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Thurlow Weed's Observation Abroad

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rail-, Ja. 16 We ramo over herc last ovening, and I am giutified thut thc giving up of iho Trent emiítmtfes has cffected here, what is also very opparent n língland, r; favorable changa in the public sentiiricínt. And in the coricspondenee on the subject ail aeree tliat our goveriw ment bas a decided ádvantage Fot tho opportunity of clwng Ihc riojht thing in a proper spirit tfií are larguly ndebled to the Irieiidship of the Queen, who urged niüc'ness and conciiiatiotí upon tho ílinistefti who went to Windsor to obtain hef Majesty's approral of thoir diKpatcti. But our ene.nics are at work en-' deavoring and hoping to créate fresh' difficuities. Úpofi tho meeting of Pnrliament a trenuons etfort will be made to vioiate tho blookade. England, it 8 ?aid, wiíl be tirged to this courseby' trance. The c:iuso, in )art, for thi.s is the want of cotton. But will ther ífet ít? Wo shall seo. It would be' far better for these govefötriöhtfl to' turn attention eiflcwhere for cot-' ton. With e'nterpriSje and prnmptitude' they could getit frorn Oootrsi America- thns omancipating themo)ves frotfi dep pendenco upon 8lave labor for ihis' ariieltv The reportod sale of the Nnshville is not unlikely to bo true. The American Consul at Southampton told me on Saturday that nogotiations wero on foot. The intcntion is to put her crew on board another stoarner, and thusdodge the Tuscarora. Capt. Craven keeps up a vigilant watch, lie has uot. lof t his ship for a moment.


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