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r Hl I I 1 1 L I t 1 ï 3 í E i J ii{kl 1 „vlij ji Eh È W-Bil 1 È l.gííi H ■ or MICHIGAN SOUTHERN & NORTHERN INDIANA RAILROAD. tri e rr.ï :■"■ : 1801. 8BMMES ARKAN'UEMIVT. 1861. Irriina nowranonüiis road, ?un(5ays excepted, as folio ws: l.-ave Toledo íor Chicago at 9 00 A M...nfl9-P. II., ai;l via Air Une nt 9.Ü5 A. 11. Leave IMroit for Chicago ut 7,15 A M. an4 6.80 P. M. Arrivinj in Chicago trom Tok-ilu and Detroit at, ,30 1'. M. and 7;00 A. M. . an'l via Air ut 7.S0 P. M. ArriToat JX'troit (rom Toledo, at 6:65 A. II., 0:05 P.M. Leaves Detroit for Toledo at T 15 A. M., and6-30 F. M. Arrive in Detroit from Chieatro at 6. 05 P. M., and 6.55 A. H. Jrrive in Toledo from Chicago 4,20 P. M. and 4.30 A. M., and via air lineati. 15 P H. Leave Jaekaoo for Toledo at 4.46 AM. and l,05P.M. Arrivo from Toledo at B.66 A. M., and 4,20 P. MCONNEOTIOÑS. At Toi.ïdo - With Cleveland sïolado Rail Road,with Wabasli Valley Rail Road. AT DüTitopT- With Grand Tranlt Railway, with Great Western ltailvray, also, with the Detroit and Milwaukee, Railrnad At Naw Ai.bast J; Paism R. R. Chossixg- TVithTvains for Iifayette, New Albany and Louisville. At CuicaüO - With Chicago and Kook t!and, Galena, Mil'.vaukee, Cliicagn, Burlington and Quincy- Xortli West Rattway - ChTcagn, AUon and St. Louis, Illinois Central, and to all l'oints West and South. Traint are run by f'hicago time, which is 20 minutes slower tliau Toledo time. Patent Weepmg C'ars nccompiiny the Nighl Tratiis on this Houte. &&- S-,tls)mr'y.s l'atent Ventila tors and Dusters are used on all Slimmer Trains. J2C5" Time and Kure the aame as by any otlier Jl&V. Road Route. JXO. D. CAMPDELL. General Superintendent. O. BI(ISS Ie ncw reeeïving a Urge aii'l veil selcctetl assortmeat of Olccks Watches, ■■BMnRMIMBRKüi J EWE LH Y, Silver and Platetl Ware, TABLE AND POCKET SZ3 -WLJ TT1 3BT-J TB53 -■- "T EAZORS and SHEARS, gold PEisrs, Musical Instruments, Strivgs !$ Boo7is for Instruments, SHEET MUSIC3 COMBS. and a great variety of "2"A.3NTIï:EB aTOTIO3STS, ScC He wouM cali particular attentiou to his largo stock of SPBOTAOXjiBS, of Qoldt Siluer, Steel, and Plaltd, with PERISCOPE GLASS, a superior art iele. Also Huiitington k Platt's celobrated CALENDAR CLOCR! sult&bte for Officps, Coanting Rooms, Halls or DweïHngs. docks aro reliable time keepérd and Calendar covbined , and reiuíre the winding ot' the time movements only, to secure all the röqütrecl changes at mid nilit, showing the day oí' tb o traoh the tnoatfa and day of the month, includin the 29th of Februaj-y, of Leap year. I lis goötla are mostíy "f recent parchase fruía V . Yovk liinl the mftnufttCtarers, and wül be sold to .snit the times. Persona having difficult watches to fit with frlaaaoi can be acconiodated, na vay stock in large aiu! cúmplete, P. S. Parficular iittentinn to the of all klads of line Watches, such as Making and Setting new Jewels, Piniorts, Suijfs, and Cylhiders. Aho CLOCKS, cSc TE'VEXjI"" neatly ropnired aud 'warranted, at his old standeast side of Main Street. C. BLISS. Ann 4ibor,Xov. 15,1801 82Gtf Important Uational Works, Publiahed by D. APl'I.KTON & CO., 346 AND 348 BR0ADWA.Y NEW YORK The followin iroyki are scutto Subscribe in any part of tii ! country, (npon receipt of retail pricej by laai or express. prcmii I : THE JVKWAñIF.RIAIV CYCLOPDIA; A PopuUB i i. ■;!..■■.