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HOHACE WATERS, AGEN T 333 Broadway, N w Y o r k PulilUhcr off JHwulc :. n-;l MusW Books AND DBALKB IX Píanos, Melodeons, Alejandre Organs Organ Accordeon, Martin 'e oelebrated andother Guitars, Violins, Twnor Viols, Violinoellos, Accordeons, Flulinas, Flutee, Fifes, Trïongles, Clári jnettp, Tuning FoiTc6,Pipes andBfammers, Yiolin Bows, boetltalian Strings, Base Instrumenta for Bands, Piano Stools, and eovera, and nll kinds of Musical Instruments. J9 lx o o t 3VE -ei S 1 o, !■■] u:n ii II üic [Hibli-iu-rs in tliu V. S. , Berttnl'a Hontln's, and Modern School, and all kinds if bMtrtAUn Books for llia ubuvi; instrumenta; Chnroh Huuic Books: Haak elegant!; bouml; Music paper, auü :tlL kinds of Music IforchJuidise, A t t IieLowcst Prices. New Planos, At $175, $200, $22$, $250, and un to $800. Sccond Hand l'iitnos trom $u'5 up to $100; New Helodeons, M6,' $t;i, $75, $100, and up to $200; Second Hand Melodeons iVuin $;íu to WO; UexandreOrgan, with Ave slons. Í1C0, ninostopft, $135 and S'2'2ö; thirteen stops, S-50, $'27Ö and 1800; fineen Stops, 3S0 and $-'í75; A liberal discount I tó Clergymen, Catuches. Sabbath Schools, & 1 1 and XteekerSi ïtit= 'Irado supUed t the una] iimio dfacounts Testimoniáis of & Horaco "Waters Planos í.imI Melotleons. John Hevelt, of Carthag,New York, wh'o luus liad oneof the Horaco Waters Pianos, writesits folio ws; - "A fjriend of mine wishes me to purcnase a piano Tor her. lio likeíí the one yon told me In December, 1S56. My piano Is beCOBting popular in ihis piuco, and I tJiink I can introduce one ortwf" mure; they will be mure popahir than mij,' "UiMk"' "Wc have two niitcrs' Pianos in ub in ourPomi. uary, ope of wbjch has been severely testcd for tlucc reara, and treeao teettfy to thetr good qneJfty auü durabUity." - Wood & Grogury, Mount Carroll, JU. ■ill, Waters, Esn. - Dbab Sh: Baring nsed onoof your Piano Fortes Tor twayeaxn p&st 1 have fonnd it a vevy superior Instrument. Alo.vzo Ckw, I'riiiripnl Brnokm Beiftls Seminan. "Tho Piano I recejvod frtnn yon continoes t gtve sa.tsfaction. 1 regard if as tpe oi the best Instrumenta in the place." hwv.ï I„ Clarkk, Charleston, Va. "The Meïbdeon has safely arrlred. I feel obligedto you foty our liberal dicouut." líev. J, 11. MtCoiuiick, YarqucsvilUS, C. 'The piano wns dnly received. Itcami in excellent condition, and is vt-ry much admirud by my numeróos fnmtly Accept 111 y thanks for your promptnen" - ROBBKT CooPUj Wcrrcnham, Bradjocd Co. Pa. "Vour piano pleasea ua well, It ís the best one in ouv county," - TnoMas A. T.atham, Ca?npbcllton, Qa. "We are very nmch oblfged to yon for havfng pent sach a Bne Lostrumeat for Í250." - BlU5&,HtLD & Co., Buffalo Det&ocrat. 'ïlie Uocace Waters Planos are known avamonír Hip very bwt We are enabled to speak of tliese Instni nsente ith eonfldence, frmn peratfnal kaowlodjte of their excellADt tone and durable quality." - JV". Y. Erantrdist. 'o eau speab of the merite of the Horaee Waters pïanosfi'un poraonal knowledge, as baing the very iinéet qnal ty'-Gkrittlan IntctHctiar. 1 ■■ ■ Horaee Wtes pianos are built of the best and most thoronghly seasoned material. Wehavenodpubt tbat boyera ean do aswdljperhaps botter, at thlsthan at ie 1:1 the unïon." - Aéooeette aid Journal. Waters' pianos and melodeona challenge comparlson with the ftnest made anywhow in the country."