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Bttfííííf $írertnnu CÁRDS! CARDSÜ CARDSÜ! Havmff pvirch.isetl a UrnnLKs Rotary Diamond Cari Press, witb a fineassurtinent of C&rd typp, the Argt Officein prepnred tn prin t Cards of all kinds lp th aeatest possible ntyle and ni a greftt roilurtion f rom ♦ormer prlces.incladiag Baalneas Cards formen of a t roei tfons ana professíona, Hall, Wedding, mul 'ís t i n Crds, etc., etc. Cali, ive us yoiirs orders and ae bow itis dos W. N. STRONG NALL, DUNCKLEE & Co., WH0L5SAI.E and RETATL dtak-rs in Dry Goode, Car petings, Flnnr O1 Cloths, FeíttHprs, l'aper Hangings od a general assíirtnient of Furnishing Goods, No 74 Wooírt-arii Avenue, Cornorof Iirnedst., - - - PETEOTT, Mich .Orders solicited ana projiiptly attendcd to-. 809yl RAYMOND'S Photograpliic and Fine Art GALLERY. Nos. 205 and 20" JeCferson Avsuue, DETROIT. Fbotographs, Life ?i.e, colored or plain, cabinet, imperial, Mi'lainntvpes, Daguorreotypea, Ambrotypas c CARD MCIURfctí by the Dezen or fhou jand. 609yl I. O. O. F. tlTASnTEXAW I.OIlüE N'o. 9, of the Independent VY oriler of Odd FsQovs meet at theirLodgo Room, ivery Friday eveninfr, at 7% o'clock, E. RICI1ARÜSON, N. G. S. SOBDffi, Sec'y. L. ISTÜBBS. TITnoLESii.K and Ketail Dealer n Tobáceo , Cigars Jcc., VV HainSt. - sign oE ll B,g Iudiail." Franklin lïlock, Ann Arlior, ...---- Mich. 6. G: SUTHERLAND & SOÑ, rrTHOLESALE AND RETAILGrocersand Commission Vr Merchauts, Kust eide Maiu Street Ann Arbor. T VVITC1ÍELL & CLARK. 4 ttorxevs and Counsellors at Law, General Life and 1. Fire Insurance agents. Ofïïce in City Hall Block, mHuronSt., Ann Arbor. Collectioas promptly umdo Jidremitted, and special attention paid to conveyancing. D. 8. TWITCHELL, 7-l3tf] E. P. CI-AKK. J. M. SCOÏT. mqrottpk & Pbotoobpb Aeiwbm. in the rooms formerly occupied bv Cordlev, d ver the -store of Sperry fe Moore Perfect satlsfaction guaranteed. WINES & KNIGHT. DSiLERstn Staplc, Fancy Dry Goods, Eaots and Plioes, &c. Jkc, Main Street Ánn Arbor. EISDON & HËNDERSON, DKALKRS in Hardware, StOTes, house furnislnliiigoods, Tin Ware te. &o., -N'e Clock.Main Street. Q A. P. MILLS, Dkalkr in Stiple Dry Goods, Grocerics, Boots and tlbxHê and Keady Made C'lothing, Huron Street Ann irbor.' " BEAKES & ABEL k TTORF.TS & OOWSBSXCHtfl AT IJW, and BolfeftOFfl ÏH ÍVchnery. Office in City Hall Biock, over Webster t Co's liooií Store, Ano ürber KINGSLEY & MORGATT, A rroRXEYR, Counsellors, Solicitors, and NotariesPub "V lic, have Books and Plats showing titles of all lands Id the jounty, andattend toconveyuncingandcoUecting ejijands , and to paj'injr taxes and school interest in any art of the State. Office eastsiie of the Square. Ann Arjor. Tames e. oook, Tustice ofthe Peace. Office neartheDeDot, Vpsilanti, J Michigan. t Wm. LEWITT, M. D., Phtsician & ScKfiEO.v. Office at his residfince, North side of Hurón stret, aod 'd house West of Diyision jtreet, Ann Arbor. O. COLLIER, T.txcFAer(JSBs.nd dealer in Boots and Sboea. 1 1.VX door West of the l'ost (ifljcc. inn -irbor, Mioh. MOORE & LOOMI. T nufactcreb8 an'l JcaLor in Boots and boes, VL Phoenix Block, Maio Streel, Ofte 4oor JJorth ot Vaehington. m. guiter"man & co-, tTTiiOLESALEand Retafl dealra and manufacturers of VV Reüdy Made Clothiug, Importéis of Clotlis, Cassioeres, Doeskins, &c. .No. 5, New Block, Ann Arbor. C. B. PORTER, JBajk. Surgeon Pestïst. Office corner of Main JB2LJm& And Hurou streets, over P. Bach's store, 7999% Ann Arbor, Michigan. "-U-if April, 1859, Wm. WAGNER, Dealer in Readv Made Clothing Ooths, Cassimercs and Vestmgs, Hits, Caps, Trunks, CarjietBags, &c. llain , Ann Albur. BACH& PIB-RSON. DlAl.ERsiuilr.v Goods; Croceries, Hardware, Boots & Slioes, &c, Main street, Ann Arbor. MAYNARD, STEBBINS & CO., "kalf.ks in Dry Uoofo, Groct-ries, Prugs k Medicines, Coots &Shoi# &c.j coi ner of Manaad Aan strets, ist Oel= w the Kxchange, dnn Arljor. "SLAWSO NEGEER, TíOOCíí, Provisión S: Cominisalon Merchants.anddeaM lersin Satkr Limk. Land 1'la.steb, and Plastkk of doorEastof C'uok's Hotel. C. BLISS, Dealer iaClock, W;itdios, Jewelry. and Fancy Goods at thesign of the Big Watch, No. 27,1'hoeñix Block. J. O.. WATTS. D -win Clncks, Watebes,. Tewelry and Silver Ware No üNe- Block, Ann Arbor. Oarber and Fastaionable Hall Drcsser, Main Street, Hair SCHOFF & MÏLLÊR IAulirs in Miscellaneous, School, and Blank Books Sta trbol y' &C- Main Street Ann D. DeFORESt! UTbolmiui aj,d Retail Dealcrin Lumber, Uth Sliinlwtf Ai' Do"rs' B""Js' Watet Lto. (ill ver ■iMter, liaste IWis, an.l .Vails of all sizes. A fiill ,ind.P "''""■■l.mont of the above, anl all other "" of building materials constantly on baad at tl;c t'h. b E?Tiïte!' on ltetroit street. a few rads frojn fisuras! eañm nnt-MMFT chapín, wöod&cö7 SÜCCES8OE f TO MANUFACTtHERS OF Trxxt, Book., AND' POLORED MEDIUMS, Wrapplng Papor,c. ANN Alt KOU 8I1CH. SPECIAL NOTICE TO QXTSTOMERS. l'1-accoiints over six iimnths must lie KCitled ut ■J "ice. Cal! n tho oüici' andpayup. ■ -ell selectedt stock of New (cratls Chenp for W_ MAYNAR1) , ITtBBINS .t WII..-ON. XJ s E! SABATOO-A EMPIRE WATER FOR lw"tin or Pfpp.,,;.!:, , Con(t!ptloo, ünafip, ']i!iulíft Los n.f Appettte, Connot Cold, 4Í "the í,unSíi, Hsadache, aml t vcrisli ttab fünVi'V, ï7An. STEBBIN1 an.


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