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SPECIAL 3STOTICES' 3SE. O. R. K. Passender trains mr.v l--;ive Detroit and the overal tation in follows. TnúOi io not stop at stations whore figures aro omit td ia the tablf. G O I X G WEST. M&ilE. .lack.Ac. Niftlit Ex. niítrnit 30.01 A. M. 4.í0 '" 9-45 r. M Vpsihmti, 11-S5 " e.0 " 11.10 innArboi, 11.45 " J.M ' 1IS6 Hexter 12.18 P. M. Í.ÍO " 12.00 A M. Chelnei, U.M " " 12.M " Ar. Chicago, 11.C0 " 10.-15 G O I S t E A S T . NlghtEl. .Tack.Ac. HaHSx. Ohels!ai CIO a. m. 3.32 P M. Dexter 'J)5 t)J nn Artor, 4.35 A. M. 7.10 " 4.16 7DIÜUU, 4.55 " 7.S0 " 4.40 " Detroit, 6.05 " 8.55 " 6.00 " O" HOOFLAND'S GERMÁN BITTERS never fail. Read tlie ftd%'ertisement in an ouiei' commn. #jl Slight Cold, gauqh. ,fúxasen-L&a. or ëfateL &h-taa.t, whioh rnight ke cheoked with a simple remedy, ifneg-leated, often terminales seno'jsly. Femare aware of ihe importanoe of stopping a rfauzh. or ggA rfaLd in üs first stage, that which in Ihe heginning would yield to a mild remedy, if not attended to, soon attacks ihe lungs. were first mlroduoed eleven years ago. It hos been proued that ihey are ihe 23 anide bef ore the public for jtztArrLCL, $aa.h., the Hacking Coagh in rfarL&umlitLan-, a.nd „, „..„, , „ „ ffertirmjR af the SJh-tO-Cti, Tb LnO&l ULÍi u tvbw i 1 ■ - r- giving immediate relief. Public Speakers S Singers will find them effeotucd fcr , and strengthenmg Lhe voice. Sold by all Qruggists and (Dealers in Jvlsdicine, at 25 cents per box. A CAHD TO THE SUFFEBÜSTG. Tlie Rev WiumM OOMEOV, whili' liilini ing M il Misswliich 1 havebroughtliiine wil), OM, t KllwUo ucedlt, frteof.h.rg. Addrcsa RT. im. COSGROVE. L23jl C9 Flto Avenue, ürookljn N. V. PRIZB POBTBY. 1,i-i (".ii.-ri:iin bott(f ''.""ls In, Ad Min-i reía their sweet iruitar, A noMcr ttieme mv ftrori is tOlei- In ijiaissol Uekkicu's atchless puls. ThPÍr cur ftre founil in cvpry land - Arnil BoMi'i nnojra - and Afric's saDds ; Th i. ondrntia workfl - the paper nu, Produced by IIeurick's matchlesi l'ills. Does discase afliict you ? never doubt T!; ■ - eharmiag compaund wIU seavcli it out, Ali'l h'-rillb again your svstfin lili, ]f yoii lly al once lo llliUKjCK's l'ills. Ttaet're snft1 fnr al! - both oW anl young - The ir pvw o everv tong ue : Distase, disaTmed - no [ongor kjlls, Sinc-p we are blesst d wlth BtKBJOL TOJ. #3" Pnt up with EngttHfa. S]ianisl, í'.orinan and iMeri'h direstious. Frice 25 cents ptr box. Snga Soe adveí'iíií-tiifíit iifl thinl page. 804 MOTHBRS READ THIS. ThefoUowmg Is extract ti-mn a letter vrHten by torf a Baptist Cnarch to the "Journal tn4 ' incinaatl, Ohio, and npeaks toIuidm Id e,,,,, oliitbat worW r-nowni"rt medicine-Mus. Wissl.OW'8 SOOTSUIG S5VKOP KW CaiTDM TiBTHHW : uWeaee o"dvrteiBeBt 'll J'our cnlumusof Mrs. WinsIow'aSooUiingSyrup. Now we neyer aM a word infarftr of a patc! n pfore m our lire, i.m ve foei