- Hmm Journal "Horaco Waters' Plano Fortes are of fulT, rich and even tone, and powerful- N Musical Rcv'cw. "Our friendfl will ftnd at -Mr. Waters' store the very b b1 a wrtment of Mosto and of Pianos tobo fonnd in the Uniled States, and wc urge our sonthern and western fHends lo dim a cail henerer they goto New York."- QrtÜusnCê Magazine. Warehouse 333 Broadway, N. Y. Sab ba th S ch ooi Bell, 100,000 issued in ten Muntlis. The improcedente palo of thisbook lias hidneedthe publishcr to aiM uome o' new tunesand Iiymns to its present 8iia,.without extra charge, xoepl on thecheapedltiou- Among themany beautlfu] tunes and Iiymns .illed I,,.-. 1,.. round:-"! oiigbi to love my mother:" "O I'D le a Knl ohild, Indeed ! will." These nw eilit othera from QjeBeU,wer nuog at the Sunday School Anuiver. sary of the. M. K. (Simen t tho Acailemy of Music, with ?re;it Tlie Belfcoctains neány 200 tm 1 ■. i ;n-. ::i-l is one of the best coilections everlSBUed. Price Slo perliuDdrod. poatagc -1c Elegantly boand, cmliosscil gilt, ■■K, S-M per 1U0 It has been iiitrjtluced lato :n:i:y of the PuWicSci ols. The .e Ifl pttblïshed ia rmall do LedAnnïvenmiyai l Sanday School Hoslc BookB, Noa. K -, 8, & 4. in ■iriïi f lo accommodatc the railHon; i rice 12 b 93 per Ni.. :, vill aoonbe isgued - eommeneement of aaothcr book, Also, Revival Uusic Books, No, 1 & 2, pric il & (2 per 100, postage lc. i .i :v)m coplee f tlio above booka have been iasued I eighteen months, and iLe dcmaDdlsiapidly inci Published bv HORACBWATERS, ! ■M liroadway, N. '. Wow 3Xü, Publised by Horaco Waters No. 333 Broadway, New Yuilc. Vocaltf'Kïnd Wordscan neverdle;'' rThe Angels told mo so;" "IViMs of tho;'' "Thoughta ofGodi' ' (;:v.i me back tnv Mo'nntain ll'ime;1' Mr)ay nrMBns;1' 'Dan. iv Oick lïobin;" "I'm with thee still;"l'et i: "There'a no darilnR like mine;" "Su.-ih Jad Lee ""Erer of tlit't'f' -rin leavinjï thee in Surnnv;" "Birdof Beauty;1' "Home of bar birth;" "OntTe f Bosabel,'1 and ■Wake, lailv. wake,.' price 20c each. ' Ixstri MKVïAi.- "I'alace Carden, or Pinfing Bird Polka.' -iOf.; ''Swinging Schotiisclic;"' "Mirabel Pchttisclr." "Thoma Bker' Bcliotthene;" "1'icrolomini I'olka, S6 MBta encli, The übovepieceshave beautiful Vigneitee "Welnier Polka;" "Anma Wai oryldarch," the vervlast: "Vassoviai'na Ilonieüs Ma-z.iirka ; 'lï' ;i : lus Polka:'1 "Criribllnè Walt," aod "Lanceni1 Qna drTlle," 'üc each. "The Empire of Reich's Quadrille;1' a new dance, and "The Ilibernian QuadrillO1 Bfieeach. Many of theso piece are played t'.v Usker'a celebrated tahoat " with great applrune. Malled free. A largelot of Foröigu Music at. half price. Piano, MelodeODi a'l Organs. The Horaee Waters Piano and Melodeon, for depth, purity of toïie and dürabilit, are onaorpaasod. PneM very low econd Hand Pianoa and llelodeonafroin $25 to $150. Kuaio and Musical Instructionn of all kinds, at the lonest pricea. HORACK WATERS, Agent. No. 3:;3 Broadway, N. V. TflSmtOinAIAJ - "The Waters PiauM are known asainong thenry best.' -BvmftlUt. "We can speak of their morita from personal knowledge." - Chriitian Int?(t'#cvcer. "Ni.l hing at the Fair duulayed greatcr excellence "- Ckurcliman. Waters' Pianos and Mf-loi'toons cbállengécotnpftrliKtti HU o nnest madsanywhere in the country." - Home .Journal. 