■ i -. of General Knowledgé. Kditc'l by üv.o. Rii'lev an'l Chaklm a. Daxa, aided by a numerous select corps of writors in all brancoM o# Seienc and Litoratua. This Tvork r being pnbltehed te 15 large octavo volumes, oaeh containing 760two-colamn Vuis. i., Ti.t in., iv. v.( vi., vu., vm., & ix. are now ready, each containing near 2.6QOorigiQa] mij ates, An additional volume wül be published oocdlo abfjut three monihs. Pfice,inCloth,S; Shcep,$3.5O: Half Kussia, $4.50 ycb. The Nfr American Cyclopffiilia ík popular without beins Buperfleial, lenmed without bclug pedantic, comprohohgivi bntanSciently detailed, froei'roin personal pique and p&rtj prejiwWce, fresh and vet accurate. It isa complete statement oí all that Is known upon every important topic withtn the scope of huniao intollience.- Every important artielo in it has been speeially w ritten for ts pages by men who are authorities upon "the topic on wbich they ppeak. They are te quircd tq brmg the subject up to tho present moment] to state jUtst how it itaTi-ls ntrto. A!l the tstatistical information la from the latest reports; the geogrftphical accounts kep pace with the latest explorations; historical matters include the :ist views; the biographicnl notices ods ak not only of thcdead but alsoof tho living. It is i hbrary of Uelf A'IRIDGEMENT OF TUK DEBATES OF CONGUKSS 13iiig aPolitieal Hi.-tory of the United State, from thn organlííttioTi of the Hist Federfll CnngresBÏn 1TS" to L85Q. Kditnlund compiled by Bon. Tho. Hart Bbïitok, from the Official Records of Congr&is. The work will b cuiftpleted in ló royal octavo volumes oí 750 pageseaoa, 11 ot' vrhich "are nuw ready. An additlonal rolvme will be published once in three months. (Jloth.ïSO; Sheep, Half Mor., $4; Huif Calf, tl.w éach. A WAV OF PROCÜRTNG Tin:CYCLOlMU)lA 0RDEBAT1-3 Farm a club of !'oi;r, nnd rorait thopriceof fourbooks, anü live copies will be sent al theremittür's expi '■[ini.'wrc; or fejr ten snbsribers, eleven copies will be sent at our expense for Oftfriage, To Aoiitt; No other work will so libjerallj Hxrasdthf ejeriinnH Of yp.e:r i nïiS OCfl STT Termft madf km wn on n pplicai i.m to the Pubiiflhcrs. Kn ' Ai-bor. Utarch, i 02ftflit Bev. Tnofe. VniuiiT, agent at Kinne iiömiÜii BooS Store, Vp-ilanti. Ayer's Agüe Cure. '1 he Latest Special Dispatch ' To tbe citizens of Ann Arbor and Vicinity ! ! INTENSE EXCITEMENT! Uundreds toaiching the progresa of Daily Events ! ! The Federal Army again Victorious! "The Union must and shall be Preserved !" M There ivas a man in our town, He icas so wondrous lüise," But tiltil all li8 wisdom, he wa not so nris as that "olher man," who wheu he wanted to buy the The cJieapest and hest CLOTHINC! in tJiis market always jumjped inio G TJ ITERMAN' 8 HEAD QÜARTEES! For there he knew he always got li ís money's worth. Seeing is believing and you that ■wÍ8h to see come in and belive. Those that can't see can feel, nnd as we always mnks our customers feel good over good bargains, they aro especially invited lo our anxious seat, that they too may realizo how "good it is for theni to he witli us," and how much pleasure cau be obtained in the enjoyraent of SPLEWDID BARGAIHTS ! " me all ye that are mrenry and Iieavy laden" - with Rorxs and we will do ouí beat to relieve you - giving vou in return the Jinett kind of Goods at the lowestjigurea. Grent battles are hourly taking place in the Clothing line-- whole regiments of Jaasimeres, Vestings, &o., are heing slaughtpred bv Gen, Sondbeim - to fit the great rush of reermti that are pouring