compenedto say to yourreaien, thï thm i no _VB H.IVE imB 11, AS KXO1V ITTO11EALI.IT it is. probably, one if the m"t uccejsful medicines of the 4ay, viecause it s on of il And ttio of ywir readers who have babie can't do I b Uri t Ui D to ] ) in -i - il'! I.V." New Medical Discovery. Tor t]u spi-ca.v ana permanent cure of Gonnorhea, Gleet, Urethal Discharges tira vel, Strlctrc, aiuï Affecthn of the Kidncys and Tl ladder, : whico ha ben oed by opwrd oi ONE HUNDRED TflYSIClANS, Intheir prirate prtotioo, wltU entira sucws, P""hELL'S BPEGIFEO P1LLS, areipèedyiniictlor nawhenaom-eUetrccliil h U porminett. Thej .ire ütabto eirot thtt rlrinli ,,..(,.' 11, n brenth: and telntf uprar-coated, au neou „„■„,(„; „.„■ do tl nction toUrfes. witb bai■ Moúuto. without my.tlgiMtureonthe rapper J. BKTAN, Rochester, N. Y.,ienerai Agni. II. t) ].. SMOHËAÜ, Öjtrolt, ÏTholeMta AgntJor Micliigiii', __ Important to Ladies. Dr JOHN HABTBT, toytog tbt ujnvmd of ttty PU-'QRBAT AMERICAN EEMEDY," DB. HARATE-S-'S PHUOKO-THERMAL FEMALE PILLS. whirli have nov.T v,t Etitad (whOT the diwctioju Sre Wen itrietlJ foUowed,) in rmoig lülVicultii'sarising lrum Obstruction, or Stoppage of Hature, ferÍfTothWMkn"nhÜI.,NI.O,OAti8. ANO ui ;ii rust: ,,.i,;,.i, .,,■ f nrcrunnors resf.riD I m to Iwsltbj condit-on, Tbv bru,;' n'' ■ ""- mootMypedod with n guUrity, ,! ofthe money. 'KxI'w'X .V ..nnnmlAgrnt II. 8t L. SMOSEAÜ, Ditrolt, Wholi.le A6 Michigiin. . ■ . 1.MPORTÁMTÍOFEMALES THE HEALTH AND UFE OF WOMAN Is continually m peril if bIk, U ma 1 enoogh to nsgled „r ihX those Msxual Inegularrties lo wbteh .ïinls of Vts.-x ave moM or les! Milyect. [EESEMAN'3 PILIS, prepaw.1 fconi the same ormulawhich the inventor. TORNTH.1ÜS L. eHSESE!N M I). of Ncw-furk, tiaa tor twentj yearaosert aeceMiuUjinan extended private pnetiee-iBimediately,vf without pain, nll distm-tancs of tl periódica] liscnarge whether ariBing from rclaxation or roppresion fhey net Hke a chara in removing the pains that aoocmpany aiBcult orimoioderat on, and aretheonlyfeand roliabj nmij for ïlusha, Pu-k Hettdaohe, Pam in tl' Loins. Baok and Sito, FalpitaBon of the HsftPt Nerroun Tremor, Hysterics, Pparas, BrokenSliwp and othr anpleaot and dangeroua effect ,.r -o, imnatnral eonflitlon "f smraal funeUo In tbe' worst oase of ilasr Alhus or White, tboy Heet a Bpeedy cure. To VIVICS and MAÏROS. DS.cteEESEMAN'SnLLSareofferedaa ilm mly ' means or reoewinginterrapted menstrnation, bat. NADIES MUST BBAIl Ii MISD nih rannothc taken wiihoul proiuctvg n PECVLIA RESULT. Thccandi'imt referrcd to h rlfEGlfANCY- the rB, MISOlSRIAOB. SuchU l (rrafaíOi líitámcy oí líe Máiríw lo ' scl ""' f""rti's " a normal muHOo, tl.nt ucn Hit reproiuclhe power of nature caimot resirt It. F.iplicit dire.ahns slating wlun, andwhen Ihrv lujuld not be nsed. rith eaco l!.,x,-üie Trl-e Oue Dollar cach Box, r.dntaining 60 Pttlt. K „Auable P. pMet. tobo had frec of the Agenta. pui8tijía promptly, i.y enclosing pnce to anj Agent. Solubyl'ru'--;,;-,,., rrf)prictor. 