohed, That our Senators in Congress be iustruoted, and our llepresentativea bc requested to urge the adopliou of measurea for the exchange of Colonel Orlando 13. Willcox, who was wounded and taken prisonor, while in coinmand of a brigade, and bravely leading the First Regiment of Michigan Infautry, at the battle of Mauassas, and who is now held in close coníiueiiK'ut, as a hostage, in a southern dungeon.


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