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The Board Of Supervisors

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Wc ippencl n f uil and corrocted list of the Board of Supervisors eleoted at tho late olcction. An error or two orept into our list last week. Superior was otnitted entirely by our compositor, and our friand Ooi.u, ol' that Town, put down as tho representativa f rom SbaroQ, We ulso reported tho wrong Ci.akk as Supervisor elect in Lyndon. OaBAN Clauk, not Thomas, is tho man. Thomas was run on a " sort " of Union ticket against Orman, but the Democracy vvere too much for auy such arrangement. Tho Ibllowing constitute the new Board : IKJIO0RATS. Ann Arbor City, James H. Morris. Ann Arbor Town, HethcottM. Mowiy. Augufta, Aaron Ohilds ♦ Bridgewater, Daniad Le Baron. Dexter, Lorenzo II. Jones. Frcedom, Elias Huiro Lodi, Newton Slieldon, Lyndon, Orman Clark. Manchester, Philitus Coon. Northfield, Philip Wmegar. Sujierior, E. M. Cole. Sylvan, John C. Dopow. Ypsilanti City, John Gilbert. RBPUBtlCAKS. Ann Arbor City, Conrad Krapf. Luna,. Morris Thompson. Pittqfield, Allen Crittendun. Salem, Royal Whcelnck. Saline, Augustus Bond.' Scio, 8. ü. Johnson. Sharon, Jay Evarts. Webster, Robert McColl. York, Thomas Gray. Ypsilanti City, Enoch Yost. Ypsilanti Town, Ezra 1). Lay. Democrats, 13; Kepublioans, 11. - Last year tho Board was a lie. The Democrats have not had a ïïiajority on the Board beforo ainue 185G. Thoso Supervisors markad with a wero members of the Board last year, and all of the others except, porhaps, three, have been inombers in former years. t As tho election has already taken place t ia unnecessary to publiah the procéedings of the Ward Cacuse-, wl ich took place on Thursday evcning of last week, or of the City Convention beid oo Saturday. For future relerenco, however, we append tho names of tbu City and soveral Warcl Gommit(cos : City CommiiUe.-Z. N. Gott, S. WobRter.N. U. Nye, E. B. Pond, and O. H. J{i(.hmond. Firat War A Cum.-J. X. Gott, J. D., and A. J. Sutherlaad, Second WardOom. - "V. S. Mnynaid, (x. F. Lntsï, and J. S. Iiendereon. Third Wanl Cnm.- P. Wall, 0. Sutherland and J, Snapp. Fuurth Wanl Coin.-S. G. öutherland, V. Jackson, and Aaron Parsous. ,Tr. Fifth Ward Com.- S. B. McCracken, H. W. Kellogg, and Süas Prntt. The City Convention voted that each Ward be entitled to 11 delegates in future Oofiveations,


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