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Who Is General Augur?

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Gen. A.ÜGDB, is thus spoken of by the New York JieraM, in connectioh with the recent advance upon Frederieksburg: "Tliegallant achievement of General Augur in driving baek frora a strong position an encmy eonsisting of thive regi ments of infantry, i'uur of cavalry aud two batteries of artillory, elicits the highest admiration, and bas excited no little envy on the part of the othcr brigades who hoped to participato iu the dash upon Fredericksburg." This General Airara was formerly a resident of this Couuty, and is remeinbercd by many of oui' older citizens. - He lived in Erccdoin, and is a nepliew of tho .Messrs. Wellman, of that town. - The JTerald gives the following skoteh of bis career : Brigadier General Christopher Galon Augor is a Dativa of New York, but was appointod to the Military Aeademy from Michigan. He entered that establishment as a cadet in 1839, aid is, con-i MiMilly, about 40 years of ago. He graduated on tho" 30th of June, 1843, standing nutnber 10 in the same elass witli Generáis Fmnklin, Grant, lluynolds, Quinby, Peck, Ileynolds, French, Hainilton, Steele, Judah, and others in the Uuion service; and Ripley, Hardeo and others now serving under the rebel colors. On the lst of July, 1813, ho cutered the United States anny as a brevet Seeond Liou tenant of tho Second United States infantry, aud on the 12th of September, 1813, ruccived bis coramission of Second Lieutonant of the Fourth United States infautry. On the 16th ol Febuary, 1847,' he was furthur pronioted to a First Lieutenancy of his regiment, and during the same year served in Mexico as an aid de Oamp. to Brigadier General Hopper. In 1848 he was attached to the stafi" of Brigadier General Cushing, also in the capaeity of an Aid-de-Cainp. Ho was promoted to a Captaincy on tho first of August, 1852, and was dist.inguishod in scveral severo conflicts with the Indiaas near Rogue rivcr, in Oregon, in 185G. In tho Army registers for 1859, 1860, and 1861, his name stands third on the list of' Captains of the Fourth Uit'íd States infantry, and number forty-fivo in the list of inf.inti-y Captains in tho army. He also held an important position at West Point about thid time. On the 14th of May, 1851, he wiis promoted to bc the first major of one of the new regitne&ts of United States troops, better known as the Thirteenth regiment of United States infantry. In the last Army Register his lineal rank in tho army as a major stands at number eleven. Ön the 12 of November bc was comtnisioned a brigadier general of voluntcers, and ordcrod to report to Gen. McClellan His first headquarters was located at Upson's llill, Va., and his oommaad has ever sinee been attaehcd to tiie Army on the Potoinac, either under Gen. McClellan or Gen. Mcüowell.- Hts advance ou Fredricksburg is a good beginning of his military career as a general. JL3L The Supremo Gourt has rendercd its decisión iu the case of The People vs. John Mc7iinne, late State Trcasurer, convicted in the Circuit Court for Ingham County on a charge of embezzlement. ïho decisión in the Court bclow was fully sustained, and a decreo entcred directing tho Court to pronounce Sentence. McKinnhy will now find a homo in Jackson, while those in our miud, cijually guilty are at large. t" Col. W. VV. Dlfiii-.ld, of the Ninth Michigan Infantry has been nominated as Brigadier-General. It is an appoiriitnent worthilj conferrod. jf3L" Gen. Il.u.i.Kf ie gives Gen. W. T. Boerman credit for saving the day to our foi'ces, in tbc ürst day 's figbt at Pitfeburg t,nmng. and recommonds that bo bo mflde .Mnjor-GoDeral of [ Yoluntccis.


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