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The Bugle Calis ! The War has Be gun ! A War oi Exterminatioii against Bad Teeth, Bad Breath, Diseased Gums, TootUache, Earaclie, and Neuralgia. OUIt AllTILLEilY IS DR. WM. B. HURD'S DENTAL THEASURY! A COMPLETE SET OF 1U2JIEDIE9 FOB PUESERVIiNG THE TEETII, PURIFYIAG THEBREATH &MOLTÏÏ AND Curing Toothache & Neuralgia. OOISTTEISTTS I Dr. Hurd's CeUbrated MOUTH WASH.'one iottle. Dr. Hurd's Umqualed TOOTH PO WDER, one box. Dr HurdS Magie TOO TIIACUE DROPS, one bottle. Dr. HurdS UNRIVALLED NEURALGIA PIASTER. Dr. Hurd's MANUAL on the Best Means oj Preserving the Teeth, including Dircctions for lhtProper Treatment oj Children's Teeth. FLOSa SILKfor cleaning between the Teeth TOOTH PICKS, etc, etc. Prepared jit Dr. Hurd's Dental Oflha, 77 Füurth St., Brooklyn, (E. D.) Pi ice One Dollar or Six for $5 O" The Dontal Tieaaury ïnakes a pack age eight inches by five, rmd sent by express. D" Full direction for use i$ on each article. The following articles we can send soparately, by niailj viz ; The Treatise en Preserving Teeth sent oost paid, on reeeipt of Twelve Cents, or four stampa. The Neuralgia Piaster, for Neuralgia in the face, Nitvous lleudadle, and Euraclie sent, post paid, on receipt of Eighteen Cents or bíx stampa. The Neauralgia aud Rheumatic Piaster (largesise), for pains in the Ühest, Slioulders Bacif, or any part of the body, sent, pos;,pvid on receipt of Tuirtv Seveü Cents. Addres WM. B. HURD & CO., Tribune Buildings,. ïiew York. Dr. Hurd's MOUTII WASH, TOOTIÏ POWDER, and TÜOTHACHK DBlOPS caiuwt be aent by mail, but ttiey can prubablj b obtained at your Drug or Periodi cal Storen. If tkey cannot, send for tlie DLNl'Al TKEASURY, Price O.vk Dollar, which contaiua (hem. Are Dr. Hurd's Preparationb Good ? The best evidence tliat they are ia, that their flrmest friends and bes, pat r ons are thoht! vylio have used them longest. Bt. Wiluam lï. llrnu ia ad eminani Denttat o Brooklyn, Trensurep of the New York State Dentista Asaociation, and prepararon) haya been used in his private praetice foryuars, and no Ieadinf citizen o; Brouklvn or Willlarasburgh questions their excellence while eminent Ueuiists of New York recummend thtm as the best known to the professïoa. Without the ajc of advertising, dealers have sold them by the groas. Tht Editor of the Brooklyn Daily Times says - '; Wt are happy to know that uur friend, Dr. Buiin, is suc ceediug bevond all, expectations with his MOUTH WASH and TOOTH l'OWDKK. The great secret of hu 9 re.sts with thf fatt that nis akticles miv. ijke CIsKIY WHAT tqjEY Allli BEl'BE.-EXTKP TO UK, AS WK CÁK TEST1FY Inuil THKJE LO3 USE." The well known P. T. Barnamwrites :-c-i(I found your TOOTS POWDER so good that my family h&re used it all up. We fihd it tfie Hkht Powdeb fob tuk Tkiiih-ihai wkeveR uïrd. I shall feel obliged if yon wil! si ad uu another supply at tlio Museum at vour convenience, with biü.:) Hut Iheir co.t is so small that every one raay test tlie matter for himself Üeware of the ordin.tpy Toolh l'owdcr.s. Dr. Huru's ToOIH I'o'di:b cöntaine no ac d, nor alkali, Oor rharcoal, and pollslies without wearinjj the e nam cl. Use no othcr . What will Dr. Hurd's Remedies Effect ? Dr, Uurd's MOÜTH WASH ANP TOOTU POWDER willtfivu voupg ladies tht flnest cfamw in Mojiiau- a iweet breuth and pcarly toetíl. ïry ihem, ladietf. Dr. Hurd'a B1OÜTH WASH AND TOOTH POWEKS will' tbs cao ut h iromaJJ &l exhalatioi.8, and if used in tlie morning, will make the breakfusi t.L-tr s . -u-j' md tUs ü.iy