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Rebel Accounts From The Peninsula

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e lmu bnt scanty ntel'igence froni the .Península, but suflieient to ioducs the belief that no general aclion s . minent in thnt quarter. Wo h-.we, from all accounts, an active and wary la tu deal wit li on the Península. It s reprtrted that the onemy have cut a o;in:il beUveen the watera ot tho York and Warwiek Rivera, which gives liim a water front aeross tho wholo stretch of country, and mint contribute ven muci to the strengtA (f hls posilwn. We learn that on Saturday last Bharp skirmishing continued dnring the en'.ire day op a portion ot ourüne?. During the night our men lay m tlieir anns, espeeting to renew the skinnuhing and sharp-shooting in tho morning. J3y break Of (lay t was found that tho enemy had been at work all night, and Ihrown np a line of intrenchments and mounted gups within ono thousand yarda v( oir position. The indication of tho intentions of Jthe eneiTiy are very uncertain, nnd it is thouglit not improbable that he raay be draning off soma of bis forcea for a demonstration in the directiou of Prederieksburg. It is eertain that at least three columns of tha cnemy might bo concentrated here any day - McÜowells, Geary'.-1, and Hooker's- if it be truc as repartcd, that tha lattor bas crossed the river from lower Maryland. The report that Gen. Jacksnn hus aliandonecl the upper portion of tho vulley appcars In he. fully confinnnl. - lle ia said to bo occupying Staunton. One report haait that Gen. Freinont is pressing down upon him; but tho most nlia!. ie account of the inovcments of tliis Federal officer röpresenta him to bo making his wav towards southwestern Virginia, and that he was last heard from in the neighborhood of Raloigh Court-IIouso Hopo has boen indulged of somo important autiou in Virginia, íroni tho concentraron of troops that has been going on for soma time past. Tl) only rational purpos;! of the combina" tion of troops is to riirht ; but if made for other ptirposea it is tho old statu quo aftel all.


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