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Substitutes For Coffee

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Kïe Cofïi:e. - Tuko a peek of rye and cover it with water, let stoep or boil un til the grain swells or coiumences to burst, then dmin or dry it. líoast to a deep brown color and prepare as other coffee, allowing twlee the time for boil ing. Serve with boiled milk. Anotueu. - 'fake soine rye ; lat, scald it; 2ct, dry it. ; 3d, browu ii, and tiion mix with it onetlnrd coffee, and you will have as good a cup of eoffee as you ever drank. SwEET PoTATO CoFFEE. Tilko gWiJOt potatoes, eut them fi&e enough to dry conveniently, and vrher. dried, grind in a cofl'ee ïuill, dry them by the lire or store, in this season of the year, or by t!io sun, whon that will do it ; grind and use, mixed with coffue in such proportions as you lilto. Somo of ïuy neighbors omit half of the coffeo ; soine more. B.uu.EY Cofïee. - We sec it stated tbat tlit decaand for this artiole is rapidly incrensing. Probably not more than one-third of the am#unt of real coffee is iiüw sold per weck, that wnssold previous to the eoftbe tariff. The barley coffee is said to be an excellent artiele; just 33 good to all intenta and purposes, as tho genuino artiele. Ordinary barley is firat soaked in water until a littlo softened, then dried uid roftBted as we roast ordinary coffeo kernol. It is then ground. - fo about a rauch cf this as of gronnd coffee as would be used at a meal, add one teafpoonful of the estraet of cogee to inake ,a fletTOP. Pea Coffee. - It is probably kuowu to many i hut a very hrge per cent. of the ground coffee sold at the stores is commou lieid peas roasted and ground with the coffee. 'i'hero are hundreds of thousands of buahels of peas annuallj u.-cd for that purpose. Thosa who are in the hbit of' purchasing ground cofi'oo eau do botter to buy their own p.ias, burn and grind (hem and mix to suit themselves ÓabKOT Cornil; is reconiüieuded by an exchange. Cut up, dry and grind, :-,nd mix wjth coffeo in cuantities to suit the taste. Marino Tka. - AVater for making tea should be used tho moment it boüs. - The reason Msigeèd is tliat if it is boiled for somo time, all tho gas that is in it escapes with tho steain, aud it will then not make tea of the bost flavor. Olear, pure, soft water is best. Sübstitute for Cream.- Beat up the wholo of a fresh egg in a basin, and then pour boiling tea or water over it, gradually, to prevent its curdlhig. In flavor and richiiess this preparation rcácmblcs cream. fsg" Callous hearts tliat are insensible to the mi?ery of othars, are susceptible of no raal deligbt. U Pitch upon that, cou'-so pf life whieb is the most, excellent, and habit will rendar it th.e most delightful.


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