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The Advance On Springfield

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ïipton, Mo., Fab. 2. The división under Gen. Davia bas been much retarded by bad roads and swollen streams. Wagons and artillery havo sunk axle deep. . The Big Gravicr, a streara ordinarüy unimportaut was swollen beyoud its banks, and occupied two days in crossing. A sharp frost having set in on Thursday night, the roads will now support traiiiB, and if unimpeded by furthcr obstacles, tbc column will advaucc rapidly. Oen. Prentiss with lus command is advancing on Leb anon to combine with tbc forces under Gen. Davis. Price, though so formidably menaeed shows no sign of falling back, and froni present appearanccs seems determined to give battlo. Should he uiaintain his position, within two weeks SpriugQcld will be the theatro of another bloody contest such as has made tbat dcvotod place famous in the history of the war in Missouri. St. Louis, Feb. 3. Advices receied last night by the train on the Pacific Road state that the brigade of Gen. Davis was at Versátiles, Morgan county,'on Wedncsday, to join Gen Curtis at Lebanon. Gen. Paltner's brigade at Lamine is reported under marching orders for Kentucky. Gen. Sigel left Rolla yesterday for Lebanon. The balance of his división will follow. St. Louis, Feb. 4. Advices from the west tate that the Scveiith Missouri, Col. Stevenson, left Lamine í'or Lexiugtou on Monday. - They will hC'ld at Post duriog the winter. They cam;ot reach that place too soon. Informatici tas been received that the day after tlio place was evacúa tcd by the Kaneaa First Regiment the rebels cut down the A merici.'1 flaL and on the Tuesday following, the notorious Joe Shelby, with a gang of freeboters, took possession of the town. All the troops along the l'in} of thö Pacific Bailroad west of Jeffersoa City are under marching orders. Tho First Ncbraska Regiment igoing across tho country to Kansas. A number of regimenté are going South to join General Davis. Geu. Steele's brigade is coming down the road to be forwarded to Kentucky, and Gen. Pope will niako his beadquarters at Jefferson City. Michigan Soldiers Sick ín Hospital. - According to the last official reort, the sick from Miohigan Regiments loufined in tho several hospitals in Washngton and vicinity is as follows : First Regiment, 1 Seeond " - -22 Tl.ird 11 Fifth ... 7 Eighth " 2 First Cavalry, ... 6 Stockton's Regiment, 5 Total, - 54 Tbe health of tlio Michigan Regimenté jompares favorably wiih thoss from other States.


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