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The Lesson Of Men's Lives

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-Gco Brommell entered the fashionable world at tho ago of twcuty-ono, with a princely fortune at bis comvnand. lio gave himgejf v.ljully and entiroly to the cultivatjon of tlju highest tastes of faahionablo lifo. ile spent LH0ü a year on dress alone ; and so reJiped was Ije in his nianners and gracc, that lie c.ainc to be aduiitted to tho highest circles of the nobilr ity, aud ' tho l'rinoe liegent," says his biographar, " would ocousionally attcu.J his dressing room for an Uour in the nioruiug, to watch the mysterious gr ace with whiob lie disuhargcd tho dutios of his toilet." Years pased away, ai:d this nian's fortune was spent. His frienda then dcsertc.d hhn ; he ilcd to the Coatinent, begged for his bread in the strects of Paris, and died in a lunatic asvluin. He liad sown the wind - he reaped the whirlwind; and with hiin the fashions of liffl werü foliad to be " vanity of vauities and vexatiou of spirit." j-JÜT" A fat.her was winding liis watoh whcu lio said, playfully, to bis littlo girl, " Let me wind your uose up." llNo," said the child, " I don't want my nose wound up, for I don't waut it ty ruu all day.


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