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Nothing To Do

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Miss Malta McMomn na beurt ud hale, Yet wished to be sler.der, and languid . ami palo, So defraudad er stomacn of what ru its uue, And cllealrd bet BlUAelM of exercise, too. Slic dipped in the goblet lier flugers m rare, And viped the.r tip-enda wita delicate air, Then cressed lier white hands on lier hoop-bespread lap. Too idle to converse, and too vain for a nap ; I-'nr rtill 'twaa het aim in attractinï the rtw, Tq Convino all ueholdors siie'd nothing In do. Miss Julia D, SfMnpM was MÜ u4 li1 'K1''' Hit step. likt th tjiisen of tie Fainos, was ; Se her feet !b the lutli of her honda tmatvatBiê, And ifce tuoli lor kei Mlliug to roH on lier friends. Al all nd times she salutcd ihHï vew, Tboogh they rnht be busy, ■he'd nolh-.g to do, Hut ulentv óf sinall talk arouad Ikt to ding, So kIk bablled wJ l'kea brooklet In Bprlng, 11 ui' ui' lip a Wn hou r ai she went frum the door Alas ! fur .-.mili trophies when time is no mere I jliss Ceiestia Fitz Maekerei would d:iid'e Ihe day, Over erotch1 and rnrstwl, oí novel and play ; ■ Sb soiteii her slridcs willi in ace 11:1 Ir eye, Bnt let her poor motber'a lan lealiirts lasshy ; Who, irorn liulf to death vrilfi her iamüy cnrcKounil nothing help frum her UaiiRhler and hoir. '■The gettios of diniu-i-s, Ihe toil ftnd si ir Of suoli vuiirar parsulta ira disgaatlng " to her ; And tlius to hor neadMCript creed she was tnieThc (nother toll, Uut s'.ie'd nolhivg to do. O yttnng men, mv masteiR, wlio dream with delight, Of'a homeofyour own, whiehjno diaeord can bliglit, Where are roses oí lCdn, trom fading exempt, And a.i vtjom no coatnband ftpplc can tempt ; Where the whecls of geod order like cli-ck work shall And babiefl well trafned ijrin; an ocean of leve ; V.'liiv prudenoe witli ao)Ua of endearmeut hall And ivealth hand in hand wlthACOonmj gtmr ; ï'd fain suiin.! a li tinij et and bid jou bêwai e 01' quicksiinds beui-alh, though thé piirlaco secms fair : Avoid, lilie the Upas. witli poisonous dew, Tnose exqnïfite ladwa, wlm've nothing ti do.


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