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Our Daughters

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The greatest danger to our dnughters in tho present timo is the negleot of domestio ecfucation, Not only to theraaelves, but to husbands, families, and the eommunity at large, doos the evil entend. By fur tiio greatest r.mount of happineaa ia civilized life is tound in t!ie domestio relations, and most of these depend on the domestio culturo and habita of the niio :ind , mother. Let our dnaghteri be j lectually edueated as highly as possible; let their moral and social nature receive tho highest graoe of vigor and refinament; but along with these, let tho domestic virtucs ñnd a prominent place. We cannot say much about our daughters being hereaftpr wives and mothors, lm t we ougiit to think rnuch of it, and give the tliought prominence lor their education. Qood svives they cannot be, at least for men oí intelügence, without mental culture; good moihes they certainly nannot bi-. without it; and more t'han thif, they cannot be such vv'u'es as men nged, uu less they are good hoqgpkepppre, without a thorough anci practical training to tho end. Our daughlers ahou)(J ha praeticallyjtuught tobnke, wah,8weep, set talóle, and do cverything ippertaining to tlio order, neutness, eooDorny and bappiness of tire ïioüsehoid. All thia they can learn as well as not, and better than not. It need not inferiere in the least with their intellectual education, nor with tho highest degree of relinement. On the contrary, it would greatly contributs thfíreto. Op'y let the time which is worsethon wastef) i.i idleness, sauntering and gogsip, l'rivolousreading; and various modern female dissipation which lei II time and health, be devoted to domestio duties and oducation, and our daughters would soon be all that the high ir.terests of society demnnd. A benign, elevatiug influenco wouid go forth through all the families of the land. - Health and happiness would now sparkle in many a lusterless eye, tbe bloom would return 1o beautify many a faded oheek. and doctore' bilis of wholesome fare.-


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