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Skimming Milk

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way of' ttfking oif tho cream without the use of tlio skimmer. They usse a knii'e ouly. They rnn tho knife around tho intik ín the pan, to sepavato iho ereaio iVoiu tho sides of tho pan, and sot tho bol torn of the niilk-pau at tho cdire on the rim of the ci'oam-pan, then with tho lelt baod elévate one sido of the milk-pau so tiiat tho creain, with tho help of tho knife iu iho right liaiifl, wijl run off into the eream pan. Aftor a little praotice, it is dune very quickly, and saves both time and creain. - 5'. L. Wattles, in Country Gmtkmm, BSy-It is a mistaken notion that strong mimi? demand less of synipathy than weak. The cb&racter that is strong in power is strong in sutfering, and the skrinking seiiMtucneeí of a. weak wind bears as little proportion to the agorizing throes of a gigantio soul, as the flatter of tho dying butterfly to tho wonnded eaglo, When the shadow of ita broken pinioü darkens the mount:ün sido liko a hg ei oud. fr" l1'10 following is Aunt Betty's descriptioD of her miikoian : "Ho is the meanest man in thoworld) Ilskinii his miik on the top, and then turna it over, and skiina the bottom, and then hy, skiins the siJcs, and then he divides into tefi 1 Tts. oarct'uüy skimming eaeli part-."


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