in from every direction, all anxions to have their oames enrolled for ft NEAT AND TA8TY SUIT ! - 3uch as can only be had at the Ifead-Quarters of Guiterman di Co. One of the firm.Mr. M Guiterman, having just returned from Europe with a large asBortment of Cloth, Casimeres, nnd a ice lot of 6ne Vestings, alao a few pieoea of fine Beaver for overcoats whú-h we will make up to orüer in the hiteat etyle, we feel eonfident that we can aatisfy all. STTT-DEISTTS I We are happy to greet you again ia our City.after spending j-our vacation with the " dear old folks'! at home. Be nssured we wish you a pleasant term, and shall ver be glad to me?t you at the Old Head-Qiiarters, IVo. 5. O Our former customers, we feel assured, will cali on us again To you who eome as stranger8 we would say a few words, we wish you to cali and look at our fine Coats, Pants, and Vest9 we can do better by you than aLy other h use in the City, an8 if you cali anI examine our goods, and try their fits, you will purchase nowhere else. DON'T FAIL TO 0-a.XjXi at ca-, n. q, DR. HOOFLAÑD'S BALSAMIC CORDIAL, For tlie speedy cure of Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Croup, Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Pneumonía, Viseases of the Bou els, arixing from Cotd, Incipient Consumption, and for the relief and {if at allposaibU) cure of Patients in advanced stages of ths latter di3ease. rpHEBalsamic Cordial is entirely a Yogetabh1 proflucX tiun, combiniug tlit hoaling propprtk'9 ol the Haïsara, with the invigoniT;iiL qualities of a Cordial, producinga ct'inbinat on L■ neli adapted to the parpoSM Uitend öd, that there are but few cases of diseaae which will not, at an ourly penod, succumb to its liealiugaud life giviug proporties. For ages, has the treatmont of pulmonary diseases occupied the greater portion of the atu-ution of the scientific of the medical world, but none acquired moro erainencG in his treatment of these diseasu.s, thau the celt'brjited Prussian, Dr. Ilooflnnd, the orignator ot the Balsamtc Cordfaï. Hisliiewas devoted to the production of rempdk's that wotild stand unrivalled. How weil he has sueccedod, the American peopleare able to jaflge: and we poaisively asert, that tio prepai-atioas tliat have ever been placed before theïn, have conferred tbesaBM amouut of beuetits on sutï'oring humanity, or have elicited so many cominc-ndatious Irom jill classes of society, m the remedies of Dr, Hoöfiftnd prepared bv Dr. C. M.Jackson h Co., of Phila4elphia. Tbe Cordial is dMfgnad tot a clRsa of diseases more g. iieral and more fatal than nny other to whieb the prople of this country ai e subject- spiinging from a "slight cold." Tbat eminent authorily, Dr. Bell,says: "1 wi!I not sjiy that Colda are to our inliabitants what the Plague and Ytlïow Ftver an; to tlïose ol otlier countrie.s; but I can aver coníidently tliat they usher in dlceue of gtöaterfcomplicity an. mortality than these latter." Eniirely Vegetable. No Alcoliolic Jreparalion. DR. IIOOFLAND'3 CFXKCKATKI) GERMÁN BITTERS Preparad by DE. C. B. JACKSON & CO., Philaaclphia, Pa. Will cdectually ure LIVF.K CUMl'LAIXT, ÜYSPEPSJA, J At'NJltCE, Chronic or Xervous Debility, IHaMaeaof the Kitineys, and il! disea-sw arising fruin a disorüered Livcr or Sti)m;ich. Such as C'.'n.stipation, Inward Piles, Fulness or Blood to Ihe Meac, AcJdity ol1 tlie Stcmach, Nau.a, Heart burn, disgust for Food, Fuluesö or weight intlus ach,Sour EruotationE,SQking or