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GREAT.GREATER GREATEST BAIíGAlNS EVER OFFEREÜ In tin 3 City, areuowbeingofTered at the CÏIEAP,CLOCK,WATCn, & T o ttï7 o 1 3? y StoreTH B .Siibscrlbnr wmiltlsny to thecitizr,nsof Arm Arbor. in particular, and the rent of Wathtonaw Counlr infreuornl, tht hohnsjust ÏMPOIU'ËD 0Íiïtxtly tïum EUROpE.i Trcmendous Stock of AVatches! All ofwbicTl b hindshimsfilftosHl CHE A PER than cm be bcmgtat west ol New York City. Open Fncr ("ylirnlur VVmchea irora $(ï to $]0 do fío Lever do do 8 to 21 Qnntlng Cnn io do do 14 to 35 do río Cylinder tío do Í to 28 Bold Watchas frons ao to lió I l.avc aleo tno CELEBRATED AMERICAN WAT CHES, wblch I wlll eeii ttr $35. Every Vvatcli warranted to perform well,ortlu? monoy retundod. ClocttB, Jewelry, Plated War, Fnncy Cioorta, Gold Poní, Musical Instrumenta and. Strings, Cutlery, &c, and in faet n vari et y of overyMiini: usiiaiiy kpt y Jcw (jli;rs can bo ÍHughtt'or the noxt ui nut y days t v"ür O W N TRICES! Pptboiib buyini; attytliing at this vrrll known eetablishmti ti t fan roly apon rotting goods exncl'y as repri'EfMit- d, orthemocAy rofnnfied. fïaïleariy and secure the best bargaiiiB ever oiï'ered in thif i'ity. One word in regard to Rcpairing : Wc aro prrparnd to mnke any repnirfl oiifino or commun Watebei.even torauMnfoer ibe rntire watci, f neeeasary. Itapairlng of ClocJu and Jewp'ry s AUotbe manufactvrlna of RINGS. BROOCÏU. or ntytfalag dosired, fromCfitif :rni Gold on short notie. Kn kt yin e Ín al Hts branehtiscxeented witrmen. nctis and disputen, J C. WATT8. A nu Arhor, Jn. 28th!859. 7$ïw HORACE WATERS, AGENT 3 3 3 R r o a d w a y , W t w Y o r k ANP DBAÏ.KB IN Pianos, iMelodoons, Alexanclre Organs Organ Accordeons, Martin 'e celebrated and other Guitars, Yiolins, Tenor Viols, Yioliiiceüus, AccordeoriH, Flutinas, Flutes, Fifes, TrianglesClari nettf?, Tuning Foi kstPipes andHammerft, Violin Bow, bcstltalian Stringi, Base ÏQgtFutrenta for Bands, Piano Stools, and covers, and all kinds of Musical Instruments. S Ta o o t 3VE u Q o, Crnm all the pnblishera io the l . 8., BerUnt'a Huotin's, and Modern School, andftU kiads of Instrnetion Bioks for the abov6 inatrunjeüte; Cimrcli Uuslc Books: m i Ic elegantly booud; Music pajr, a ml all kinds of Musie MercïiAiidise, Att hcLowest Prices. 'S e w I' i a ii h , At $175, $'200, $226, $250, and np to $soo. Secoml lian'! Pianos from S-J5 up to$160; Nfw Melodeans, M6,1 $00, $75, SIM, and up to tSOO; Second Hand Melodeona from $i0 to $S0; Wexandre Organa, with Ore stops, $160, nineatopx, $186 and $225; ihirteen stops, $250, SSTft and $300; (Ifteen stops, $320 and $:i7.r; A liberal discount to Clergymen, CnuTOhes, Babbau Schools, SemioarJes amï Teachers, The Trade supplicd at the usual trade diteOQDtfl Testimonian of the TIoracc IVntrrs Planos .uil "!" imJ ■mu, John Hewett, of Ca rt hago, Xew York, wlio hm had one of tiie HoraccWaters Ptanos, wi ii sns fbUows: - ilA triend ot mino wiehes roe topnrehaaea piano Tor her. She likes the one jon sold mt in Dooömbrj i?")-;. Sïy piano is becimmr popular n ihis ]! icf, and I think I can Introduce one 01 tr more; they wíll be more popular than any other make." "We have two of W&ters1 Pianos in Pe in ourSeminary, one of whích has been aeverely teated for three years. and we eaa tostify to their good rjuality and tfuran i i ; 1 - . ' ' - v.m d Gregory, Mount Carrol? t HL H, Waters, Bsq, - DcAR fiftR: Haring oád oneof your Piano Fortes fór tiro years past. I hare fonod itavery superior instrument. Ai.onzo Gkat, Vrijfipnl ïïrnokfpn Hriffhtx Semn nry. "The Piano I ï-oceivml frora you continups to [sfaction. 