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SPECIAL NOTICES' o. r. it fffxj 35", 'TM'1 CüSS ■ËcLT' ï] Passenger traína oow Wave Detroit and the several Stations ín tkis follews. Trains do nnt stop at station where figures are omitted u the taille. G O I X G WEST. Muil Ex. .Tack.Ac. NiglitEx. Detroit. 10.0') a M. 4.50 P. M. 41.45 r. M ïpsilanti, 11. SS " i.ïO " 11.10 " AnnArbor, Ü.45 " fi.60 " 11.35 " Dexter, 12.18 P.M. Ï.'.O " 12.00 A M. Chelsea, 12.SS " 7.15 " 12.20 " Ar. Chicago, 11.(0 " 10.45 " GOING EAST. NightEx. Jack.Ae. MlilKx. Jhelsea, 6.10 a. ji. 3.32p m. Dixtcr, S.83 " 3.51 " Inn Arbor, 4.55.A, M. 7.10 " 4.15 " fpBilnnti. 4.55 " 7. CO '■ 4.40 " ir. at Detroit, 0.C5 " 8.55 " 6.00 " Sy Some of the most eminent Clergymen in the country endorsa Hooflaxd's Geemas Bitters. See advertisement in another column. A CASD TO THE SUFFEBiWG. The Rev. Villiam Cosghove, wliiie Ulboring as a Missonary in Japan, was cured of ConsumptioD, wheD al] íitlicr means liad failed. by a recipe obtained from a tearned physician residiug in the great City of Jeddo. Tii.s recipe" has cure-1 preal Dmaben who were Buffednc from foiisuinptinn, Broachitie, Sore TJiroat, Coughs and C oldfl, and the debility and nervous depreSBron cauwd by theso disorder . Desirous of bonefittirg othor, I ivill sen tl tbl recipe, which I have brought linnie with me, to all wLü neeü it, free of charge. Addréu TiKV.WM. COSf!RO-E, S'23yl 439 Fulton avenue, BrouklynN. Y. MOTHERS READ THIS. Tbe following is an exti'ct Wurr. a letter wrïtten by the pastr iE a Baptist Ctinroli to the "Journal and MessL-nÊC-r," Cincinnati, Oblo, anrl spcaks volumei in favor oí that wúil'i rt-nowned müJicirn;- M:s. WiasLOW'SSOOTHIMÍ SvhUI FÜÍI CflILDHKS ÏÏTÖlNCf : ':V(.'!oo au aüvertUemcnt in jour columns of Mrs. WinsQw's Sii'ttllinpSyrup. Kow we iilvcj" s;i'(1 ffor ín favor of a pant medicine befcre in our tti+i u we foei compelleUo pay fo yourreailcrs, tbat Üü i ni humbllg - VTK ItAVí; TKI8D IT, ÁVD KWyW ITTOKAI,IIT ct.AiMs. It is. prubably, one of the most fiiiccesaful medicines uf thít üiiy. bi'cause :t U ohí of thr iist. Aini il.'tse of your readers who have babies can't do it betterthan toly in ftiuppW." So; .lilvertisemciit io anothercolumn #A StigM Cola,;h.,JfLjC.CLf-sen-CS.8. or gfat-e. ivhicH might be chedked xvith a, simple remedy, ifneglected, often terminales senously. Few are aware of the importanoe of a aLLh. or LfLLcyh jtfaLd in üs first stage ; that which in Lhe beginning would yield to a müd remedy, if not attended to, soon attaaks the lungs. J&aiujz'si &tanjUiLa.LZIfiCLc}iL.& were first mtroduaed eleven, years ago. It has been pro'jed that ihey are the best artiale befare the publia for cuiah&, rfaLds., .iatickiLLs., JÍ&tAma., ïcLtafifih., the Hacking Cough in féan.s.umiliati, and rtrimerous affeotione of the JZfh.f-aat, giving immediate relief. Public Speakers gf Singcrs wül find thern efeotual for clearing and strengthenmg the voice. Sold hy all (Xtrugsfists and (Dealers in. Jiiedicine, ai 25 cents jer hoz.


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