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SPECIAL NOTICESPRIZE POETRY. Let Chieftains boast cf dceds n war, And Miustifls tuue thcir BWMt quitar, A nobler ilieme my hcart is filled - In praise oí Hkurick's matchles? pilla. Their cures are found in cvery land- Amid Russia's snows- aud Afric'a sauds ; The wondrous works - the papers till, Producedby HERRiCK'sinatchless I'ills. Does disease affiict you ? never doubt This charming compound out, And health agan your system fill, If you fly at oneeto Herkick's Filis. They'i(' safe for all - both old anti young- Their praises are on every tongue ; Diseast', (lisiirmod- no longer kills, Since we are blesscd wlth HsKBlOE s Pilis. Vut Up with English. tpanish, Germnn and French directions. Priee 25 cents per box. Suga Coattd. See advertisement on thtyri jjagc. 804 B See a woman, in another column, picking Sambuci Grapes for Speer's Wiue. It s an admirable article, used in hoepitals and y first-class families in Paris, London, and íew Vork, in preferenceto old port wine. It s worth a trial, as it gives great satisfaction. Delicate females will find no better emedy to strengthen their nervous system iian Hooflajíd's Germán Bitters. Read he_advertisement hl another column. A CARD TO THE SUFFEBiNG. The Kev. WiLtUM Cosgrove, white laboring as a Missonary in Japan, was cured of Consumption, when all ther means had failed, by a recipe obtained from a earned physiciau residing in the great City ofJeddo. 'his recipe has cured great Duvobers who were su Ut ring rom Uonsumption, Bronchitis, ure Throat,Coughs and iolds, aud the debilityand nerveus depre&sioncaused by ïtjee disorders . Desirous of benefitting others, I will send this recipe, rhich I have brought hüine witli me, tu all wLu need it ree of charge. Address Rev.WM. COSGROVE, 8281 439Fulton avenue, BrooklynxTy. #.í Stight Cold, or gfaf-e. úfhtaa, which might be checked vuith a simple remedy, ifneglected, often terminotes seriously. Few are aware of the importanoe cf a aU-O-h. or efLLhí paLcL in its first stage ; that whiah in the heginning zvould yield to a mild remedy, if not attended to, soon, attachs the lungs. J-üiun.' s, $.itan-chl.aAj3riíCLcAL&. were first iniroduoed eleven years ago. It has been preved that ihey are the best article befare the publio for @auezi&, fáLcLs., S$.tíc.rLchltL&, Jí&tTLnza, falaïtz, the Hacking Cough in f@cu7-S.umitan., and numerous affections of the íh.f-axil, giving immediate relief. Public Speakers Sf Singers will find them effeotual for clearing and strengthening the voice. , Sold by all (Iruggists and (Dealers in JAtdidne, at 25 cents per box. MPORTANTtoFEMALES THE HEALTH AND LIFE OF WOMAW Iscontinuaily in pari] if ;]ie is mad euough to noglect or nialtreat sexual inculaiilics to .u-hich lvpthirds of her saz are muir or tes Bubjtet( DR. CHEESKMA.VSi'Il.l.S, prepare! huw tlic samo '"rinuUi wliick the inventor. WBJfEUÜS CHEE8EMiNj M. I).,of Nv-Kork, ljs.ü for tvt-nty ycars used successfully inan extended private jiryctic.e - nimediately relieve without p-'in, all diatarbanoei of tbe perfodioft] disckiirGro. wlüMlicr ansing from rclaxation.or suppression. Thy act like a cbarm n reraori&g the pama iliat acc.rapany dlffionlt or iinnioííTate mecStruatlOD, and are the only safe and rtliable remedj for Flonhes, Píck Headache, Paluí Ín tbe Flní, Back and Side, Pa-lpitatlon f the )■■ us Tremor, Hysterie, Rpaspis, BrokenSletparj lother unpleasanl s effccls ef an unnatural conditfoa of the lexnsl fuDCtiona !n the wsi; cases of flúor Attus or White, they ollect a speedy eure. To WIVES and ]IATKO3STS DR.CHEESPAN'SPn.Iiüreine-da the m]y safe moans uf renewinginterrupted njejistrnationj bul. IiAIHES MUST BEAR IN MI1VD There i ffncontóíon i,f IhefamU systcm in whirh Un Pilis aimtm be Uikr.n wi'Iuiul produemg a PECULIAR RESULT. TktcmdÜUm rejcrrul te í PHEGNANCY- the rcgylr, MISCAIIHIAGK . 9ck u tl,r, tfraUtait te.ndcnc.y of the medicine to rectors thé sciual fiwctions ta a normal enndition., that even the rrproductive poiccr of nature canñot resist it. Expjicit dirctlimis Vating when, and vhrn lluy shoulá not be used, uilh eaeh Box,- Ule Pricc Oue Vallar rach Boz,rdntaiuiug 60 Pilis. A l'a nplilií, tobe liad Cree of the Agonts. Pilis sent bij mail promptlij, by eiwlosing price to any Ageüt. riul . v. H. l. la'l'CMI.NCS, Propriotor. 20 CtdarSt New York. For' Sa!o by MAYN'ARD 8TËBBINS S WIIÜON.and GBENVIIiE k ÍDLLEB. Important to Ladies, Dr. JOH.V J1A:V:', bavinirfor ipwards oí twnr.ty years devoted bis professional time cclasirelv lo the troatmtntof Female XJifficul ties, ana navios saeoeeded n thoiaaad rcstortng the allí icted to sound bealtli, haS ii'iw entiru confidence in ■ publicly bis "GRBAT AMERICAN REMEDY," CHRONO-THEBMAL FEMALE PILLS. Which oever yet failc.l (whea the directiong hart been iwed i Ín removing djñic l - Obstrtiction, or Stoppage of Nature, orinroitoriogthe ayatemto i.t.f.ct bclL, !,,.„ u ferlng from smi AFracno.w, Prolápsc Ctí, . WniTB.orothe Dtmuíe Oaoim. Also la all cases ni DüBlin , , , n mica, PllHTiTlONa, fec., te., which are rorerunneri ?f m?r" ■■ ■■ ' ■ ''■"■' ■"- are perfeali harmlrM on Uie ctmititutioH, avd mmj be taken in ü miii d.lïmte fetnále vithma a the'am t&aetbeyACi likk í objkji Ij ht.'engthening nvieoia ting.and resturisg thé tesa tu a iu-ultby con and by brinjíing on the monthlv period with regutarity' no nritter from what mufle lV vrs't' Tbcy sliould, hmrever, not be taken during the fii-st three or frjur monílis of pregaaney, though safe at un other ti ni-, as miticarria re tvnuld be i he reí nlt , Each box ooi ie Dollwr, and whftn dcsirrd will be sculj.v ii.íi 1 }repaid an adrer tised Apciit, on w yp t,' ] !;.■ n . Jsijld by Dru r :, Aun Arboc J. BRTAN, Rnchestcr, S. r.,fineral Agent. H. k L. SLMONKAl', Detroit, Wholesale ijreHl fo itichigan.


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