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On The Battle-field

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ing aflecting incident is related by the correspondent oí a coteroporary, who was at the battlo of Fort Donelson, and 'A'as an eyo witness to it : "I snyv," be mjw, " an old, gray-haired man, tnortally wounded, endeavoringto stop with a sjrip of his coat, the lif'e-tide [lowing frofn the boBnni of his son, si youth nftwjrity years. The boy told his faiher that it was uselesa - that ho could not live; and, while the dèvoted parent was st '11 striving to suvr him who was pei'hnpa his h'rst-born, a shudder passed through tho frame of the would be preserven, his hpad oll upon the bosnm of th,e youth, and liis gray liairs wore bathed in djïüth with the expiring blood of his misguided son. - I saw the twain halfan hour aftergard, and youth and age were loeked, lifeless, in one anotber's nrms. A darkhaired yoong man of apparently twentv-two or three, I found leaning against a tree, his bruast piorced by a bajonet. He sai i he lived in Alabunia ; that he had joined the rebels in opp.osition to bis pareni's wishes; that his mother, wlien she had fmind that he would go nto the iriny, had gjven him her blessing, a Bit)le, and o lock of hair. The Biblc lay half oponed upon the ground, and the hair, v dark Jock, ünged with gmy, that h:d been between the llaves, was in liis hand. Tears were in his eyew,as he thoughtof the anxious mother, paiifiog, .crhaps, amid her prayprfr, to liten for the long ejpeeted footsteps of her son. ho would never more return. In the Jook of hair, even ns much as in the sacred voli;irio, religión was reVealed to the dving yojüDg duii and I saw liiui lift the ti'ess ngain and ag'iiu to his lips, as liis eyes loojied dimly' aorocH the mity Rea that bonnds the shores of Life and Ddath, as jf' he saw his mother reaehing out to him with the arma ihathad nui'sed him in his infanoy, to die, alas ! ligh'.ing against his oountry and her oounsela wl.ose memory lived latest in his dopai-ted soul. " ZOST Kind words, looks, and acts are tho small currenoy of soeial life, cacl) of iuconsidciuble value, but in tiie aggregate fonninsr the wealtli of soeiotv.T- Tlu-y aro tho ' excellent oil" wliicli the machiiiery from rugtii, weariug, or croakiog. They aro tlio dow that refteshea and noarish.s the otherwiso ar'ul h'elda. ïbey aro the suushme of au else ïiturky, droary workl. i3F'. Did yoa evur kuow a speaker to pro miso "only a fow words," and uot ijt ter a great uiauj? Si Misrepresontation is not wrong bncause it is pru#l, hut it is erul besu'O it i? H


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