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FUBLISHEl KVEKY Fbiuay MORXixo, in the Third Story of Briek BloOK, corner of Main and Huron im Srtoif. Miírtíw" e-' Michino, Kntrancu on Huron Street, op posite the Franklin. ELIHÜ B. 1PONJD iCditor and. I3iablisHer. rKílJIS, t,5O A "ÏE.VU IN ADVANCE, ADVERTSIKG. One square (12 lines or less) one week, 00 cents: and Í5 oeuts for every nsertion theroafttf, loss tkan thret' months. J ie square 3 months.. . .$3 Quartercol. 1 year $2C ine ilo 6 do 5 Half col'nin 6 nog 18 3na do 1 year 8 Hlüf do 1 year 35 mo gq'res ü 8 I Une do 6 mos 35 [WO do 1 year 12 One do 1 year CO UTerttsement nr.aocompank'd by writtea orverOtloíréctions will be publislied until ordered out, and charged accordingly. Iïl adverlisemonts, first inst-rtion, 60 cents pe olio, 25 cents ier folio for each subsequent instrtint ÍVhen h postponement is added tudït niUcrti-cmi nt th hole will be ehugtd tb mie as lor fint insertion. JOB ■PE.HSTTITCB-. PantnhletK, H;ind-btl!, irculars. Cards, Pall Tickets in'! itlirr v:iri"ti's of 1 i in and Fancy Job Printing liöcutod i'Ji prompiness , ..iid in llio üicst style. nnoK BÏNinNG, Coñnaotsd -ith the Offlco is a Bock Binder; in eharg f a competent worUnmn. County Reoordfl, fidgra ll)iiri)lB, ind all kinds of Blank B.xiks Bada to order, tfld Bftba best rtook. Taniplilets and Perlodienls boapd ö a m'at nnd du 'aWe manner, at Betroit Kurane.e to Binderv througlj VR(;rs Office.


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