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Pigs. puppies, and babies aro tho bettcr for beiug well washed every day, but for persons in general to undergo such an operation as regular as the morning coinca 8 absurd and hurtful. Absurd, because unneeessary, and no man ever did it for a lifetime ; hurtful, bceauso multitudes who commenced the unnatural practice, have abandoned it from the coiiviction that it had an unfavorable effect, or that they ceased to bO beuefitted by t. Jt is proper that once a week there should be a most thorough washing of the whole body with soap, water at about oighty degrees Fahrenheit, and a common scrubbing-brusb. ïo avoid taking cold, espeeially in winter, the heat of the room should be within six or eight degrees of that of tho water. The whole operation, from tho tin. e of beginning to undrefs until completed, should not excecJ twenty minutes, inclu■ding the frietion, which should be rapid and thorough, with a coarse towel. Microscopists say that the skin of a man is like the scales of a fish, which are covered with a siimy substauce, tú throw ofFthe water, aud also to lubrícate the acales so that they may slido over each other with the greatest facility. - If this lubricator were kept washed from the fish, it would die. It may bc inferred that the oil which naturo throws out on the skin is desigued for the wiso purpose of a lubricator, to keep the skin muist and soft and smoolh. In sevore fever or cold, the dry harah okin, aud the "goose flesh," are familiar to all; in both of which there is an entire absence of perspiration, and relief comes ouly with perspiration. Let all think for them selves in this matter. Mach is said abcut the universality of bnthing among the Romans. The practice did not become general until national voluptuou?ness, gormandizing and internperance werc destroying the national vigor; but their niagnificent bnthing estab lishments, public and private, failed to restore individual health or to prevent uational ruin. We are told that the "Eastern Nations" practico bathing. - Suppose they do, they are the filthiest people on the face of the globe; as to tho Moors, Turks, Hindoos, East-Indians, Chinese, Japanese, etc, wbile the average of human life is lens than our owq by many years; and their great men aud great deeds and mngnificeutaehierements, where are they 1 The masse with us have imperativo dnties to perform and cannot afford to spend au hour every day in wriggling, and plashing, and spluttering about in cold water; and happily health doe not require it, oither of the ás.y laborar or the man of elegant leisure ; all tht is needed for either, beyond the weekly bath named, is to wash the esposed parts morning, and in some cases, evening too, most thorough ly ; that is, the hauds, face, neok, throat, arms, and armpits. - IJeyond this is not indicated either by common sense or a rational physiology.- JlaWa Journal uf Health. How TO Keep Eogs a Ykar. - It bas been an interesting question, and one that has been argued and experi inented on from the earliest history of the world to the present day, name]y, the l)bst, cheapest and safest mode of putting up eggs to keep good the greatest length of time. Nearly every farmer hns exporimented on it more or lesp, and thelongest I have ever heard of eggs being kept was six months, I believo. Jiut I think I have struck a plan (or rather the hen struek it) that wil! settle the quostion for all practicable purposes. The discovery was in this wise: - Over a year ago I had somo hens laying in a hollovv gum, filled or nearly fiüed with unleached ashee. The gum was upset by accident, and I paid no further attention to it nntil I needed some ashes ihis spring in making mnrtar. In taking tbc ashes off the ground at the end of the gum, I dug out four ggs that had been kin there one year fiLo. They weró porfectly eound and good. Wo used ono immediately after finding them, and kept the othors four weeks and then used them, aod found that they were as good as it thoy had not been laid a week. There is no doubt that these cggs were laid in Ihe unleached ashes previous to the gum being upset, over one year ago; the upsetting covered them with ashos, which were leached in course of time by the weather. Let some of your readers try this, and satisfy thomselvea that eggs can be kept Iresh and good one year. I am trying the experiment with i larger lot, and will let you know how jt eucceeds at the proper time. A. O. Piiklps. Hood River, Orearon, April 1861. typ As for sleeping on a picket," eays Mrs. Parüngtou to the threernonth8' volunteer who had dropped in to see ber, " I don't soe how they can do it without hurting 'em. Sleeping on a post wou'.d be a great deal more sensible, unless tbere's a nail in it, which might be prejudicious for the uniform. Every one to hU tante, and push thing ft where a man shall sleop ie at hie own auction ; but nobody ean help thinking thateither a picket or a post is a very uneomfortabla place to sloop on. At any rate, thert isn't much room for more than ona in a bed, and - ." The tl.reamonths' man interpoeed to teil her the natnre of pickets and posts, in military parlanceto which ehe l8tened vory nttentively, while Ike was trying experiment in proetidigitation by essuyingto rub the cat and the noldier's little brown dog ioto one,- Jiaston Sattirday Gazrttc.


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