'l9it NEW GrÖÖï5ss Seasonable Goods, CHEAP GOODS, F o i Cash., BACH PIERSOÏM Hnve jus'; opened a clioice stock of Winter Goods, Bought for Cash AND TO BESOLD FORGASH at snch líricos ns will rnnte the buyers laugli at the iaën of Hnrd Times. Tlie stock includcs ft clioicelot of LAD1ES' DHKS3 GOOUS, GENTLEMAN'S CLOTIB, CLOAKS, SHAWLS, (JROCEItlES, Ac, &o. Now is tlie time to buy your Winter'a Bupplia. BACII & PIERSO1Í. Ami Arbor, Sov. 15, lf 61. LOOMIS & TRÏPP Succt'.-isorsto Chapín fe Loom.s.amlChaptn, Tripp fc Loomis ÍTlIOCuboTe lirm of Loomïs & Tripp haring purclioset x the entlre interest of the former comp&nïèa wlï (utpttauo Ui busiiifs.-i :it thoold stands, whóre üiej wil) bc peiidy, n the short pfïl noticc, tü fill all üi'di's in llit lino of Castings and Machiuery, In the most vodc&iftnlBn maimor, and on uiUbasa irruís R,nj otber shop in tbs State. A&aong the vari ons articlcsmiinufaclintil bj DS] ft'6 woirid t'immorate STEAMENGÍNKS .r all ):in'U; BIU1 Gearing and Plxttirea, trrougiitaod oast; nll ilift vari mis flMttngs for maUng ftod repftiïing Uor6ü Powers & Tliro&ïni} Macliines sucli ns nro at present, or have formerly been in cse iu thifl pari of tbe State, aa voll &j all the vartoun kiddsol castingu and machine wort called tor by Earmou ajjd meobAafcs Intbts seóf lou of the coun'ry. of all tho vnrious patternfl, up in slKCsand pricos. will be Li [i constftoily on haml, gut tlie most mudirn and iniprovt'd ütylOM. Thankful for former patronage to thn old finni. we woukl solicit a continu.'inri' t'ioiu o]l fricinls(aii(l atria) by ;i 1 1 wisliing furaoything in our line u f businefltt. LOOMI8 A: TKH'T. Anr Arbnr.May 18th, 1R&P. (t7tf I GREÁT. GKEATER GREATE3T BUíGAlNS EVER OFFERED 1859. JpLo,11 ín tli í 3 City, are uow being offered at tbs CÍIEAP.CLOCK.WATCU, & T o VS7 & X S t o i erriHK Subscribir would suy to thecitizp.nsoí Ann Ar L bor.l'l particular, mid the refik oí Wnshtmnw Countv Ín general, thal hohiisjust ÍMPOKI'KIJ DIRF.CTLY from KOROPK. Trcmendous Stock of Watclics! Ali of whlch ha bind himsdfto sell CHKAPKR than can bp bouhl wet of Nnw York City. Opcn Face Cylindcr Wntcties trom SS to 910 dn do Lever do do 8 to 21 Ilunting Cuse Ho áo do 14 to 35 do do Cyiludvr do do 9 to 28 Qnld Watebe (rom SO to 150 1 have Hlau zne CELERRATED AMEiWGAN WAT CHES, wliich I wlll sen ttr $35. Kvry Vv atch warraated lo ucriurm wull, or tho mony veíundcd. Clockg, Jeweiry, PUted Ware, Fíincy (íivodi. Gold Pent, Miidical l'ifti -uinents and títringa, Cutlery, &c, and in fnct a variety of r:vcry'hip Dsually Icrpt a y Jcwclnrs can be houghtíorthe next níncty daye nt fottr O W N TRICES! Persons buylng aj.ylhing nt this wrll known eítablishme nt enn rHy upon retting goods oxnct'y as rn resentd, orthcinoupy rM'undrd. Oallearly and secure the best bufgaiua ever otfered in thit City. One word in regard to Rcpairing : Wc urn prrpnrf d to mnko nny roonirs onfine or common Wntches, ven to m-ikinec er the eiitfro wtch, If nficessnry. Kcpairing of Clocks nnd Jewelry as ugiiHi. Alsotfce miunilacturine oí RINGS, BllOOCÏIt4 or auythinjr d;s'red( from Culi f mia Oold on short no' tice. EnffravipEr Ín all its branchesexeented wilhneafness anddispatch. J C. WATT?. Atiu Arbor, Jan. 28tMP59. 