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The distinguished rtowman wu las mot with Buóh mnoöt sueco m the moral wax Cggcr Aktkmas WabD)_s annoúnccd to appear before {he Students' Leoture Assooiation, on Monday evcning nest, in Union School Hall. His subject is " The Children in the Woods."' and the kotara thereon is gpokeu of by our exehanges as a characteristic humorous cffort If you want a good, honest, hearty laugh, we advise you to go and hear Artcmas, and besides the laugh you may cxpect to hear a down right intoresting lectura. gL=T Snow feil ou Tuesday evcnlng to the dcpth of about five inchc?, making it passable skighing. ïhose who are fortúnate enongh to possess them, now have an opportunity of exercising their 2:40 nags, by letting the 'aniiniles' slide. jT The Donatiou visit to the Rev. Mr. BtiDKS, on Wednesday evening, was a pleasant affair, lie being the recipiënt of about $116. Tliis is a generous gift and worthily bestowed. J" The Michigan Farmer bas douned a new dress, and is now published semiinonthly instead oí weekiy, at the low prico of SI a ycar. Tho farmers of Michigan oughtto consult their hiterests and make it a payíng institution. Address W. M. Doty, Detroit. jLS We havo received the February iwmber of Godey's Lady's Book. lts leadiug embellishment, a beautiful steel püate, "ïhe Saow Storm" migfat have iilust'rated a seene in the recent " fall of now," if it hadn't come in the night.- The other embellishments, fashion and cmbroidery platcs included, are numerous and excellent, and then tbe contents :are Godey like, and tbat ia No, 1. It is jast the book for a lady's boudoir. S3 a year ; two copies $5. Address Louis A. ÍÍODEY, 323 Chestnut streef, Philadelphia. - Godey aud tho Argm forS3.50. [ We have reooived tho Febuary number of thu Continental M'mthly, and think it nu improvement on the first issue, though it is yet a little ultra. It bns Bome literary papers abovo the average. 3 a year, poitage paid ; two .copies $5. Address J. E. Gilmore, 110 Tremont Street, Boston. L3È" Tho Circuit Court has been in Bession since Puesday, and a uumber of cases have been disposed of, by contiuuiug, &c, &0-__ _,_ „j.. A bilí is pending in the Legislature of Ohio to authorize tbe banks of that State to raspend specie payment. The Legislatura of Michigan has no power to grant our few banks Buch reliel.


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