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Insinúo iurgrtorn. ""cÁHÜS! CAHDSÜ CAHDSÜ! Haviníf parchased a Rcggies Rotary Diamond Card Press, with a fine issortment of Car.', type, tfi ARGl's Officeis prepareil to print Cards of all in the aeatest posible -ule an t a great reduottOB fron 'ormer prices.ineln.linsr Business Ortrds formen of al ,nciti'nsandprofessinns, Hall, Wedding. an.I Visiting Crd, etc., etc. Cali, ve us roun orders and Bee how lita 8' n W. N. STRONG NALL, DUNCKLEÉ & Co., WnOLSiAI.F aní RKTAIL dealers in Dry Gonds, Carpctinjfs, Floor Oil Cloth, Feathsrs, Paper H&pglnga, & ad a general aasnrttfient of Furnishing Coods, Xo 74 Woodward Avenue, Corner of Lamed st., - - - 1'ETKOIT, Mich . (f,Orders solicite.! and prompUy atfended to-O S09yl RAYMOND'S Photogiapliic and Fine Art GA LI. KR Y Jíos. 205 and V'07 Jefferson Avena, DETROIT. ■hotograpi]s,].ifePi?.e,col.,vc.l or plain, cahinot, imjerial Kelaiaotypca, Daguerreotype, Ambrotype, ■te. W CARD 1'ICIUKES by the Dezen or Tiou 1. O. O. F. [XTASIITEXAW LODGE Ko. 9, of the Vv order of Odl Vollo%-s meet at theirLodg, Koora, vcry;ur evenine, at 1% o'clock. Í. BICHABDÖOIC, N. G. S. Sondheim, Sec'y. L. 8TÜBBS. UTholesale and Retaü Dealer in Tobacco. Cignni fcc, ' MainSt.- sign of ': U.g Indian." Fiaukliu Block, Inn Albor, ■ - - M'cbS. G SUT11EULANÜ & S()Ñ, " HTHOWESALB AND RETÁIL GroMTB and Commission H MefehDts, East side Main Street Anu Arbor. TWITCHELL& CLARK. Vttobneys and Counsellors at Law, General Life and Fire Insurance agenta. Oflca la (i'y Hall Block, tnlIuronSt., Aun Arbor. Colleclions promptly made fidremitted, ind special attentisa paid to conveyancing. B. S. TWITCHKl.l., [7 1ütfl K. P. CLARK. J. M.SCOTT. VBrotvpk k pHOTOGBra Aktists, n the rooms fjirnierly occupie! UiH'onlley , over the store of Sperry k Moore Perfect saijbfactioü (juaranteed. WINE3 & ÍCÑIGHtT" DlAtKRsin Stai'le. Kancy Dry (ío.jós, Boots and Shoes, ie. &c, Sla.n Street Anu ArL r. EISDON &HENDERSON, DEALERS in Hard ware, StoTen, liou furnKlunggoods, Tin Ware itc. &c, Nmr Block, M:iin Street. A. P. MILLS, DK.1LER in Staple Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots auü Shoea and Ready Jlade ClotU'mg, liaron Strest Ann libi.r. BEAKEti & ABEL, ttorïïts 4 Cowseu.ous at iJiy, and Soücilors in f. Cliansery. Utïïae f Citj' Kall Block, over Webster tCo'6Boott Store, Ann Vrbor KINGSLEY éc MORGAN, Vttorxeys, Counsellors, Solicitors, and NotariesPub lic, have Books and Plats showing titles of all lands Ir the jounty, andattend to conveyancing ann collecting emantls, and to payins; t&XM U}d ejï.ool interest in auy art of the State. Office east siie of the Square. Ann Ar3or. "james r. cook, Justice of THis Peace. Office nearthe Dc-Dot, Ypsilanti, Michigan. Wil LEWITT, M. D., Phtsictax & SuRCEn.v. Office at his reiúleace, Nortb nide of Huron street, and 2d house Wistof Dirision itreet, Ann Arbor. O. COLLIEB, IÍTanufactcrer and dealer in Bits and Shoes. 