Plutterinft ut the Fit of theStomaeU, ñwimming ol' tbeHe&d. tiurrieü nnc] Diffloult Bruathing, Flultering at the Hea-t, Chokir.g or Suft'ocntiiiLj genbatiooa whc.n in a lyiug posture, Dim jioss ol 'isiiin, Dots of veb- beforethe sfght, Ktver and IHill Pain in the Heftd, Deticiency of Perspiration, Veltowness -i' tlio skin and Eyw, Pain in the Si'le, Back, Cliorit, LiïCtlxs, c. Siidilfïi FÍuslMsof Hvat, Buroingin the (FlesU, (tnsinnt ImaginuigB of cvil, and great Depressiocs of Spifita. and wUl nositively preTABt Yi LLOW rEVER,BIU.IOÜSFEVBR,4io. ïho Proprielor in ealliag the af.cution of the public to I bla prepajatioa, doos ao witti u üaetiiig cf the utmost ooofideace in tts virtues and :u!aptaüou to the diseases ior whieb it is rt'conmu'lided. Ekiflixonev and mitried article, but on Ihat has slood the testd' a twelve yearti1 trial before the American people, and its reputatloa and i-aie are unrivalled ty w, Binuiar prejiaraüoui extant. The testimony in its tarorgiven uy the most prominent and wull-known ]'iivsiei;nis and individuals in all paytaof the country ia iraniensi', and a car. ful perual uf the Aliuanac, publi.shel annually by the Pronrietors, and to be had prixtis of any of Üu'ir Agenw, cunnot but aatisfv the most Bkeptioal thatthia remad; ja rtally deserviug the great celebrily it haaobtftlned ICcml the lvltlcnre 1 rom J. Nación Jlrown 1. D. . Editor of the Encydopcdia of Hdigiaug Kvoicle'lge. Althougli not T.nsed to faver or recommend Patent Ifadloines in general) throagh dutruat of their iurdieqts and emetn,! JTêt know ol nft suüirient rea.stjn ujiy a nran may not teatliy to tiie benefit he believew himself to have receivod from any simple preparíition, in the hope that he may thuE contnbute tu the bouelit of others. Idothintlie more readily in regard to "iïoolland's Comían Bitters," prepared byDr. C. M. Jaduon al thla city, bccanse I was prejudlced against them for yeara, under the impresnirm that they wcre chiefly au alcoholie mixture. 1 1111 indebted to my friend Robcrt Skoeni.ikcr, Em.,fQI the removal of thia prejiulice by proper teata,and for oncoiira.eemeutto try thón, wheñ suílering from great and long contiuued debility. Tho use of threebottlcaof these Bitters, at the beginning of the pnratyear,waa foliotred by aVMMnt relief, and restnration toa degree of bodily and mental vigor which J limi not feit forsixmonths beforo.and hadolmost despaired of resaining. I thercfore thank God nnd my friend for dlrectingmcto tho use of them. J. NEWTON B11UWN. Eead what the eminent Glase Manufacturer, JOHN H. WI1ITAU., says of the BALSAMIC CORDIAL. Dr. C. H. Jaoksok- Bepeoted Friend; H :ivmjr for a ■long iiwa been acqalnted with the rirtnei uf tiiy Bal. aamlcCordiai in Coq.hs, Coida, InÜamraation Af the S(l. 1 (hus l' It'.-ir ti'stimony to its eQicacy rëralyeari IhaTÍvérar bien without my faniily ttalsogivea me pléaaure to state that T have nréd. it -wi{h entire suceeaa in the treatment of Sowel Cdmplaint, TUy friend truly, .T0I1N' M. WHTTAÏX Wftb Mo. 17, 1853, Kaoo Street, above 4th, Phlla. Th.' e modiciDi-iiaro for sale by all respectable Druicgists and dealer:, in medicines in the United Stntet, British Provinces, andVfe8tIndiea,at 7tcentap 'n.-mie - Be inreandget the genuino, with the signatura n( C ".1 .lACKfiON on the wrapper of each hotüc; M othns are, cnuntn-fiit. PrljieipttlOmoe aad Mmufactca-V, 418 Arh Street, PhüiJelphia, Pa. jïo,)


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