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Gratitude Of The British Government

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The Springfield (Mass ) Republican ! serves : ( Not many years sinon, they (the ish govcrnment) wcro munufacturing ; muskots bv hand labor, and knew of no t other way. They learued through their 1 agout who visited the Crystal Palace at 1 New York, and made a visit to ] lield, that we had inveuted tpachinery for ( mauufacturing arias, and aotually made thora so that their parts would j chango. Wh'en this Was cominunicated to I Purliamcnt it was treated as atí ty. The possibihty of inaking t!:o regular parts of a gun by njachinery was ' denied; aud it was not without fierco i position that a snaall sum was : ated for making further inquiry. Com missiouerB wöré appoiutod who carue to Spriugfiold, while Gen. Ripley was SuperintBndtíBt By the consent of our governtaent iio allow'ed thom to inspect our inaohiaery ; aud they were able to send homo a report that the wopderful accounts they had reoëived wero trae. - Thoy wóro then permitted to make contracts vvith the Araos compañyat Chicopeo and other establishraei.ts for the manufacturo of siiiiihir maehiriëfy, and to tako drawÍBc;s and models from the armory, Similar machiiiery did not : where in tlie world, and without th'fj ■ k;:,l iéss of our goverumeivt, thoy would to tliïa day hiivo boen uiakinf; mu-kt (,s hj haud. Much of the roápiiib'erjf li.i;1 Ïuvoiitc4 i;i Siringfifid, anj was very coriplrea?ed, iud eould not have boen made without aidfroui our gflvarpmèhf, WlieD the machincry was made, thej wefe allowed to hire fiom the anuory juch men as they c)iibl to so to Englánd and set up the niáchiberj and sup tc.'d Lts ópëraiioDi Sumu of tíiése nou are there now. At their new ars.' Enfiold Locks thoy are said to be making twö Küodrêd thousuud uiuskets a year. - Foi thiü they are indebtod to our kindnese. Thoy now repay this kindness l)y l'orbiddiiig the export of arm?, waltpeter : and lead to this country, and by seixing all they can íind iu the hands of our merchantg, alrhongh it bas been bought of their peoplo aiid paid for.


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