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How To Make A Home Happy

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Da you jest with your wife upon a aubr jcct in wlnch therc is danger of wounding her í'eeliiigs. llemember that sha treasures eveiy word you utter, though you never thifik oí' it ngaiu. Do uot spnak of sume vii'tue in anotlio? iaan's wife, to remind your own of a fault. Do not rcproach your wjfu vith persoual Jofects, for if abe has seusibilitj,', you inflict a wound diflicult to heal. Treat your wit'e with astentiou ip company.-Do not upbraid her in tbc preseuue of a tbird persou, nor entertain her with praising the beauty and accomplisbments of other woiiien. Ifyou would have a pleisaut home and cheerful wife, pa?s your eveuings under your own rool. Do not bo stern -and silent in your own houso, and reinarkable for sooiabilityelsowhere. Remember that your wife has as niuoh necd oi' reereation as yoarself, and devote a portion, at least, of your leisure hours to BUeb soeioty and amuaements as alio may join. By so doing, you will secure her sniiles and iuoreasa her ftífeotiDD. Do not, by b.eing too exact in paooniary matu&e, mako your wifií fed her depei.d,ence upon your bounty. It tends to lessen her dignity of character, and does not increase her csteera for you. If sho is a sensible woinnn, Bhe should be aoquaiated with your busiceas üiid know your ineorae, thut she may regúlate her household expenses accordingly. Do not witbhold tuis knowledge, in order to cover your own extravagancia W orneo bsve a keen pereoption - be aura she will discover your selfishness - and though no word is spoken, from tbat raiment her respect in Icssened, and hor conüdenco diininished, prido wounded, and a thousand, perhaps unjust suspicious creatcd. From that inomeut is your doupcstic comfort on the wane. - There can be no oneucss where there is no full coniidcnce. - Womati's ThoughU About Woman. gg" It is a truth demonstrated by eeience that not, an oath is uttercd tiiat does not vibrate tlirough all time in ths wi-le Bpreadiug current of sound ; not a prayer is Iwped but i(s recorJ i stnniped forever on tbo law of nature by tl:e saai of the Almighty's will.


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