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Incidents Of The Battle Of Winchester

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Tlie Massnclmssets becuna, witü (Jolonol Gordon's brigade, was twenty miles away froni the conflict, but three men of the regiment engaged in it. One of thern had been taken pnsonêr last July, carried to llu-lnnond, and only lutely exöhanged. Hasfccning back to rejoin Lis reginjont, he arrived at Winchester on Saturday, raid found it gono. When the light began he eagerly rushed into it to revengo iiimseíf for his long imprisonnicnt. líe was among tho foronnst of the skirmishers, and when tlie rebels ran, ruihig in, he took one of them prisoner and broqght liim triuinphaniiy off. '' Now," paid hc, " I asm even wilii them.'' Captain Scbrcibar, of General JJank'a staff, Jiaii a very narrow escape. He was on tlie field urgiog up tlie stra. and cowardly to their places in the nght, wher, as he rode ijp a siiiaü hill, BÍX rebel cavalry dashed at hiin, firing their pis tola as they passed. The smoke blindcd hin., bnt ho coala boö one a littlo behind the other, closa behiud hjin, Iechaniuallv lio poised his sword, and as the rebel dashed un him, the blado enterad his breast, lii own momentum drovo it thi-ough, and hc fe'.l dead from his horse An orderly, who was with Captain Srhroibcr, wss borno down and killed, he hiintclf received a ballet through his I hat two inchtB. frotn hh hcad. The uotorious (!.-i.tain Baikir, who entieed a eitizen of Harper'a Ferry to como over, ' uuder n flag of trace, and then shot him, i waa taken, and it is to be hoped jnsíiee I will be done by speed y hanging.


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