7 4w Important Natiozsal Works, Publi.slit'l by J. APPLETON & CO., 340 AND 343 BROADWAY NEW YORK The Pollotringworka are sentto Stibscribers in any part of th-j country, (upoo vtceipt oí' retiül price,) by mail or expresa, prepaia: TUK AKWAniKRÏAM CYCLOPDÏA; A Popular DictiooaTy jí' Genera! Ifno'wledge. I-Mítcd by Gbo. RlPLBT and CbaBLBS a, Dana, aMed by a nuraerous select corps of writers in all branches "f iicioncen, Art and Liierature. Thia work is being pubttshed in about 16 hii'gc octavo volumes, Gach contaiDlng TüOtwo-column pages VoU. I., II., III-, IV. V., VI., VII.. VIII., k IX. are oow ready.each containing near 2.500or1gtaal art] clos. An additional roluna wil! be publislied once ín abut Ihree monUiB. Pi ".cc, in Cloth, .$3; Bheep, S3.5Ü; Half Russia, $4.50 cach. ThoNov meiioan Cyclopjftdla is popular without beïnjt BUpei ■ i without beiog pedantic. comprebut iufficiently detailed, fmeirom personal pique ruul p:u tv projudice, frosb aod yet accurate, It ís a complete .-'.. .i'inent of all that is known upon every imnórtant topic witbJn the BOOpe of human iníelligenco. - Every important article init has been speclally written for iís p i wboáreauthorities upon thetopfc on villen thcy speak. They are required to brmg Xh# Ruoject up to the present moment; to state jast how it stamls now. AH the iformation is from tlie laiest reporta; thcgeogrophfá&l accounts keep pace witta tin' bktost explorations; bistorical matten indude Une ■ ; ].l views; Uie biographtcajl notk-es i,íls ak not only of dt-aii but alsoof the living. H is a hbiary of tself ACRÏDG5SHIEXT OF TIIEDEBATESOP CONGRB8S Being a roliticnl Hiatory of the United Bfetes, from the organtza.tiOD ofthoflrst Federal Congress in 178' to 1856. Kïtedand complled by Hun. Tno. Prono tiie Official Records of Congrens. The irork will be compidted in 15 royal octavo volumes of 7f0 pages eiich, 11 of whieh "are now ready, An itd ditional vol unit will be publi-sbed once in threemosthil. Cluth, $3; Law Sheep, Half Jlor., $4; Half Calf, $4.80 eaoh. A WAV OFPROCÜTtTNGTHECYCLOPDIAORDEBATKS Frm a club of four, and remit thepriccof fourbooks, nnillive copies will be sent at thoremittt-r's expensefor . or for ton subscrlbeni, eleven copie will bp rieut it our expense for carriage, To Agrts. No oiher vror!; wi]] bo Uberthlly rewardthe exertions of ygents. Aük-.t WATi;o jx ■ ■, ■■■ ..t-rv Terms made Lnoti 'i 'n application tt the Publishors. Aun Arbor, .March. 1850. O902.i.nt "öSa liev. ThOS. Wiuuht, agent at Kinne & SmitLs Book Store, TpsiThnti. Blackwood's Magazine AND THE Briüsb licviews. GREAT 1KDUGEHEXT-SUBSGB1BE! PREMIUMS aad REDaCTIOlvS. L. SCOTT & 00., KLW YORK continue to publish tbfc fullowiiijf le&diag Britton Perodicafe, vi. : 1 TIIELON'DOX QUARTESLY (Consirvative), THBEDINBDRQB BEV1EW (Whlg), THENORTH BRITISH REVIEW (Fiee Church). THE WESTMIN'STER REVIKW (Liberal) 8 BLACKWOOD'S EDINBUR6H MAGAZINE (Tory). Tho présent ritical state of European affaire will reader these pabltéationa uDosuaDy latsrestiitg doifag the fortbcoming yoar. ïhcy will occniy ;i naiddle ground betwbeii t-be bastf ly wHtten news-itms, crud spcciilutionH, and fiyiñg rumoia of the daily Journal, and Hit' poiMU'iou-j Tome of the future historian, written after the lMng loterwt and -xcltement of the great poUtical evtiitw f thftime shall have paraed airay. Et is to these Periódica Is that readers mu-t lonk for the only remlly inteligible anl relfablfl bJstory of cin-n-ni events. nnd as such