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Seizure Of The Memphis Railroad

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Washington, April 16. Tlie fo!li)'.vÍMip dispatoh htw been recetved by tha Secretary dí War, dated Nai-liviile, Tenn., 1-Uli. On Saturday inoniiiig tivo expetlitions wcre tat■! frtr Huntsville on the ear. Oftu under Cnl Sil 1, i:í the S3d Ohi.i, vfttnt east tu StevonV, I ha jnnc'tlon (if thc C i i : 1 1 tü ín lira wit li tiiu fi ernplií.H trnd Charleston Kmlroad, tvbiob piunt tlicy sl'Ízcm], 2,000 nf the encinv rctreatw ui'.hoiit firing a thit. Col. Sill captured tive locomotivos and u urge ainount of ruJliog stock. AnotherexpeditipD uoder Col. TurobiD, oí' tho Niiitíleenth lllioois, went west and arriv_éd at Dacatur n time to save the rnilroad bridge, which wíis io flanies. - dun. Mitchell nów holds 100 miles of the Memphis and Charlestou Kuilroad. 8@" Eutire religious liberty is to ba secured by law in Austria, oxoepting that up to eighteen ohildreo must follow the creed preferred by their parents. The enjoyment of civil and political rights is not to depend on religious eonfession, nor to be eubjeeted to auy restriction on that account, Differenoe of religión will not form a civil obstacle to narriage, Professors of all beliefa ara equally adniiesible by law to all digni :ies, fuuctions and public cmployinents. Evcry ohurch or religious society has ;ho right publicljr to carry out its worship, with a reserve as to measures necessary to secure public order. The law grants to all churches and religious societies this legal right. ïhere is to be no State-privileged religión.


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