1 regard it as onc -f the best instrumenta in the place." iXPSSSñXm CuUUCB, Charleston, Va. 'ThO MclocU-nii bafl safely arrived. I feel obljfrod fo you fory oor Uberal dlnsount." Rey. J. SI. McCoiiMick, YarqiusmilcS, C. 'iliR piano sa dnly rftöeived. Itoanra in exceUeal conditiun, aml is v(-ry much aümircd bv my numerouf Family Accepi my thanka for your in-omptness." - : CoorKB, IVtirmikam, Bradjoed Co. Pa. 'Vour piano pteiwwa us weu. It is the hest one in out TooMaS A. I.atüam, Camphclltoii, Ga. '.'We are vry much oblfged to yon forlihvíng ont BBflb a iïnc! insïmmeutfur2JI."- Buank,I1uld & Co., Buffnh Dcmocrai, -'■ 1 Horace Waters Pïftnoc are known as amony thf very best We are o na bied to spoak of these inslru(hentfl vh conftdence, from personal knowledjfe of their exceHftni tfino and durabte quality." - iV. Y. Èvnngdist. "W'f can jic.ik of the merits of tlio Etoraoe Waters pianos from personal knowledge, ;ii bdlng the very flneni (jnalitv.1' - Christian fnteüigrnctr. 'The Horacc Waters ptanos are onfltof fhö bent and most ihorougliiv Beasoned material. We haT e no doubt that bnyers can do aawcULperhap botter, at tbisthsin at any otheraonse in the Union.-' - Advocate avd Journal. Vfaters' pianos Rnd melodoons challenge comprismi witli the ftuesl made anywhere in the country. '' - Home Journal (Horace Watera' Piano Fortos are of fulT. rich and even fcone, and powerful - iV. Y. Musical Review. "Out friéndswill ftnd at Mr. Waters' store the very bes1 v-nrimf-nt of Music and of Pianos tobe found in ted States, and we urge oor nontbera and western friendo to ítív hSw a eau whenarer they go to Xew York." - Graham's Magazine. Warehouse 333 Broadway, N. Y. SabbathSchool Bell, 1OOOOO Issuert In ten Months. Tlio nnpneedfloted sale of thlabooVhaa tndneedthe pabliahertoaddsome 20 new taneaandhymnstoits present sizftj without extra cbarge, excepi on the chfaji editii'ii- Ajnong themauy beautiful tunes and bymns ftdfled may be fmml:- "I ougUt to lov my naother;" ''OI'll be a KOO1 ohlia, indeed I wiU." These and eight otherfl from ÜieBell.were itang at the Snnday School Aüöirer s;iry l the M. K. Church at tho Academr of Musio, with frn-iit applanse The Bell coi talnfl neany 200 tunes and iivinr.v, 'auii is one of the best aoBeotions everlssned, Prlce 13c; $10perhindred,nostae4oEleantly bóund, ,. ilt,26,$20pöti100 tt has been iutroduccd i myof the PnWic Schooli. The o s publlahed in email numbers entiUed Anniversary and Sunday School Musio Books, Nos. 1,2, &, k 4, in order to aooommodata thö million; price $'2 & $3 per hundred No. 5 wiü Boonbo issúed- conunmcément of nnotliiT book. AlBO, Revival Ifnslo Book, KOi 1 ft i!, prios $1 & $'- IH'r 100, postage lc. Morethaa 300,000 copies of the nbove books have been issued the past elghteen months, and the demand Is r&pldly inoroasing. PubUdb, HORACK WATERS, Agent, 333 Bro&dway, N. ï. Publised by Horaco Wateis No. 333 Broadway, New York. Vocal "Kind Word oen neverdie-.1' "Th Angel tola mo fio;" "Wlldi "f the Wrstj" "ïhoiifhts of God;V 'lGiv. mi' iüuk my Uoantain Homo;1' "fiay Dreuns;" "band; Cock KoWd;" "l'm wiOi thee still:-'lvtn:i:i!i's," "There'ano daiibig Hke mine :" "8ili