ein nipee pU-asantly. Utfndedd of peráou.s can te.stii'y totijis. Try tletQ, goktlB o. Dr. Hurd's Moitji Wami asd Tooth 1'owdkk are tht beat preparation in the wurld for enrisg had iijikatíi and giving ui.l lu-;ilth to tl e gums. Huudredd of casüaui' disvased Blbbdinq GUH3, SOKB MOUTH) Cankik ttc., bt-cn cAiwú by Dr liard'-s ustringtmt nrash. Dr. Hl'kk's Momi Wasií and ToOTB 1'owdkr jive an additional chai in to courUhip, iukI make huHbaüda more agreeablc to tli;ir wivesaod wivwj to tln-irhu;-b QUA Ti.ey should bc used by eVcry pfrsoa haviog Artificial Teeth' wliit-h ire liab'eto hnpart a taint to the raontfa. Dr, Ij[iïii)'s Toothachb drops cure Toot hache arlalng fiijin expost'd nerivee, and are the hst friendg that partiiits eau have in thii hpuyü Ui Kavetbeir ehjjdrc-n from torture iiïj'l thcua.sflvfcs tfopi Ios of shiep and sympathrtic aüffenng. ' ' KEMiiRSaml Meciiamph ! you canuot wtll afford to DPgU'ct y uur ti'cth. l''r a trifling .sum, vou caji now g%t preMrvatlven U-m which Rotfioblld r sior can (pet n.ithiiu' UMtir. Uein üiber tliat JjïtPlü'BlA and UN MWll'iloN (jp HJK 'líLliri often oridnato in Neglect of Toctii. Send for the TréaÜu on Tedli , and rend Dr. Fiich's obaerratïonji on ttiis Hubjeot. If loo hite to urrr-st dtCay in your uwff teeLl;, sayp j otjr chiidren1 teeth. NEURALGIA PLASTEES. Dr. Neuralgia Non-Adhesive Piasters are the most pteiuant and racoMsfa] rÁriiii tot ure#criej3 (bf tlnrtpainiul di-ieate. The 4tit appliofl oaegoaj? beconit's di-owüy, falls s sleep, and a wak e free frora pain, and no blittier or other VLOpJcasant or Lnjurious consequinces ensue. Tor EarftcUe and Nervoua (Seadache, :ipily aeonrding to direet!ons,and relief wil] fsuraly fol w. Noihin in bc obtained aqual to Dr. Qurd'sComlireai for Neuralgia, Ïry thein, Th.-y ar en tire! y a nove), curiouï, and original pi cj.aiutïoB, and irond riuly aucceaufuL Thej ftreof two aizes, on Béiall, for the (nee, pnce lij oauU.aad tb.e othej Largo, for appUcation to the body, prica :ïT cent. Will beniQiUd on receipt of price and one stamp. Whal are Ifo People Doing 1 The Auiorican pcopk1 arointelligcnt gnougb to apprfl? cíate preparatiojiá that contribute so mueh" to the tiappiness of thosc usingtbem, and they want thes). Kvny mail brings nn letterd, lomu ordering the Tj-eatise od 'IVfth, some the Neuralgia PlasLejv,and nota few encloain37 cent Tof the Moutn Wash to be sent by mail ; bul to thette treare compellod to reply that it ia ipoaaible tomend a half pint bottle by pU TIil1 peupje want thesu remedies. WHO WlhL SÜPPLY TH15H 1 Wow is the CHANCE EOR AGENTS, Shrewd agenta can míiki1 a small fgrtune in carrylng tkse articlw aroun-1 to famtUes. Tke Dental Tímcasti;v b Ut iifaw-1 artír.le Lha a man or woman cajj car: i . bepd íoi on?, or, natter, a doten, which vp will sel)', aamjijes, for7 Agenji aiLpulie lil with Circuláis. líow ie tlc lime to go inU JJueinesB 1 to do good , and make a profif, . Wo ;.re Mendijjj tbouaaodfl tn 1 b benefli nf agenta. New lüngland men or woincii I hereis KOinetliiiig nice, an-1 a chani B to take i thetide at its fiool. Addresa Wm. B. Hurd & Oo.7 Tribune Bniidings, New York. i Tlint rmittancps mav be mnrle with mnlnlonci1, W ' I!. II. '. refrr to t'ho Mayor c f Brooklyn ; to G. I V Giffnm, Preaideet Firxnfrs' and CUizefij' B&qJe, BfooktvD : to JoT, Coi & Cu., N'civ York ; to P. T. BarKVM, FVci , Voik. ole., tí S-lltf 614 bolfwlciuvl Rpfiiilliv G. GREN li.l.h & FOLUEf.'o Drug store, Auu Aibor Mlch.


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