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IIai.l's IIiu., V;t.. ) JaD. lst, 1802. Deak Brotiier : - It is New Year's morning, 8 o'clock, and a glorio us day it t, warm and mild as n sumraer moro. Music from fóurdi Herent bands Rounds in my ear, and the soldiers of this brigade ere preparing to enjoy themselves. Last evening Lbo Penosylvania camp was Uuminated, ind the boys marched up and down the -streets hended by a band of Musio, carrying lights. They passed tlirongfa our street and pcemed tb bc enjoying. themselves much. The hand of this regiment visited this street !ast evening, and serennded the officers of this compnn}'. Yesterday this brigade was inppeoted - oc wliat is called "mtistorcd in," pn-pai-atory to recfiving our pay - by Gen. BüTTïRFlELD and staff. Everytbing, guns, cloihing, eartridge böxes, tents, &c., were examined, and Co. A, Stockinn's Regiment, was pronouoced the cluanest in the brigade. That epeaka well for our Company and our offloerd. If ever officers worked to have a fino Cornpany, it is them. On Monday afternoon, this regiment reccived ncw gun, the Springfield Rifle, made in 1861 ; so you see that thoy are entire.'y new. We are now as well armod and equipped as any regiment in the service. This morning, about one o'eloek, I waa aroused from a eound sloep by Ordcrly Cook. On asking hirn what was up, he eaid he wishod me to wake up niy squad, and have them dress themselves, and get every thiog ready, so at the sound of the long rol] they could get out in a moment. 1 told bind I thought that was ': played out." He said it was bis orders from the Colonul, and that he had been ordered to havo ihree day's rations cookod. - Wel!, I got up, dressed myself, waked up my man, laid down again, went to sleep, and have not heard the long roll sound vet. Gen. Butterfiei.d visited my tentón Tuesday, and ' expressed himself well plcased at its appesrance. And I honor his judgment. Sühdat, Jan. 5th, 18G2. On Saturday this regiment received, one to each man, a rubbei' blankct, an articlü very useful to a soldier, in a storm on a mar oh, as he can put it over bis shouldera to proteet him from the rain, and at night pull them off. tako three of them, put them together, use muskets for poete, and have a good tent large enough for three to lie under, and water proof at that. We are now sopplisd ith every thing for a march ; or, should we stay here, well situated to pass a comfortable winter. On Friday night there was quite a snow storm here. It also snowedsome during Saturday. Uut, to-day, although it is quito cold, there is but littlo snow to bo seen. So far we have had a fine, pleasaut winter, favorablo to the soldiers, and one that they are right thankful for. Many it keep so is their daily prayer. Last evening, the boys of the Pennsylvania 8od regiment wero very jubilart oer something. Hurah after burah went up irom their eamp. On going out, they inquired why we did noteneer; we told them that we did nof know what to cheer for, when they iuformed us that this brigade was going to move within six days, that that time had been given us to get ready. I hopo it is so. but it s too good news to provo truo. Jo Richardson of tho Michigan 4th and Mr. Cush of the Michigan 2d called on me last evening. The Ann Arbor boys in those regimenta are all well. The Michigan 4th has just been supplied with new guns or old gnns made over. They do not like thia " pretty mnch." Monday. - Tho snow feil last night about two inches, and this is a glorioue morning. We shall probably inove next weck. I am well and in good spirits. J. P. J-sjf The Detroit Free Press says that tho State Central Oommittee is considering a proposition to cali a Democratie State Convontion, to meet in Detroit on the 22d of February, and invites tho opinions of the Democratie journals of the Stato. For one, we respond promptly, that we bolieve such a convention oeither nccossary nor politie, and do not adviso it. The position of the Democratie party is known, and no convention is necessary to defino it. It sustains the Union ngainst all enemies South or North ; proposes to aid in saving it; goes in for tho war, constitutionally waged, until the last rebel lays down his arms ; condemns all projeets, of einancipalion, and is willing that slavery shall take care of itself, il it dies getting its death blow from tho rebels themselves, and in conscqucnce of their rebdlion, and not from tho exercise of unconstituüonal powers by the govornment; - that is, Dcmocracy ignore ' te negro," and stand by (he Union to the last. - Lot us havo DO party convention until there is something lor a convention to do besides making a platform we do not need. X3F Tho now Secrotary of War - Staxton - is a warm personal fricnd of Maj. General McClkï.l.vx and his corifidential attorney, so that we jiiay horeaiter look for harmony of act ion bet ween the . War Pppartment and the commando?. i iu-chief, __ gAFr:: - Twu ten-jiouuders aro reported as having arrived at Fort Wayne to cotnmence the fortification of that post. Larj" Tho capture of the slave I bark Lyra, of New York. with 825 i negioee on board, by n Britwh gun bont, is reportcd.


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