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A Down East Juryman

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[" Ethan Spike" contnbules io the Portland Transcript a sketch of bis esperance as a jurymau. The iirst cases he was called to ti y were capital ones - the crimináis being a Germán and a " oigger " respeetivuly.] ' Hev you fonned any opinión for or agin the prisoners ? " siiid tbejudge " Not particular agía tho Jurraio," says I, " but I bate niggra aa a gen. eral principie, and shali go for haoging this here oíd white-wooled cus, whether he killed Mr. Coopor or not," sez I. "Do you know the natur ol an oath ?" the clark axed me. "I orter," sez I, " l'vo used enough of 'era I begun to svvuar when I was only al. out - ." " That'11 do," scz the clark, " You kin go hum," sez he, "you won't be wanted in this ere case," sez the clark, ez he. "What?" pez I, "aint I to try this nigger at all ? " " No," sez the clark. "But I'm a jewryman," sez I "and you can't hang the nigger onless I've sot on him," sez I. "Pass on," sez the clark, tpeakwg rather cross. "Bul," scz I, "you, mister, you ion't mean as you say ; l"m a regular ewryman, you know. Drawed aout if the box by the seelie man," sez I. ' I've allers had a hankering to hang a nigger, and naow, when a merilul dislensatory seems to provided one or me, _you say I ühan'i sit on hini ! Ar this y'our free institutions ? Is this henineteenth eentury f And is thia our boasted " - üere somebody holered " Silence in Oonrt." "The Oourt be - ! " I didn't finish he reinark 'fore a couple oí constables land holt of me, a-nd in ths twinkling )1 a bed-post I was hi'stled down tairs into the street. "Naow, Mr. Editor, let me ask, vhat are we couiio' to, when jewryrnen - legal, lawtul jewrymen. kin be tossed about in this way ? Talk about Ganser, Mormons,, free love ird piuiioks - whare are theyincomïarison ? Ilere's a principie upsot - As an individual, perhaps, I'm of no great account; t'aint fur me to say; ut when au an enlighlened jewryman, . was tuk and carried down stairs by yrofane hands, jvst for r.ssertin' my ight to sit on n nigger - wy it reéms to ne tlie pillows of society were shook ; hat in my sacred person the huil 8tate tself was, figoreratively speakin', kicked daown Btairsi If thar'e law in the and I'll have this casa brouglit ander i writ of hubüas corpus or iclisuy Dicksit,


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