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How The Rebels Were Instructed To Act In Battle

How The Rebels Were Instructed To Act In Battle image
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The following general order from Beoaregard was picked up ou tho battlefiüid ot Shiloh (Pittsburg Landing) on Monday last. It is copicd from tho original : GENERAL ORDER NO. 11. Headquaktkrs Aemt of tut-: Mifigiggippi, ) Jackson, Tenn., March 11, '()-. 5 1. Field and company oificera are spocially enjoincd to instruct tlieir men, under all eircumstauces to fire with deliberatiou at the feet of tho enemy. They will thus avoid over shooting, aüd, bcsides woundod men give more troublo to our adversary than dead, as they have to be taken trom the tield. 2. Officers in command must bo col and colleeted j hold their men in hand iu action, and oaution them againsf useless, aimlcs.s firÏDg, ïha ïuon raust be nfctructcd and rcijuired eacli ono to singie out his mark. It was thu delibtrate dbnrp-sliooting of our foren) thors in the Revolution of 1776, and New Orleans, in 1815, which made them so formidiiblo against the odds witli whieh thcy were engnged. 8. Ln the beginuing of the battle, ex cept by troops deployed as skiroiishers, the iire b}r f i lo will bo avoided. It excites the uien and randera their subsequent control dimcult. Fire by wing or company should be resorted to instead. During the battie the clfieera and noneommissioned oificers must kceo their men in the rauks, enforee obodience, and encourage and stimulate theni'if uceessaiy. 4. Soldiers must not bo perinitted to leuve the ranki, even to aesiit in reina ving our ovvn dead, unlcss by special permtssion, which shall be given when tho action bas beeu deoided. The surest way to protect the wounded is to drive the cnemy from the field. The most pressing, highest duty, is to win t!ie vlo tory. 5. Before the battle, the Quartermaster of the división will make all necessn ry arraugemeuts for tlie immediate transportation of the woijnded from the field. A ('ter consultation with the medical oöi ccts, he will establish the ambulance depot iu tho rear, and give bis assistants the nepessary instructions for tho efficiënt service of the wagous and other meaus of transportation. 6. The anjbulance depot to wliich the wounded are to be carried directed for immediate treatmont, should bo established at the most convenieut building uear the field of batlLj. A red flag marks tho place and way to it 7. The active ambulances folluw the troops, to succor the wcunded and remove them to the depot. Before the engagejiicut about üve men, t!ie least effective under anus of llie company, will be detaiied to assist the ambulance conduct ors in retnoviog wounded, providing water and othcrwise assisting the wouuded. These men will not loiter about the depots, but must always return to the liuld of battle as soon as practicable. 8. Before and immcdiately after the battle the roll of eaeh company will be called, and absentees must be strietly aecounted for. To quit their standard on the battle-field under fire, under pretenee of romoviug or aiding the wouuded, will not be permitted. Ány one persisting in it will be shot on the spot, and whosoevcr shall be found to have quit tho field, or his regiment, or coompany, without authority, will be regarded and proclaimed as coward, and dealt with acordingly. JJy command of


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