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An Incident At St. Helena--the Excited Frenchman

An Incident At St. Helena--the Excited Frenchman image
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relates the folJowing incident as received frora jMr.. Carroll, at St. Helena: An Englishman, soma years since visiteü the toinb, and indited in the register a verso on the ex-Einperor to this effeof : " íínnoy a grpat man, A loldier bve iii.d u-ue, ButVollin,-li n did 1 ck liim at Tha li.-i'l 6f Waterlo.11 Tbis was not n very good tasto, nor exacíly sueh ;m pilusion as an Engljshman should be guilty of at the tomb of a conquered foe. Neverlhejess, it contained indisputable trutlis. A Yankee visited the place a fow dajrs after. Do terinined to punish the Iraggart for so Iliberal and unmanly an attack on the desd, he wrotc iminediatoly uudor it, " Dut greaterattll, and bravérfat, i., touglier i juui sliic-lv.itlier, W. WaskiBgton, itn' man vfo% could llac ickeii 'era botta togethér. The nest vi.sitor was a Frcncliman, who, like all his countrymen, was deeply attat-hed to tho memory of Napoleon. - VYhe lio read the first linos he cxclaimed, with looks of torror and disgust : "Ion Dieul Quel sacriiege ! Saris douts, l'Anglais sont grands cochons !" The Yankee ekipper's addition next attraeted his eye. He started as he read; gasped, griunod, read the unes ii;iÍ!i ; tfien dashing bis hands in his hair, danced about tho room in a paros ysm of iiidignation, sereaming, "sacre diablo ! Monsieur Buil is ono grand brute, but le fiere Jonathan is one savage horrible! Sacre! sacre! I challenge liim ! I shall cut him up iii vera Ktnall pieces !' lie called for his horse. rodo post-haste to town, and sought the Yankee every where. Alas, tho bird liad ñown ! A ship had just saijod; the skipper was goue!


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