1 LVL door West of ihe Post '-flicie. inn Arbor, Miuh. MOORE & LOOMLS. IT VNDFACTCREna an'l dealer in Boot und Sboes, .VL Phoenix Block, Main Street, one door Nortb of Vashington. M. GUITERMAN & CO-, tTTnOLESALEand Iïetail dealers and manufacturera of VV R,dy MadeClothing, Importen of Cloths, Cassioest Oowkis, &c. No. 5, New Block, Ann Arbor. C. B. PORTER, jMpM. Scrceon Pextist. Office corner of .Main fy%' 8 o-n' Itüroii ctreets, over P. Bach's store, ({fttAm Ana Arbor, Michigan. Wm. WAGNER, Dealer in Ready Made Clothing Cloths, Cussimeres .nd Vesting , llats, Caps, Truuk?, .Qarpot íiag.s, &c. liin lt-, Ann Arbor. BAGII& PIERSON. Dealere in Dry Goods, Grocerien, Hardware, Boots A: Shoes, &c, Muin street, Ann Arbor. MAYNARD, STEBBINS Jè CO., )uaxers in Dry Gouds, Groceries, Di-ugs k Medicines, [Boots & Shoei, A:c. , coi ner of Main and Ann streets, jBt Del w the Exchange, Lnn Arbor. SLAWSON & GEER," 1 rockrs, Provisiox & Cnmuiisyion Meicharits, and deaJT Iers in Water Lime, Laxd Plabtsb, ftndPuLTBit or ARis,one door Eastof Cook 's Hotel. C. BLISS, DEALERinClocks, Walches, Jewelry. and Fancy iïAods, at thesignof the Big Watch, No. 27, 1'lwenixBlock. j7v. wattb. Dïalkr in (Socks, Watches Jcwelry and Silvir Ware No 22 -New Block, Ann Arbor. tTüTfreëIman. 3ARBCR and Fasuionable Hair Dresser, Haip St.-eet, Ann Arbor, Micb. Hair Fronts and Curtí keijt 'onitantly on naml. SCHOFF & M1LLEE. Dealers in Miscellaneous, School, and Blank Bi'okü SU tioaery, Paper Hangiiigs. kc, Main Slfeet Aun 4-!Uor. D. DeFOREST, Wholesale and Retail Dealerin Lumilx-r, ïath, Siiingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Water I.ime, Grand Riyei ilaater, IMaster 1'ari, and Nails of all sizes. A fnll and perfect aortment of the aboye, and all othcr unds of building matcriaiopstantly on hand at the fowest pOMinle ratea, on lletmtt Strset, ■ few roils Uie Railroad IV.t. Also operating extensiyeiy in Iht f Ment Cement Booflng. WASHTEN A WCÖÜSTY B'.BLE SOCIETY. Depositort of Bibles and Teslaments at the fociety pricesatW. C. Voorliei'. gHAPIN, WOOD & C0v ST7-ÜCK8BOES To MANUFACTi'llF.RSOF DPriixt, Eook., ANP' COLOREO MEDIUMS, WyL,jzx3xi& Paper,c. ANST ARUOK M1CII. SPECIAL NOTICE TO 3XJsto:ive:e:r,sALL accounts over kíx months must be eettied at once. Cali a the office and pay up . A well selectedt stock of Xev floodd i'lieap fur Crnnh . í'Jltf UAYNARD , STKPIÜNS i WIILON. -' - , XJ 9 JSS SABATOO-A EMPIRE WATER Foa iflliajestion or Pysiiej.sia, Com tijiation, KervouF Jtebility, Loss of Appetile, Comroon Colds, A f the Lungs, Headache, find Fcverih state ,0' the System. SiW by MAYNARI), k WTISON and aJTOtéHftcO, Ann Arbor. }g2Si.


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