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The Angel Of The Hearth

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f Come t me, dui'ling ■ papa's cross tu mght,' said a young inother, as she extended hor arma uffeetionately to a little gii'l oí three years' old, vvho had Ie ft liur toys and playtl.ings to climl) upon lier father'a knee. Thp clnld lüiZL'.i'.'.lüd a Ipofc at that dark, stern countenance, and without a glanceof reas.iuranco, stole softly to his sidö. Not a word was spoken, and the glooniy man sat sad and sullen, lii.s mind wholly absorbed wt!i the busy world'a uxcitements. Althoijgh a hasband and father i he was eidently in no buntor to particípate in the pleuaarea) of B ' home eirclo.' Thn L'hild not at all discouraged by tho forbidding look of' her parent, crept gently upon hia knee, and placiog one tin}' arm about his neck, tl'. e other glided Kffectionately over the opposite cbeek, while her innocent lipa pressed gently the troubled brow. In a subdued bi'üulh she whispered, ' Nellio lovas papa Ho lïiuoh ' and she drew her little solt hand carensingly down eilher side of tlint care-worn ('ace unü! they met beneath the heavily bearded chin. Observo the effect ; 'twas eleotrionl ; the stern i'eatüred relaxed, tlie sullen giöom disipearer!, and the liole p.oüntenanee assumed u live] y, animatod expression. The Scène was most touching - Words fuil to expresa the exquisite boauty oí' sueh a 'picture. Ah the translbnned parent drew the little girl his bosom and pressed a ki-s upon ttint innocent npturned face, the finer feelings of his manly naturu were in his voice as he said : ' Iro, my ohild, papa could never be cvoss with a loving daughter to caira the heart the world has tortured iuto despair,'


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