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The Fifteenth Michigan Regiment

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here has been a rumor tbat th.e Fifteenth Michigan Regiment was among the captured at the bátele of Pittsburg Landing. The followiog etter wnlten four days after the battle, w}H relieve many of tbepainfal anxiety' that has been feit ia regard to thü safoty f the regiment. Fittsburg Landing, Tenn.. ) April 10, 18G2. F. B. Puelps, Esq.- This is the first time I had a chance of vvriting you since I lett Detroit. Wc arrived here oq last Saturday evoning and corameaced the big gght on Moijday morniDg No doubt you have more particulara by tlus time than wo have here bufficeittosay that the onetny was dnven back onlMonday evenin, after two days of the hardest fighting 8;Qce the commencement of the rebellion - It is reponed here that Corinth (diataflt about twonty fflilei) ia taken by troops witb 1,2(H) prisoner, if 6O J tliink übe rost oí tho íighting will be only guerrilla warfare. Our Colonel hurried us through and would Dotwait flt 8t. Louis lor transportaron wagons, wsequently 1 am put to great trouble top teams to sund provisions to our men. i am writing this in the bush and have but little time; as there is a steaiiiíír to Jeave here wiii the wounded of o.ur troops for Cairo 'in a fejy ure, and there is do mail to this plee. There is to be see.n but woods for many nuJes from here, expt ü lot of steamers on the riyer conWioing Oumiuwsary stores, and siok W wounded men. As I cannot say b we are destined for next, I canot teil you where to uritö to me.


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