in additionto thcir well-established Bterary, scier.tific. and tlieological character, wc uige xhein upon thee n-.iii-nitiunol' the readtng public. The leceipt of Advancc Shetts from tbe Brittsb publisbcrs gives addillonal ralue to these Rejurlnts, iuasmtu'h as they can now be placed ín the hands of subscriben ab Jut aa Boonasthe original edil iáns, TERMS. (Regular Prieea ) Per a nu, Foranyoneof the foar Reviews, - - - S3 00 For 'iny tWO of the Jour lirvit-ivs, ■ 5 03 i or any cbreo of Ibe iour Reviews, - - 7 00 Por all fourof tbeRerlews, 8 00 for Black vood s Magazine, - - . - . 30i : ackwood and one Review i ■ - 5 3 Pbr Blackwood and to Reviews, ... 703 F' tv Black wood and : ih-kl 1 'e views, - - 9 00 For Blaófcirood and the fourReviews, - - 1000 Mone y carretil in the State whtre issucd will bc reccivzd ai par. Pü stag E. Thf POSEAOS to any part of the United States will bo but Tweniy-fHiir t'ent i yoar for " Bla kwood," aii'l but Fo Uiteen Cents a ycar for each of the Revièwg. -■t tlnj abovo prices tbc l'eriodicals will be furnishcd for 1862. ANO AH A Premium to New Subscribers, the Xos of the same Perlodloala for 1SC0 willbefuniisheü complete, without áddii ion at charge. Pnllhe rite itut epbemeral 'Wagazines oí Ihe dsty, diese Pb EodJcajsloselIttle by age. Henee, a fu 11 year t)f the Nos.for löu'O, nay bu n%ra:'de(J nearly y.8 yaluabífc as For 1862, Siíbfpribers vishin lo tlu'.N'os. for 1SGI, wU bo supplifid at the tpUowing ijxtkkmei.y lowkatbs. Splendid Ollbrs for 1860, '61, & ?G2 Together. For lílncIwooiV.s Maaziuo, tho three yeirs, $! 00 Kor any ooe Review, - ' ' 5 l-O Foranv two Reviews, " " 8 00 Kor Blflckjvood and oneRevlew, : í( R 00 Tor Blackwood and two Reviews, lt " 12 00 Fortbree Klvíi'u-, - - - lí " ijoo l-'or Blackvoodand three Kcviews, " " 15 QO For th foar BeTifiw, ' ( 13 00 For Blackwood and thefour Reviews, " 17 01) Any "f tlit ftbOTAWorks wlU also be furnished to Neto Subícr'bers for tlie y ar 180(1-) , i?, and 9, At Oue Half the Begiüar Subscription 3'rices. Th us a New SüÍBCUw may obtaia the Reprint s of ílu Four Revit'ws antl Blackwood. Seveu Consecutive Year for $37 ! ! ! la bul IHtle inore tliin the price of the original works forone year. As we shati never agatn bo Ukery to offer sucli Induce menta :t tbose her presen ted, Now is the time to Subscribe ! ! T Remfttanoes must, in all caius, ba mafa direct (o the Piib!i$her3t for at these pricOS no commission can be allo wed to agents. LEOXARD SCOTT k CO, No. 5-4 Gold street New Wik Ann Arbor Marble Works. IQttcla.olcaLer TT AS on haikú a fino aMorlmeat of Apiorüjan and 1TA L IA N MA. E B L L whichltois prepared to mAnu facture in to II E A D Cjfflj8BSa STOXES T 9I TllflS fii 'i' '1'V'ÏIji:s' inallthcir viirietics, and in a ffORKMANUKE manner llai-in? had considerable experience tnthe basihesi ho Qattera himAelf tliat he will be ableto pleasc ;il who mayfüTOr mewith their oneri Hls prices LO W AS T II E LOWEST. tiloso visbing auy thiDg in roy l'.nc are rosppcifu Inilledto c.ill C. BATCHEL11EB. Aun Arhi.r. Mny 50.1801. 