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A Delicate Omelet

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Broak eight egcs in a stowpan, to whioh add a tüiipooufui ot' very finely-uhopped parsley, half ditto of salt, a pinch of pepper, and three good tablespoonfuls of ercam ; beat them woll togcther; then put two ounces of buttor iu an omeiet pan, stand it over a sharp fire, and a soon as the buttor is l)"t, pour ii the eggs, Bt:r the round quiekly with a spoon until delicately set; then shake tho pan ronud, li-ave it a moment to color the om-let huid the pan in a slauting position, just tap it upou the stove to bring the omelot to a propor sliape, and roll thé flap over thespoon ; turn it upou jour dish, and serve as soon as doua. Take care not to do it too niueli. jsg" Passenger train commeneeil running on ibe lHint nnd Perc lnrquetta Kuilwiiy on the 20th uit , bttween Eat Bngiaaw and Jount Morvi within five miles of Flint. An excursión train fioin Eaat Snginavv to tlio end of therpnd inauguruted the p,ew era. Truins are now runniDg ragufarly twice a doy.


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