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The Second Battery

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yveru. lotl inlan tiintr in ouv ijt issue rchitlVu lo the .Soc (lul liattury o-'r wlii.-h fue i cío pera o tjghting toolc p :ico at Piltaburg J, ■iudin. It g li ■.-.■' Battery instem) oí Dees', n8 matud. The LiUi.'i' moved iruui liird' P.jint to NTuv Madrid a short limo i"ue, iipd slmruJ in ihtj great victory tllrie I.I--1 WcCi', U iiüJU'. tilt! loitj (,f u man. The Second IJ.itlei'y u;;s riisoj at Grand Rapids, and was connt-ctud with tho lirtit i'egimont nf oavali'y ruised li KUogg. li is, howevef, otfiuered entiiuly uy Detroit meu, na follows: Captain - William II. lioss. Fust Lu il tenant - V'il!iiuii S. Blias, Fust Liuntcnant _ Stcujid LiteuieHuil - A F. li. ArnJt, Séoond Lieutenanl - 0. W. Laing. Many of Ihe meu are also f-rom this city. Thcüfsl C;ij)tuiiï appoïnted was a Canuda man, who ai'terwards rasigned, and Lieutenant Ross w;:s pro innted to Captain. Tho bat!ei'y moved i rom Grand Rápida to St. Loáis a November, where it was dètached frntn tiiu regiinent. it afterwards was or dered lo Cairo, and on tho 22d uit. left that point to join tíon. Grant'i forces on the Teonessee. Hero the were attücbed to General Prentias' división, and vvero consequently in the very advance of the battlu on the 6th, Tho battery coribists of sis pieces, 0119 Parrott gun, three brass fiold-piheeg, and tvvo hovvitzers. One dispatch states that it was taken and retaken not less thau six times, while another says the niest de.sperata fighting oí Che day was over it, Uoau. regard oading the second ehargo upoo itin pereon. The families and friends of tbu oflicers and men aro waiting with t'earftil anxioty for intelligonce. Not a word had been hoard as to the f ate of auy man up to last oight.


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