20 Cedar-Sí., Mw Tort. For' by MATNARD STBINS & WILSON.and UREÑVILLE S iUI.I.r.R. M'EER'S SAMBUCl WINE, PITRE, AND FOUR YEAR8 Ol.n, Of Chote Oporío Samfoucüs, FOR 1E, FOR FEMALES.WEAKW PERSON8 & INVALI58. I LI 11 KI Every family, :it tais mmod, sliouid HM tLe 8AMBCG1 VINK, üeteVtated in Europefoi Ka mi4lc!nl "'"1 ljvnoHcial „udliti, i Stiroalüirt.TOMic, Diurttlc w! Su ,,r Bc highlv estcfpied bj tmtoeni physician, u édin Europkn and American Bopitali , nd by omeol tbc (irst families of Europe and Amcriea. AS A ToN'ü', ,.,__. „i AHKtñr on ;iü(l buiVi'n.L' Uf „I tl.p sy-lv.n being entirelj a ]■■-'■ me cf a moit valuablo fiuit. as A r.iuniïic, It impartí, a litllby :( t,,. il.'. (.Uiruls niulKkiDeys R&eumatie ai; BPEER'S WJN'E I, nota mitu ermanufcctured artlel, bu ifi purf' fromthe uice of thel'ortbgateítnbncuB, nil livaU.l n New Jersey, rccommeniedby Cnemint ana Ph; al, Las medieal ]r pettii a Bapcrii r to any oUier WioTin use and &u cKClleni rticle foi all weak and debilítate-i persou, and the ■■'". impruwng the appftite, and benefl Ing la tíos andcuildwn. A I, AlllF.S W1NI', Uceare it wlll not intoifcate as othcr wlo, a it eomSTno mixture ofplriorquor, ana a. foritorich peculiar Bavor, and nutritivo propwtUa, ,!:, „althy tonel n ' nrg.,nd ;BoftandheaKbyWndoomplio. vi: i'.; i ER TO A 'íew msll known gentlemen andpliyuidaiu, wlio nave tricd thc Vne;- G ,v. Morgan, S.Y. State _ t. nM, N.-ark, V J Dparker.N Y.' Citfi i '!'--- PmMi, í! .r H.-lpliia DM. Darcr nd NichoH, I Dr.TJavls, Chicago, Newark, N. .1 I ISinoU. Aníl iniuiy othcrs tno nOBjeroo to pnblleh. j(yNoii' gcnuine unles Ihe itgnature of "ALÜKtu BU í ):. I'íis:íiíi-,N. .!.," lí OVM II' cork of each bottlc. J9-MAKK OSE TBIAL I I' THIS WINE. For Pule l.y Mwyimrd, SttbbL.s & Wllson, Ann Arbor. For alebyHigbj Si Stearní. T. R. Ppenr.e, Ilcnrv Halelí II Simonean, Otto [awhner, whoare also Or P ,- r' rldinit.-il S miljufi Braody of Oporto. Íraa..uppl.edlaDrtroltjby3 . .& A. SPEER, Piopiiètor. i Al'! i Passaíc. New Jorffy. 01F1CT., :-08 Broadway, N. Y. JOHNLAFOV, Faiis, f3im8 Agent ttr Kraaceaod Germany. TH AT ,LONG PÏPE! STILI. eontiaue '" pouc Cnrtli PARBOX nnrt KEROSENE OIIÜ lu bunino !■ r 8 il . GAI.I.OM. And tl. f mUI is still running that griniis out. LAMPS! LAMPSÜ LAMPü! in cnlle!s variety a.t aliout lialf Uic umml prices. OII, nf all nfzea, irom oae )'i;t-t t ftre gl!on:, ai, the Prople's Croeteer; & Gtocwjr olora, A. DeFOftEST. Ana Arbor,.Tan.l3C2. SwSill. SEWING MACHINE FOR SALE, j 1,iOK SAI.K i'IIKAl' a ntw Brt elrnw Family Sewlog I :-! i. iiiin-. Warrftnted no bettor in market. Terms easy. B. I!. PON'Il. i Ann Arbor, Jüly Wth,lê. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral


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