Jane Lee;" "E. pr r thci-:" 'rin leavf og tnee in Borrftw;" "!!irï af Beauty;" 'Home f OOI birth;" "Grave of Kosabel,1' and ■Wake, lady, wake,,' price 20c pneh. [hsckuicbntal. - "Palaco Garden, or PinRin? Birl Potka' 0c; "Swinging Bchottiscbe;" "Mirabel ?chottisclr'' Tboma Baker' SeUottiache;" "Piccolomini Polka 35 centa each. Tho abOTepiecenhavebeantifdl ViemlíiHí "Welmcrl'olka;" "Arabmn Wai cryMarch the vc-v l,i-!; "Vaasovianna Doniellslilaiurka; "Rea-l: in" Polka1" "Ciiiinüm' Waltz." jiikI "Ianccrs Qua ilrTlle " 25c' rach. "Tho Knipn-p of Reieh'a QuadriDo;" a new danoe, and "Tlie Hibarnian Quadrille," S6eeaeh. Mnnv or the plecet m played by Baker'a elebrated pnhMl r:i with greal applruw-JÜ Mailcd free. A targe lot of Foreiga Music al lialf prico, Planos, Melorteons and Orgaus. Tlie Hornee Waters Pianos and Melodoons, for depth, puriiy of Umo anl dqrabUlty, are unsnrpaftsed. Pneea TOTJ ïoll 3econd Il;ni'l i'iamis and Melofïeons from $C5 to $150 Haeic and lïiuoal Inntructtonn of :tll ]aniisfatlhe lowest rices. HORAC3! WATERS, Afrent, No. 888 Broadway, N. Y. Trettimonïaïji: - ''The Doraoe Watera Pfanosïra kn wa M among thevery buít.' -r-Franircliti. 4Wecan apeak of thpir merite fron p.ersonal knowleiigc." - Cliriitian Inlelltgcticer, "N'othingat tb Kalr displayeii greater excollenoe -"- Chvrrtiman. Watert1 INanoa anl Hejodeotta ohallengeoomoariaon with the Aneat made anywhereiu tUc country." - Home Journal. H Irving's "Works - National Edition ipniS Fine Edition of tho Works of W.UHUHROB In I vix; (iucluiling the life oí VashingtLU willbepubished for SUBSCRIBERS ONLY In Montlily Volóme, Price $1.50 I'aynblo on Dfilivery. Beautifnlly Prlnted m heavy BnperBne paper, nf thr very bet quality, and BubstanUtUy Ij.mnd in lioavj bevelled boarda. CTKach Volume Uustriited with Vigaettet on Steel and Wood. J Knickerb4ckt'r"s Ni-v York, Sketch Book, Oloth. Columbu, 3 vols. Braeobridge Hall, Aatovia, Talesofa Traveler, Grayon Miaeellanyi ('jilt. BonneTlllo, Oliver Ooldumith, Hahomei. a vols. Grenada, Alhanibra , Wolfert'e Koost, Life of Wiwhington, 5 vols. Balmagnndt. Thla edition wlll be sohl exchtpivki.y -io Sub.criberf ani will be Rreatly superior to any cmt befgre iaaned,- A veiy handsome el of these unb ' pally popular work. i thn's placed witbin the m'nns bfall. e P. PTJTNAM, Agt., PdbUaher, llïiussau Street, New York 'j AYER'S Sar sap ar illa FOB, PÜRIFYHÍG THE BLOOD. And for tlio Bpéedy enre f tho followlng coititlalntsi Ser of u la ñas! H rofuJous AflVctioiiH,-. ielft iih Tumors, t'liers, fiaren, Krtipl iims, Pimples, Piistule, Ul oto lies, Uoils. Uluins, nnd all Skin Uíxvhüvh. Oaki.and, 1i.,k. ftth Jitne, J8&. J. C ATER A O. (1miIx: t !..! jt oiy ti i!.v to :ir, Icnowlodgd wh yonr u-auiíu lyu dona for Díe. UaWtig inliL'iiti',1 a ScrufuluiM iufectlnu, I hav Buflervd lïom iL in viiii.-uH v.avs i r ■,. u-, ;-,i:i.i!.m jt buret out in Ulcera 011 my Itaiiütj mui arius; Boiiiutiniug ir , turnud Irtwavd aiid ütitresattl me nt Iho-tttownch, Two . yeani figo 11 bi-okó oni tu iny heod nud ornen il lq , and eara wlth one soru, wlíích was p.iinin) nnd I. ti In-yoii'! HeMrlptfon. I trtml innny in tdli [nefl 'tul severa) physlclftn) bul wlUioiil much relief frpui uny tliing, In net, tlie dUoi . A( Icugtli I vrm rejoicwl ti) iviul lo tlio ' i Uut yon titu] i i'' ■..]