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Naval Appropriations

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The niival appropriation bilí, signed by the Pieaidflnt on the 17th instanr, piovides fis fullow8 : Purchose and altoration of veiRp&l, $2 .V0.000 isse of addlllonal vVsnels, 'J.üiooü Pnrobase of naucticat UMtriink0i&t8-bool4 . -li:i rt-s, .te , C0,O(0 Ifiat OMfrairtr.T,iVcIgW, &., .000 Or-li:iiiiice füundry at Vaiiliinglou, .VJ,0 0 OHntince, 1.001,000 Io Sou th SU v.ns' fialtery, 8J,'.9'4 For inw-cdad war Tesnla, ' 1S,003,OCO Totet; $i3,stG,a'+ In regard to the Stevens' Battory tho bill provides that: "In the contrae; for tlie complelion of saicl TOcsela t shnll bu ettipulaled that no part of the money claimod by Edwin A. Stevens to have been hüretofi)re expeoded by him upon snid vessol shall lie reinniled until Üie nmouiitof said olatm shall bo estabüshc(i to tho satisfaetioo of the Secr.etary ot the Navy, the pnyment of s:nd sum shal] be eontingtüit upon the aaocem of eaid vesaels as an ron-c'ad sea-going war steairiyr, to be determinod by the the President; and such contract shall Btipulate tho time within whiofa ihe vessel sh:ill be oornpletcd ; providod, nevertheless, that. said rnonsy shali not be expended nnless the Socrotary of the Navy is of opinión that the scime wil] Beeura to the public servico an etEcient Bteam battery."


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