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lbo UineiDiiati C-taettt publishes tho fullowing pitly cominunication from a Baldier nt Mutnferdrille, Ky. Every one who lns a IViend in tlio army pliould rcad it, and act on the snggeatious it contains: Parents, wivcs,brothcrs, sisters, sweothoarts, ai,l, lot me entreat you as a so'dir, au as a front) of soldier, to write us moro k'ttcTs. You have no idea how much good they do to us, nor in how many w.iys tliey do good. Let me iustruct you a little. VH Y SOLDIKRS WANT LETTERS. "Wc are men, individual, self-forminjj freemon. The tendency of army lifo and discipline is to mnko us forget this, It mergos tho individual in tlic n:a-s; it makes us only parts of one greajt living, moving wbole ; wc learn to i'eol that wo bcloug to our superiors; that we are rmly governmental targets to be placed ber'o and there at couvenience, to be shot at. About all tke recognition of our hunianity tbut we enn see in many of our officers, is the fact that wo are given. gun to sijoot back with ; but even hera wo are drillcd to believe that we cati't ram a oartridge, nor place a cap, nor even dodge a buil, unless we got a message along the line from the operator? in epauleta at the different stations above us - Uut these letters remir.d us ol our manbood, of our birthright, individuality and freedom. What though they be diwtcd simply to John Sniith on the oulside, with the ñames of geuerals, brigadiers, colonels, captain, etc., used as guideboards to our obscutity ; they teil us that at home at least we are not overlookedf and we perhaps recolleet oursolves as Mr. ; Smith, or Smith. Escj., or Rev. Smith, and the intellect and sensibilities all commenoo moving, and the machine becomes a proud, sell-conscious, God-Uko. work of God. THE GOOD LETTERS DO US IN TUK CAMT3. They make us botter soldiers, too. - ; Ve get the blues sometimes ; we feol just ( like going to the dogs. l'crhaps we aru Worn out with duty, or are all wet and muddy, and the wind chiinges as often as we do aud blows the smoke right in our eyo3. And then the coii'eo is bad and the crackers are worso, and the bacon is worse, and all this just when we are hungry as wolves. Or it m;iy be ihat we are yii:g .siel; n the cokl, d.iinp liopital, while druggy nurses haunt us day and ïiight v.ith thuir nasiy old pewter spoon8, as it' we were nothing but trougha to mix up oils aud powderss in. I5ut tho mail boy hands us ;i letter -a gnod lonjf one frum home, or from - ah ! you wout get us to teil her name, thougli it did come to our teeth ; so we'U just let it tiy arouild and sing awhile within us, and then lut it go back to its cozy nest away down in our warm hearts We aro not tirod rww, the tire has ruit smoking, au4 lüups and dances just liko our spirits,- The old musty, rusty craokers and bacon are deuidedly hetter, aud if we shut our ovfcs aud hold our noses, we pan imaciuü tbat the coffeo is poured froro tho bright sumij faced old coffoe pot at home, enïiclied with the riclust kind of creaiu from the mi!k old Brindlegave 'ast night. Or if we iivu the hospital, the Uull eye begins to'spurkle, the In al ik-n't acho so badly, the fever lulls, and in nine casus out of tan, the docior co ning in will pronounce us botter, just as if his nasty medicines had done it, and not the prot cious little letter covered up in the blan kets. Yes, nd thoy makc us botter christianst too. War isathcistic, heathenish, devilish. Qualify it as you may, with all that civilizittion and christianity eau do, it ia the mïghtiest reaping niqehinc iu tho hirvest of heil. I dou't say tj:it Güd bat nothiüg to do with thjá machii e, but I belie.e that, hid uoliind tho voil of humuil wrath. He direüts every movemeut to hia ovn gUiry. But vro who drive, , and pull, and feed the nia 1 iuiitrumontj are very apt to get very muoh like it.- Many a innn en-era the anny a!nio_t a Saint, but leaves t almnst i devil. - Many a pure.iuinded, good boy', wheti oarrifd awav by it beyuud horaj influeuoes and festraihts, is carried further away froin horae character and reputition, and ís ruiued fortver. But .these letters are the strinn;s of ïrbich ycur hearts are the iustruiuents, and you C' u, play just tho kind of tune you want tu ou thtiü. That boy who was drunk and swore so shockiiigly y.esterday, iqqk agood repe.iting nry last night uuder Li blankets, And the reaspn was, ibat hu got a lettsr in the afternoon from home,, and it reminded hun of lis church, (peihaps ot his ehurch profrssions,) and the Saqbath-sehöol, and prayer-uieetings, an4 it maf be that memory p-iintod the 'ng picture of ilio funily alta-, nnd lip reiuembers how bis fat her 's voico treujbied, and how they all Wept the last ti[8 he was thero. O, how he wished lio was. there to-niglit, and a boy again, t bo taught to pray, and put to bed, and. tucked in by hw mother. And he goes; to sloop crying, (soldiers Cry, I saw one to-day,) and praying, and he awakes iu. tlio niorning a better man. [Ie ráads hi.s Testament now, (the mie with bis inotliétti name in it.) and goos to the meetings j, and Christtansin the regiment whispi U about that lie ia copvgrted( an(3 'í thá'nk trüd and tuke courage.'1 O, these homo infiuences! liow' they do tij tbouisvlvcd about our hèarts ! Cut them off, and unless fortified by the ftoutest bulwarks of grace, we will lose our charactjrs as Clnistians, gentlemen aut} men. WIXÁI b'ültT Oï LETTEHS TQ WllIIK. And noV in conchiLion allow me tocive ycu a few idoasiis tu huw you should write. AVriiu clieerfully. Do not enter ii-, to long discus.sions about the miserie of the ' poor suldior," tor we knuw what {hese iñiserfés are and are uot. far better than you do. I would not oheek tha expression of a proper syaipathy, but wo are disposed to whine tqo mueh an_yiii.',, and wkau yüu btart the tune at home wtl aro sure to joiu in iull chorus. Writc long letters and dou't loave any cold blank spots on the sheet, like littta patebes of s.iow. Ioterline a,nd pnaflB line it as uiuoh as luuuli as you please, s that wben yov ga tbrough the .regular oourse of Üe sheet you will Laye soma niee titbUs for dessert. Writo a'jout partioulara,. wo bava enough. Generáis here. ïell us ho-w macy iiittens tumble over the floor, bow many calves bawl at the barn ; wketlef Tow&er's sore foot is wcll yet or uot; what kind, oí" a dress little Mary has gwt; whQ took sister aleighin last snow, and abovjj all, who goes homo from singing school with , of course, we wortj mention htr nane ; but you. ought to a so, just as if you didn't know aaything about it. And don't forget to speak cf. ehurch and Sa,bbath-sehool, prayer nieefciñL8, and wlmt new hym: % you sing. And tlii'.s, having turnislied tho oo'rs, our imaginatiön Ukös the brush aod goea to paUiïiDg, aml her flnishiftg stroke ís ahvays a returning S'Ulir bey a'.l covered with seais and and when she has iaid away her brush, sleep unpins tho curtain and covers up the picture of tha Dear üld Houie. t3 Who invented matches ? Adang and Eve.


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