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An Interesting Incident

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A released pnsoner wbo givcs bis experionce in Seeeüsia to the Roehester JEkpress, relatos tLis anecdotu : " üf tlie six or soven cara wbich start ed for Manassas, títere were but two remaining wben wo reached tbe rebel capital (Iíicbmoud). We arrivod there about 9 o'elock in tho evening Aften the oars liad hnlted I bbard a low voiue at niv windovv, whieh was partly raised. It (jiiite dark, md I couid not distinguish the speaker, wbo was an Irish woman " ' Whist, wblst !' said sbe, 'are ye huugry V " I replied that I v.'as not, but tbat somc of tho boys probably were. " ' Wait till I go to the housc,' sbe oontiimed ; and a mouient afterwurd I lieard her agaia at tbe wiudow. - Sbe handed me a luaf of bread, souie meat, aud about a dozen baker 'i cakes, sayiug, ' Tbat wíis aU 1 liad in niy bousj but 1 liad a sbi)iii', auS. 1 büugbt tlie eake;; v?id it; and if I bad more you. sbould bave it and welcome ! Take it, and Oud blosá ye ' " I tbanked ber, and said, ' You are very kind to enoiuies.' "'Whist,' said í-be, 'and ain't I from New York niest " Tilia was tbo first 'Union demonuiaratiou ' tbat I witnessed iu Oíd Vir giuiu. I thanked öod for the opúsolation wbieb tLe reíioeiioii affórded me, as for tbe tbird niht I lay glee.iessly in tbo ears, my olotbiug Btill n:iturutcd, und niy body tborouglily ebillud hom tbe efí'eets of tbe deluge it Manassas, I could bave desired no swceter morral tban tbo good woman's bomely loaf ; and, proud of tbe loyal giver, 1 rejoieed tbat ' I was from New York meselfl'" L2L" A pooi1 fellow who bad spent scoroH ofpoundw ut the bar oía tlrinking nbop, one duy iiëkud Ibu landloni to trust him with a glassof liquor. 'No,' wun the 6urly re)ly 'I never make n practice of flf'ng aucb tilines." The man turned to aby stander aud said : - ' Sir, will you lund mo a si-[)eiica ?' ' Certíiinly,' was tho reply. The LwuU lord witb alacriïy pluced the gluss be fors the laan, wh.) ' nvvallowed itu contents, then banding the sixpencu to tle lendei', naid : ' llera nir, 8 tho sixpeiMo 1 mvo. I make it a poioí, degradad ís I mn, always to pay borrtiwod money beforu I pav niy epirit bilí.' EP A youog lady of California recpntly broke ber neck wlulo i'esisting an attemptuf a young man to kigaher. This furnishea a fearfql warning to young ladies. I3P Succefp, is a wrnd tluú ba? the magie of witebemft in it - without it, a man is a viliian, a tooi, or a inadman, witb it, a saint, a sage, or philosopher.


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