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last had n long list ui woundefl iu tho battlo of Pitlsbi'rg, arrived at Cairo and Mound City up to Sunday night. In thia list we God Iho following naiuos of Michigan soldwrs : David Dibble, Filo Major, I2th Rogt. Win. Lomoo, Co. E, 12th " Albort Sherman, Co. G, 12th " John Nostand, Co. K, 12ih " Alonzo D. Fitstrong, Co. A, löth " James A. Morgan, Co. F, I5lh " Win. Griggs, Co. - , löth. " Thi.s settles the question that both tbe 12th and löth Rogiments wore in tho battlo, and we may look for a longcr list of wounded, and for the names of sonie killed. - Siuco the abovo was in typo we gathei the following additional Dames of voundedsoldiers : J. W. Fleming, Co. D, 12th Regt T. J. Stimpson, Co. D, I2th Regt. G. Brown, Co. F, 12th Kegt. N. Ivory, Co. B, 12th Regt. Lieut. Col. Moore, of the 13th Regt. Maj. F. W. Worden, 13th Rogt. L. Astor, Co. K, I3th Regt. And fo the I3th Regiment, Col. iShoemakkr's, was in the fight. The privates above natned have arrived at St. Louis. - A letter from Capt, Pkkl, ei the löth Michigan, to the Detroit Tribune says that tho Michigan 12th was in Pbentiss' Brigade, and was the first regiment which the encmy carne upon, and that it was badly ent up. The Captain also says that the 15th left the riyer Sunday morning for camp, without any ammunition, feil iu with the advaDOing eneuiy before reaching camp, and retieated a rnilo at double(jiiicli: before it could get any atnmuuitinn,after which it participated in the light. Capt. P. reports tho löth as loting in killed, wounded and missing over four hundred men, which wo thiiTli an esaggeration. Ilegives the following list of killed : Richard Cari, Fred. Froul, Jóhn Sinitè, 'J'. J. lloughnnm, A. D. Arrnstrong, J.N.Bartholomow George Decker, Q-eorg Paddock, Sam McDonald, Brucu Walter. And says, Joseph Millrood, W. Woolnough, and Clark Lor.sbury were taken prisonei'8. - This caminng in an enemy's counti"}' without outlying pickets, and moving regiments from place to placo without a supply of ammunition, IS CRIMINAL., and somebody has an uwful account to settle, Who is it? EF Erig.-Gen. V. H. L. Wallace, wounded at the battle of Pittsburg, dicd at Cljicago,on Thursday night of last week, in the nrms of his wife. - This is r,ut Gen. Lkw Wali.ack. The lattür baila from Indiana, and is readv for the nest fight. SEev. A. E. Baldthn, of Conn.,v?ill preach at tho Congregational Church next Sabbath and the Sabbath following.


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