■ .1 un nlteratfve (Sareapftrílla), i r I knew Truiti yom reputar ■ tlon ttitit ftny Ihlng yu minl ■ mi . i He ni to Cinclunalinn Igot ir, oud iwetl it til] it cui it, as vuil l i-c, ni sitirttl doMMof tt tompDonftil overa montb, aii'l uaod ni most tb vee botl b. Now lieali hv iikin Boon bagan to túnn iimler (lie ucnb, wbicli dfttiro bttu fifi I off. ,M y ;U:i ltt iiow cleur, and 1 kiiow bv my fftíllugs tina ti Koue in.m niy svei q. ïou can wull beliove that J feel what I nin sayin . wl en 1 tol] jpii, tíitit 1 hold yon ti be oue of the apústiui ufüie agu, atul leiuciiii ovL'i" gtfttoAiUjTi Vom.-i, Ai.t'üi-: B. TAIXEY, St. Anthony' FIre. Rose oí Eryelpelua, Tetter aml SnUKürum, Scafd litad, Kiiifíuonn, Sor lSjrej ihopsj. Dr. liobert M. l'ivble irrites from Salem, . Y., 12th Sept., 1859, liüit ho liña cured an Invetente case of Uropstf, feblcll tíniatciH'il lo tcrniiimtu lutally, ly tho peroeveriBg nse of aur kíai-i(arJllii, nud fío u diMigeroul j MaWjnaut Fnu'{) !ix hv turge dowfl d (li Bamoj anyi he (Mires tlic connnou Erttpfitms hy it coiiftaiitly. Bioiiclioccle, Goltre or Sivelied Ñecle, Z ibiilon Bloan of INoupoct, 10x08, writofi t '■ 'fhn e b '■ fies of your 8nran]tftrílln curéd me írom n f;. ï-. - :i liiileous sweUlng on tbe nock, whicli l bad suffered from over two yéara. Iyinronluri n or AVI !-. Ovnrtnn Tumor, IJterinc UUtiatíoii, Female Dlseasea. Pr. J. lï. S. Clwnulng, of New ITojlt ciiy. irrites " I nmst thr-citully ODDiply wíld Uw rQtjiiMtof your ngen) In iaylng I liavo found ynur SarpiipituIMR tt muet ox cel lont ulteratlre in tlio numéroiis coinprnfntfl fr ulnli wo cniploy sucli u it'im-Iy. luit csju-ciaUy in fkmtíli I of tlie tjCloftlloUS IÍhÍIk'sIs. Ï llave ( tinil in;t:iy i:ni-t-iatp rasf-s of í,iMH'nrh.M y it, sint wmie whera Üid complatut vm cmiaod by ''■■ r.ttiiwof Ihe nterjiB. Thn tilcerBtion Itself wadffoon Ciircd, Nótliliig tvlthln ihj kncnvledpo eqimlfi ii Ibr tiieée femüla derangmnts." Kdjvard Nnrror, of Kewbnry, Ais., irrites, "A dnngeroua ocai-íaij w on ohp of tho femateñ in my faintlf, wliirli liftfl (Ivíid nll tlifj H'iik-1ch we cotlld eillploy, )■■' f at leiiuih been coiHlitely cyred lv yitur Kxtmct of 8ar■aparitía. Onr pliyfclan tlioiilu notliliigbnt xtlrptlon coulil itffui'l relief, bt be ndvfsed t)p ir lal i your Barsapitrilln oa tbe J . - t resort before enttliK, mil it pro ved eflt'chial. Afítr t;Ujii.íyour reiusdy elglit weekfl no syinptitn of tbe dlteme rnqialns." Syplltllfl himI Mermrlnl I!.srnie. NBW Oin.rwa. ath AiígBít, l.'.O. T)n. ,T. C. Atbri Sii, 1 cheerDilly comply wllli tbo reoiiost of yourngent, nnd rporl to you some oí tbt I bave reallwd wirii yor eáirapnrtlin. 1 háve fui'-l ni'li ii. in mv practico, most (f thc rompioJntl) Tor wliiclt it i r(H-oinincinlt"!. ntifl fiBTe Iblind its eflects itulv w rnderfiíl In tbe enre of I" "■■■'? nul JlforcwíqI Datate. One of my p&tfenta hml Rypliilit ulrcr in his thront, wblcb were consumfng tiis palote nnl tbe t'i;i of lita nionili. Voor Savwiparflta, Meatlily taki n, eorod liiui lu llva weki. Ano ti i e r wits iittacked by bccondar.v yioptonis in hix none. oiul flie ule' rat ion íia.l estén waj a conl lerable part of ii. tli;i I bülleve tlio disorder wutild moa njncli blu bntlu liad kill liiui. lui it yietded to my adiuiítiatradon of.yonr Sni-tiuirillu: Uio ' aleen bealed, mul he is vell agalo, not of evurse wiibout ■orne dtefignratloii to his face. A wuman wbo liud been treatèd for the saine diíoi'dei by ineirhri wth Buffeiiñg from