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How England Would Attack The United States

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The London Times publishes a detailed Itaiement of what had been done by tbe Adiuiralty sini-e the occurrcnce of the 'i'rent affair. Itsays: " Five weeks ügo Admiral Milne hnd in ijorth America a uadron of line-oib;iulo sliips, roovisting cf ten firs't-oiass frigates and seventeen powerful armed COrvettei and sloops, all sfeamers, and mounting in all eight liundied and fit'ty gun; but in tlio short ipaos of fivu weeks the Adiuiralty have increascd or nmlepreparations for increasing Admiral Milne's force by adding two linc-ofbattle ships. twcnty-tliruc of the largest, fastest and heavy armed steam frigutoH, and eight powerful corvettes, mounting among them one hundted guns. Some of these vessels have alrcady sailed, and are already on the station ; others are on thcir way out, and some only wait sailing orders to start at a moment's notice. " Of the squadron of frigates, oach vessel has been curefully chosen for its great sailing speed, high steam power aDd heavy armament, and never yet has sueh a Heet of picked cruisers been sent against any enemy. ]5y the beginning of February Admiral Milno will have at bis disposal sixty-five sail, namely, sevon line-of-battlo Bhips, thirty-three frigates, and twenty fivo eorvettes and sloops. - With sueh a forcé a total and most effective blockade of all tbe Federal ports could be cstablished in a single week. A. single vessel at each port closes Boston and Portland, and two off Capo May would be ampie for the Delawaro River and the trade of Philadelphia. Admiral Milne bas already made very complete arrangements in the event of war. Tho Federal eruisers off the southern coast would be instantly looked aftcr. With the Warrior at Sandy Ilook, nothing could enter New York. " No effectual resistance could be made to a combined attack of our four iron frigates, in case the British goverument wished to dictate their owu tenns of pcaoe, by laying the fleet broad.tide on to the streets f Ñew York and Hoboken. - This could be done without the smallest risk to the iron ships. On Lthe Canadian lakes wo do not possess tho same advantages as on the Atlautic, but wo can send guu-boats ready made as quickly as the Northerners can build them, and rather quicker. " Within a week after the brcaking up of the ico in the rivers and cañáis, a whole fleet of gun-boats, with the most powerful of the screw corvettes sent out to Admiral Milne, will carry the protection of the British flag from Montreal to i Detroit." !


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