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Strong Character

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Strength oí' charaoter consista of two things; power of will, and power of self-reèiraiDt. It requirei two things, therefore, for its existenco ; strong feelings and ttrong cominand over thern. Now it is here we mske a great mistake; wo ir.istake strong feelings for strong character. A man who ben ra al! beforo him, before wbose frown domestica tremblo and whose bursts of fury maku the ehildreq ('f the household qutike - because ho haa his vill obeyed ahd bis own way n all tbings, ye cali him a strong man. The trut h is, that s the wnak man; it is bis passions that are Btrong; he, meaHured bv them, is wenk. You must tneasMre the strength oí a man by the power of tho feelings ha fiubdue, not by the power of Ihoso whiuh subduu him. - And hunco composure is often the bighest result of strength. Did we never see a man receive a flagrant insult and only grow a littlo pide, and then reply quiBÜyf That was a man spirituall y stroog. Or did we never see a man in anguish tund as if carved out of solid rock, mastering liiraself ? Or one bearing a bopaless daily ti'ia! remain süent, and never teil the world wbat cunkered in nis home peaco ? That is strength. He who, keenly sensitive, uilh rnanly power of indignation in birn, can be provoked and re etrnin himself and forgive - these are the strong men. the spiritual hl-roes. -


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