Miis poJaoú In bar bongo. bey batí Uecouie so nulitlve ti' toe iveatbor tbat on a damp da'y bíio Buffi i . ' excrucIaÜDg i'iiiri in ber JolnMftnd boiics. M-, tco wai eured cnüivly byyour tarsapariJIa in a few weeks. I know from it formula, vhlch yoaragenl govo me, tímt iliis Prepftratlon from your Wboralory must be a great ; constuiueatly. tbeee tmly iinarkable reetüta uitli it uave not Burprued me. rratti-nully jouis, G. V. LAItlMKK, M. I). JUit uma( i-m, Gout, Complalnt. iNlíEl'KNDKMJB, I'lCí-tull C'n., V:u. i .hilv, 1869. Dr. J. O. A yin: Blr, 1 ba beéri aflllcled itli n pftfnful clin. tiic Wteuwtaitgm fur u long lime, wí biitiled Ihe fkil! of pbyaiclaDA, aml sluck to me ii ajiáte ofall the remedies 1 could nud, uutll I ti led yoúi Sai ] ai Illa. One botlle ciiitii me in two weeks, ana rpstorod my general bealtii so miich tbat I am fnr befter tlian befoiel wns ttíijf.-Urii. i (hink Ithwonderful medicine. J. I-kka.m. Julea Y. Getcjieíl, of Bt. I-oub writesi i;T hava been ftJHicted for yeftrevltb an affectionnf the Lirr. wl.-h dcetroyeii my liealtb. J ti led avery tbiog, and evory Ibing faili'ii to relieranie; oiull bavo been a brokeii-down man fdr lome y ara trova no Iher cause tban dcrttnffentent of the Liver. My beloved iiastor, tbe KeT. Mr. IVpv, ad?lsed ine to try your 8araapaiilla, because he noád be kcew y d, and ftTiv tliinu' yon niadevaa ffortb tryhig. lty the bleesIng of flod it lina cufed me, aml baa o pnrífled my Wood as t i íuatíü ti now man uf me. J bel yonng again. The best that can be BaJd Dfyou is not litilf goüd t-nougli." SclkirruauCniM'f r Timiorn, Kiilnifíemeiit, llcern (ion, Cuiies anú Kxfoiiatiou of the .-un ,. A great vai lety t.f caes liare beén reportad to ua vitare r tbese foriuldable complainta have rotultod from the use of íliis reuiedy, i ni oiir Rpat o lu-u' wíll not admtt tliem, Somo of tln-ni muy be round In onr American AUnauac, wblcli tli' agente below nameá are pleated to fnmlah gratis to nll wbo culi tor Üieni Dyjij)fpsi:i. TIrnrt ï"ïi--i: -. Plf, Killep s j , jMtlit ii t Iil , Auialgia Ifany reóinrkHbTo cureí of tbeae aQVcti na bare been made by a)Uratfvé power of thla m díclnei. It sttmnlatt-8 the vital fiiuclioiis Into vlgorous actionr;and thna over,conies didorders wbicb nroulu I Iieyndit8 reiifh. Snob a remedy bas long l een n ijntred hy tbe ne■. asltfea of tbe iieople aud we itie conflúent ihat tbla wül do for fliem all tltai medicine can do. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, TOK THE BAP1S CUItK OP CougllS, Col ti S i In íi uciln, IlonrRf-ncss, Croa;, Brouchlthff Iiicipieitt ton ii i '. utloiij a i: ti iv tti o íí ■ i itf of Cóiiftiimptli e l'allciita i ii ndva hí'í Sf ji c;es Of tllC [:-! ;- . Tliïs Ï3 a remedy o nnirenaJly known (o purpn? nny othor fur tbc Pöi'ö of throat and Itrog coni laJnts, Muit it ia naelesa here t publisb tho evidence oí its virtuns. lts nnri valled excellence tor cougbs end colflftj and He truly wonderfni cures of nubnonary dfeeane, Imvir made t IcnQWU throughout Uie ctvilized notfona of the cai th. Few are the eommuulties, or even families, among ilmn who have not söme personal expertenéVof its eiletts - Bomé Hrhtg troplty in thelr raidsl of its rfetory over the rabUs and daogerona dlsordern of the tbroatand Iud -■. As all know tliü dreadful ftiUllty of Ibese disórd as thcy know, ton, tlie effect of tbïa remedy, we m ed njot do more iliau in assiire tliem that it litu n w all the virtnea tbat it dtd havo when maklng Ibe cures wbioh bnve won so Htroriijy apon the confidenee ofmaiAind, Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYKR &, CC, LoweU, Hass. Aml i i als i'.v Raynard, Stebbms Ët r.rron, TAUltANl), 8HELEY i; CO-, Detroit. 