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-A gentleman just returned from Port Rojal giveg tho Boston Travellcr the following infonnation eoneeniing the " contrabapds " there : " Thero vrere some three hundred or four iiundrcd eontrab;ind3 at a placo on llilton Head, kuown as " Botany Bay." A few were eniplo3'ed asservants by officers, but tho majority are described 3 being good for nothing but consuming their rations. Wlien once they are well fed they cannot be hired to work again for twenty-four hours. None of tkem are now allowed to pass the picfots. either way, as no reliance ran be placed upon them. - Some who ran nway when tho expedition first landed, would return aaiu if allowed." " This confirms the vicvrs of Gen. Halleck and otlier officora. And, is tho aid of snob as these the ultraists of the North would chooso in preforencc to the freemen of tho border States and of all the South. Well did Mr. Wadsworth, of Kentucky, ask ia lus receat speech in Congres : " Do you prefer to fraternizo with tho negroes of tbc siave States rather than with the freemen there ?", and truthfully did ho say to Phillips, acd Stevens, aud Julián, and Lovejoy, and all of the eraancipation school, " it is not freedom for tho negroes you want, it is dissolution." We trust that the people will rally to the support of theJGovernment, and bid these emaneipation dissolutionists to keep their profane hands from offtho constitution. - The robollion must be crushed and tho Union preserved; not the breach made wider and perpetual by putting under foot the Union feeling of tho border and more southerly States, Tho General "Jim" Laño expedition from Kans:is to Texas, or at loast tho "Jim" Laño part of it has fizzled out. The expodition is to bo commanded by Mnj.-Oeaeral Hunter, - so says Ilunter, and sosays tho President. - and Gen. Lane will not be privileged to put any of bis emancipa tion and rcvolutionnry schomes into operation. Hia position is cubordinato, and his movemonÍM are to be governed by tho constitution and the laws, fL3L7" A letter from Secretary Pi:ward to Gov. Washburne, of Maine, in answer to a resolution of tho Maiuo Legislature askiug the reasona for pcrmitting British troops to land at Portland and proceed to Canada, is publithed. The Socretary says permission was grauted on the grounds of National comity. - A careful rcading of his letter has not conviued us that our governmont waa under the least obligation to permit troops to pass over our soil for the avowed purposo of preparing for hostilities against us. In ordinary timos a pica of national comity might suffico,but to grant such privileges to a governmont seuding out navies and arniies to strike us at the tho first shadow of excuso is certainly national folly. " Caution to " Fast " youno mex. - Two clerks in tho Detroit Post offico, John VV. Gibbs and Egbert F. Ton Eyck, werc arrested on Monday, charged with purloining raoneys from letters, and were held to bail for examination in $5000 oach. The proof is reportod positivo. Both are respectivoly conneefcd, but havo iudulged in fast vromen and fast horses bcyond tho warriint of thcir salaries HST Tho bill making treasurery notes a legal tender hangs Ore in lbo House. Sotno of tho tnembers don't believo tbat " promiscB to pay" can bo so easi]y converted into gold and silvor, and neither do we. Proisions for prompt and suro payment of interest on all the national debt, present or future, will make treasury notes teorti thcir face, and notbing else wijl,


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