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1362. 1862. SPRING COODS! We are now rooeiving a üue stock of NEW SPBING GOODS, and oiFer thom at the Lowest Cash Frices. C H. MILLEN & CO. April lst, 1862. 84Ctf J. D. BALDW1N OFFKES FOE SALE AT THE WASHÏENAW NURSÏRTES, The following list of first-class Fruit and Orniimontal Trees for spring planting ; ApplcB, a f uil assort Mountain Asli, Amerimeiit, standard aiui eau dwa:f, including u Horse Chestnut good aupply of Strawberry Tree Steele's Bad Winter Black Salix Willow King of ïompkiu's Co VVeeping Ash WagnT New American iVeepPeoi'l Plcaeant ing Willow Poars, a general assort üilnuirnack Weeping ment, "including the Willow Bartlctt WeepingElm Seckel and Ulioice Evergreens Virgaliea Norway Spruce Pears, dw'f, bcut kindt Am. Doublé Spruce Cherriei, staidard and ScotcH Pine dvari " Corsican Pine Peaches, a general as Red Oedar ■ortnient Bulsam Fir Plums, Apricol American Arboritae Necturines, Figs Siberian Arlmritas Siberian Crab Apples Round ïop Box Dowuing's ever-bear Rosos, consisting of ing Mnlberry Perpetual Hop Trru Moss Grapes, best kinds Bengal , C!urrants, ' " Austrian Raspberries, Brinkle'e Bourbon and Orange md otliers Climbing Strawberries FloweriDg Shrubs, a Lnwton Blackberries general assortment Mountain AsU, Paeouies peau Dahlia, All of which will be offored at my nursepy at LOW FIGURES, to suit the war times. All persons designing to plant trees or shrubs are invited tu cali and examine this stock. J. D. BALD.VIN. March, 1862. 4w844 TAX ON TOBACCO. In anticipation of a tas of SEVEN OR EIGHT CTS, PR. LB. being levie on all MANÜFACTURED TOBACCO, I wifl sell for a few days for Less tlaan WINTER PRECES! I Jiave on hand a large stock of the best grade of FINE CUT CHEWING And Smoking Tobacco and being desirons of Coranaencing anew WITII TUE JSEW PltlOES! and as all tobáceo Fouud in the hands ol the Sellers M'ill be taxed and Added to the sellíng' Price f I propose to Give all a chance To Snpply Themselyes ---at the- Lowest possible Cash price, I have received somo of the VERY BEST VIRGINIA PLUG ín market, ajso LÏGHT OUT PLUa, and Spanish Smoking Tobacco 200 BAÏIRELS SMOKING! To be sold in Bar rek Í And put up in pounds and half ponnd papers by the dozen, 50 Barrels Chewing, P. S.- Any Farmers wisliing Tobacco SeedCan have soine by calling at my stora. This Eced canje trom the Patent Office. I have receivüd tlie English HirdEye Smoking! A new article in this market, South side lluron st., ncar Cook's Hotel, Sign of' Ked Indiun. Ann Ai-bor, March 20, '62. 844w6 ' Oval Picture Frames AT.I.SIZES, STVLEi and PE1CE3 ju4 receivod anii forsale ebeapat CHOFF & MILLEK'S. ]S0.Ptc.26, 7S0tf


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