809yI .r II. B'URRILL, TraTelIlng Agent. Miñe íactor! A. J. SUT1I.ERL.AJVD HASremovedhli nim Shop tot he Now Blockn HuI !itrnot,snu!li Cour! ]lr uscoi.tnesecond Hoor, whert hc is prepnred to furniih Guns, Pistola, Ammxinition Flascs, Foueke Game Bags, and Bvcrj otlier Krticle in bis Line. On thc most rnnsonftblïï tcrmp.nnd to do nl) kinds o 3F. jo X lu 1 3Ft X 1T t3r thc shortoït notico.and in the bost manncr rulHssortmsntalwaya ki;p n hnnd.ond mndo te ordiT. City Oheap Lumber Sash) Doors Blinds, Piasier Paris Grand liiver Piaster Water Lime, Nails of all sises, Glass Paint and Putty, tfetfijj dbc&i D. DeFcrest, HA VING lucrcaspd hi& fiioiiitíe-s for dolnpbusi nt1-" and onlargco1 hia Yard nnd Btock,ia prepated tho present scason, witfa tte bes,, largesi and cheare8t stïHsoiH'n átock orerin thls nurlii to aatUty tho re sonable expert ations ot' all. Our motto !s notto be undersold lor cash on delivery I wil 1 not andarte k et o frlghlonthe pul) He byiaylng that thíwwill ifetshavedit tbey buy clscwhcre, for we presume that olhem wilisellaelow astbcy cn att'ord to . All kinds of Timtoer, Joists, nd Scantlinp, Pino, Whitowood , Bassnood , Hem look, Planed and Matched Pine, Vhitewrood Ash l'Mooiinfï.lMnnedind rouyh Pin e and White wood liding, Foic Posts, OakandCedar Postt aud t'ickcts of uil kinds. ine f atl), anïr U1l)ttcuiooii &. n Ptne, Aihani Whitewood Shinglee, Barn Boards and Barn Floor Flank, BlfK'lí Wn.xiUtind Oht-rry nnd thin atutt', Wagon and I BUGGY AXLES and TONGUKS,; Iioxund Body !.umber,Maplc t.og Timbcr, IJickory, Oak, Ash, Hlm, Becch, 01' i'.wUicknosaee.widtha andlenythe,&c.. &.C., Piaster Paris, and Piaster ofallkinds. IST nila of all alzee, &c, ie. SASII,D00RS,& BLINDS,' niodo by hand toorder nslowas factor y p rices, on tho shortcstnoticc by the beatoi' workmen, and Best Seasoned Lumber. Billt ofa)1 descrlptlon in thn obove building line furnlehedontht:nli'rtestof notlee, for We have Mills Cutting Regularly. K ful! nndn perfoot asDortmcnt of tho abovo anc othcr kinde of Building Materials GonsUntlyonhnndaUhclowestpossibleratei Cali and be Convineed. A few rods south from R. R. Depot or, Detroi. Street, Ann Arhor, Mich. ROOFING, N.B.- I am now operating Exteusivelj In thePateflt Cement Roofing. Mortgagé Salo. DrTAT'J.T haring ber-n made in the conditinn of Ml" ■■'' by ÜaTid Smlth to l.utlier Jami dated OctoEer 35th, A. I).. IS66,atid recvrried the hM slveo' noon, in Lilirrxl '-■■ ol "i r : . m, at pa i :',, in tlic Kegintcr'j offlo. , theCoontj c.fWashtcouw, .V hfch iehull Iherwwt "perntivf, anj no lul having been instituted at luw t.ri-cov tliiil-lit .,vi.r.-(l tlicuO.y or aiiypait -,iij th tra of five bnndml and fifty Dii Han Mn ni d t.i be dueth reuil: Nvlfov ia tl.creCnrv Iwral rv n, tbat mii) morlRiiga rill be fbrecloscd by h nh J i!i. moHgafted pnraibee, to-wit: All tbuw córtalo trnrt 11 Pan ■■■■■ i : i in ! knuwo and doicribmi aj the eat lul oftho oulh east qusrler, and the on tb },„r „f th. nmtheast qcwttrol tbc notUj nul quarter ..f arétioi No eighteen; and the north eaat quarter of th. niirth mat quarter of aection ,, n'mt.en 111111 t'1 Ph wo t qiK.rüT of tbo north w N. twenty, in tomuhin Nu on. iüuth bfrangc Nu. fuur eaut, in tho Couuty of Wa.rtnan undSU.teof UicliigAJ), or Mme wit ti„.,,uf , ''■"'■ '"''■ ' louse, in the City of Ani RE.W.O.O, At,,-.1'17" -"-, Dilt-il. Xi.v.