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The Rebels On York River

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W ABiiiNdTON, April 15. The 8teamer Yankee, Capt. Eastman, arrived at the navy yard today, having lof t York River at G o'olock yesterday mor Ding. The Yankee woot about eight miles up tho York River on Sunduy night, and anchorod off (-rloucester Poiot, vvhere the stoamors Penojbscot, Marble Heart and M:issachusett3 were already lyipg. The rebel batteries at the Point, aro said to be very extensive, tDOunting mostly 100 pounders rifled. Tlicy triect tho range ot thoir guns on tho steatners yesterday afternoon, tho shot fulling vory little short of onu. The vessel then droppod down the river, and pbout three miles below tho point disco vered, a purty of robeU buüding a battery on the north bank, on nhom the rankoo opened fire at a distance ot three-Jourths ut a mile.- The rebels seeraed lo;h to abandon tbeir works, and although tho wholls of the Ynnkea feil in their midst thev dij noi leavo the vioiriity, but cook roftiga in the woods and bebind sotno noigfiboriog log-hou.-sus. The Yankee iftor tíring sorae sixty or seventy shot and sholl d(iring an hour and a halt left. As tho Yankoö was leaving the boat oi the Marble Heart were on thoir way to the shore to burn tha housos behind wbioh the rebels liad taken refuga Bekoke Yorktown, April 15. - Yesterday mornin a soelinn ot artillery was plante J vvithin hall a miteol the rebel works. Pitteen shot? ver fired into the eirthwoíks bufare they could bring tho y;ns to bear, when we witfuirew. A fine view was had yesterday oí the rebol wnrks at Yorktown and Cï 'mucos, ter from a housu :it the moutli of Wflrnlith's Oreek. Twentv-four guns were sson in llie wnter battcry at Yorktown, aml nioe at Glouceater. At the lüttcr place new works ara boing qpectaá. The wliarvea wvre enverad witb CiimniLoary stores, ana tho river dotted witb .s:iils. On 8atnrctav Corporal Biun, O')mpany 15. Bèrdan'ri Sharp-shooters, was shotwhile on pickt-t duty.


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