-.'Oiii, A. 1). liifil. ?28t Ciiancery Sale. Ci'ylRTUlSol a .I-croe iiin.le ai,.] ,,,',.,■,.,! in „ . r. cultCcmrtfo the Gran!, ol VashtenaV, ta Tch cery, beaiiiig,tau.„nthe fourtb dajoí .Vovcn.i,,-, i" i c ik whcrtlu Oeorgo K. Southwlck, Aomlni.tnilo I í-oulhwlefc deeeased, atad obn P. MarbK J?"?1 !l ]!- '"o"'"", FtmMlIi ColUu .-„ ■ ..rmi-raredcfiMi.Janl--, I Aall aell at ullblii "onauiie South ,1 „r thS .„„,., „„„ Tt at'oi ""! ■ tirenty-aftll davof Januar ...■■r..-,tt,„,v,i„,ii „ tiu. (reioon.theïoliowfnVd, :-■-: "Th. E„st half'ofthi üS r,(except oneacw on the Norlh uteonm ) an. ' lairlCT of tho South eat n I uarterot ti,o Xorth-eLt qu"7ter o Tip forty roda vfde ofthVffH ol tl.a: pait ol the Watt half of the N' .ril, VZ qnuwrol srotlon ( b.lylng South ol the road ns t ,■ ïOlloaacos widiut (ewwpt a strip t-o rod, the I, „.!,. fr„m the road as farSonthï brael Suiith t landa run n uid Kut lint) c.nuiu ingabout iw.-niy two acres more or leu. Thefirat thre 1 tracts r.uitiiin one lum!re.,l and sixty aero o 1 li; more or legs, rofcronce beinghad to the Unt ■"■--V,, -,,,,„:■. Allofwhlchlan4i lic in ln "gJi '"nge tbree East' '" "'e statc uf Slic!l Krcuil Oonrt Comrotaioner for Wushtenaw Co.' Mich tMCi8AAwLtol Counsel íor CompUioaai " . Ann Albor, Dcc.ll, 1S01. sotd Mortgage Sale. MIOIAEL M. DK KEfeON bvanrndenttireof MorUgi beariag dale Che Slerenth daj of December, ri the yeárOne thoasand Rigbt hunlred and 'iuly mortgagd to WÜHam 1). Vansicklc uil those tracti ttnd parÖHH itl land lying in tlie Stat cf Michigan Cuuntj of Washtaaw, and Towni of I'itUfield hik Ypsil:int1, knovn and menbed as the Eut half of th North Eafftqiutrterof lectioD nomber one in Townyblj tbree Soa tb, ol Kango numbor six Vau (l'if -'-iiV: ::nd al-o the West balf of the North Wes qtiflrter of soc;ioo number nix in Townshlp number th' Sautb,of Range number Beven F;tst (Ypdlanti) The SAld moi-tgage, wrÉh the power oí ule thereíi - recorded on the 11 th day of December A. D,. 1858, at oo'eïock, l' M.f of tbat day, íd Líber a of niortijagcs, at page 174, in the office ol the Regift of Deed unty ■ Waahtenaw. On t)e 19tl cay of I .'■:;.! ■■:■, A. I.. XS61,safd Mortgage was dulj ■ '-i, by au irffitroment in ifrritftag, dnly exeeuted i lan'l acknowledged by saiil Vvilllam VansicklO ;ui l by bino then deltvered, to Leamire L. Kimmel, wliicl aent a recorded on the diiv of Januarr A. T .. l-i2, Ai BH o'cliKk, P. M., of that day U 1 Iber 25 of Mortgagefl, al page 175, in the office of th afores:: T1k sum of PoorHmdnd nnd spventy-four SI 10: DoUarSi bésidca tiio Solicito! 's fees and expenses o for? re s proYideá ín safd Mortgage, is cluimfd to h due on -ai'l mbrtgage, and the note Moompanyiog tht ame at the date of this notlce, nnd defaalt linvinj been mude i - condjtioa of said mortgage by whicl rer of sale therein contained lias uecome opm tivet abd no suit or prooeeding at la haring boc-i instituted to recover the debt tlierhy secured. rrnj part thereof- Notice is bereby givcn that said Mortgnp wiU be fotec!oRed by a sale of the above described laadi vrhicfa sale wHI tftke plaee at public vendue at the Souil door of the. Court House (bcing Ihe place f hnldini theCircuM CVnirt) in the city of Ann Arbnr, in the san County. on the thirly flrat dar of March A. D., 1S02 al 1 n'rtuck 1. .'! day. J.KA.-THK ],. KIMMIlL, Aasignn of Mortgage. Pated, Jt:iii)ry. 3a. 1862. 8;i3tf. Commissioners Notice. QTATK í)F HltHIGHi County of Wa.thtenaw, $$ The uoderslgneá havíng been appointed by tho l'ro bate Court for sald Coiiiilyj ConHDfttionéro to roccivp, examine aod eijustull claims and dt-manda of all per■'■ín ngaínitt the (-state of ï'atrick Hobnn late of thE City of Ann Arbor, in said Conatj, deceased, ïireb tíice that bj montha froin date, ure, by order ol r, allowt'd for creditors to prMtfil their claims agáinst s;id doceased, and that they will meet atibe stof e of -Pütnok Wal!, in the City of Ann Arbnr, in snidemmty aforesaid, on Satuzday, the twenty-ntnth day of Uarcb,and Tues-laythe first day of Julj 'clock r. M., of eaeh day to rccelve. amlne u! adjust eaW claims. PATi.UK McKERNAN, jtominiRsionen. Dated, December CO 1361. 833 Ann Arbor Marble Worksa f_i Ai? on hand a flne assortment of American and ITA L 1 A N MA li B L 1 wliich he is prejiared to manufacture inlo in alltheir Taríetien, and in a WÓRKMANXIKE manner Haring had conatderable eperience in the busioem he flatters hinkelt that he will be abl1 to plo ill who mjiy favor me wllh their orders. U'n ynctt L Ö W AS THELOWEST. those wishinf; any thioï in my line ore respoctfullj invited to cali D. C. BATCHEI.DKK. Aun Arlior. May CO,,1?C1. 801Í SECOND WINTER STOCKl D. L. W00D & CO., HAVE JUST OPEXED A LARGE & WELL SELECTED STOCK OF Seasonable Goods, For the FALL fc WINTER Tradc, Having purcliased their stock at mueh leu than the usual priceB.they are prepared to offer GREAT INDUCEMENTS To Cash & Ready Pay Buyers. Thnnkful for past favors they will be ever ready to show their Goods and by fair and liberal dealing hope to receive their fullshara of the public patronage. West side of public square. Ann Arbor Dec. 18C1. New Remedies for s P E R VI A T O R R H CE A HOTVARP ASPOCIATION, PHlLAPKI.rHIA. A Bí navolfnt TnstUutíon eFtablishrd by special evdiwment for the rtUtf nf iht Slck and Dialrcsited, ttffliclcdKilh Viru'rnl and Citronic Piscases, and especially for thl Cure of Diier.ii of iht Sexual Orgtns, MEDICAL AIiVÍCK given gratis, by the Acting SurRC'vl DABLE REP0RT8 on Speroá.1orrh,Md oth niseaies of the Sexual Organ, and on thr NEW BKMEDIIÏfs empteyed In the Dlpenwry1Bent in sealed lottcr nnvalonea free "f charge. ïwo or thri( stnmp for MUireTcceptbl. A.Wre. Dr. J. SKILLIN HOOOE' TON lloward Associfttion, No 2 S. Ninth St.. I'hildelphia.Pa. V8"5: - TWO DWELLINGS FOR SALE OR RENT. K7?3 OrrrATIT', ono on Main fliiHB lï'?'S O iiii.ltheotheron Dolroit ÍIMÍ3B íiiííi Street. rosscssiul! Rivci l'JL'.WK JÊÊËÜStSi immeiüatrly Kither or l„1h of tl' abov .hvilliiiKyvül be old for a, small um ,!..un -,n lli" balance on tlnie to suit purchers. I furthorpartiuulur.; mui4-e at SPECIAL NOTICE TO CgSTO 2sE EESAU.accounta over six months must be settled ' únr.e. Cali at the office and pay up. A well BBleotud stock of New liood Cheap tor C Vjl tf M AYNASD , STKliBINS k WILSON. WASHTENAW IdWTÜAL FIRE INSURANCE COMdaNYIrHESecretarj willlie at Cook's Hotel, ■"■ f'jWt2 Ann Arbor, on TBuraday of eaoh ffepntUfurtW notico, ready to ,.lve uew yyjaecr?tarT. 0ctober93(l, Ul. 82Jir


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