80H1 Dissolution of Copartnorship. Notice ie hereby g'yen tliat theoopftrtnerihlp of tlic undw(gnsd ander ilie name oí Heakcs & Abol, Li dJMolvcd; All )orêOiis indebt'sJ to nid copailnership, will pieaM cali at once and adjust tlio ssme by cusli or uote. HIUAMJ.BEAKES. SVLVESTER ABEL. DUd, rreti lMh, 16Ö. w?4i. AÍKR'S '5?] CATHAETIO Ll' fv' HMSh compluiuiug? Aro yon out o sfff2J&M I order, witli yoiir uyKtcm deIÍ?'7-T- ' . '.,,. uigctl, and yoiir feellngi une Milvvaukiü ""''IbPISKP totns íirt' often the piclude to ♦. '■, u.' iü seriuus illness. gomo iit of l ifflpJMaB Birlciiüss fsrrecpliigupon vipii, ( i' ji?L2ÍB nmi "kouU lje avcrtwl by a k. EA. 'VLiHfflS 4 timely use oí' Ihu riht rem! ,íÍSsfAíl, 'r B ínjy etly. 'i'alw Ayer'g l'ilisnnd '■-'ít '' [ cluunaoout the diaunlered hi 1 Cfít-?lBff I niors - purity tho blood, and II ntfe vHR let tlic lliiktb iiiüvü on unobf- íf R? THt p(nictíH! in lal(h again. ! ÊÈm&fy' ft HBRE Thoy Htiimihite tho funcíions ," gkJHWj tivity, piirify the syMem from "' ' ■ " tito obstrucciona wliich mako disenso. A coM eettloa souwulimo in Míe üoily, and oí '■ ■ iiu, m lts natural fanctioiis. Tlioso, if not nlferdd, renotupon tltAnselves tud tlie surroiiudhig organs, pro; thicing general ajcgruvutiuii, sulTering, and diai-aso. Wlüle iu tliin coinlitioti, oprooned t).y tho dwaogwuenta, talco Averfl m-o liow dlrcctly they restore tho natural actlon of tho Bystem.atid wiih it tho buoynrtt fcclíiifcof lití:ilth ngnin. Wlintlfl truoand m nppnrcnt la this trivial and conamon coniplalut, is alao trae lo many of tho deen-seutod uní dungerons dittt.'nipci'S. Xho sanio purgativo effect expols Uhmii. Qaumd ly ImiltU obsttuctions aml durangenionts of tbo natural functinns of tho body, thej are mpldly, and mmiy of ihem auroly, cured ! by the samo nteann Monu who knovv tbo viitues of theso ■ Pilis, will neglect to omploy tliem whcii sulícring froto tile dirtorders tlioy caro. Stutiíinentü frotn lodlng piiysiduns ín sotne of tlie principal dtídt, aud froui olhi'i' MU Iíuov.u public pronsL Fioni a Fonuanlivg Merchani ffSí. Louis, Hí. 4, 185Ö. Dti. Ayer: Your I'illa aro tlio paragon of all tliat ïs groat Ín medicine. They havo cnrel iny little tkugfatar of ulccrous BOrefl upon hor llanda and (eet tliat liad pruved i Incurabro (br yeart. llor motlier lias buen tcwg griev ODSly alllirtc'iV with Mote huí aud piiniluf)oa liur bkin atid in Ier huir. At'tci dt'.r clitltl wns uufoJ, b;iü itLso tried your rüld. aud they havo curcd her. ASA. MOROUIDaE. As a Fninlly Pliyslc. Ftom Dr. E. W. Oxrlwrfffht, Xcw Orleans. Your Pilla aro the prlnce of pnrgM. Thoir excellent qnailtlM sarpoM any oaüiartlo wo pfmeM. They aro mild, hut very coi'taíii aml ofT'-rtiiul in tlieir action on the botrultf, wlllell aaUc3 tueni iuvuluublo to u iu tho daily ti "i-jiLuiüiit of díuaso. IIcutliirIif,Sï(-kïï( nilnclic'T'oiil Stomach Vont Dr. lLtli'Jurd lin'jd, liaitimorc. Tíiíau Uno. Aybr : I caunot answer you what complüints I bavo cttred with yoor Pilla bettor llian to sny allthat we toer tnat vrith a pttrgkUve medicine, I placo grent depeu(Iciivg on an olfoctnal catliartlo in my daily contaat with d soaso, nml bellevlng M I do tbnfe yonr l'illw uffoi-d us the tCst wc havtíj I ofeourso vatuo Üietn blglily. riTTSRUito, Pa., 5Iav 1, 1855. Tr. J. C. Atth. Pir : T have Ijpími repcntedlv cured of the worst ftttídaehé any Loily caá havo hy a (lose oí (wo of yonr Pilis. It Mema to ariau fiom u foul slomacb, whiuh they cleanseat onoe. Youi with great retpeot, BD, W, PHRRLR, CUrk tif Sltumtr Clarion. Ullious Disorders - Tivcr Complaluts. From Dr. Thtndore BtÜ, fNm York G-ty. N.H nuly aro your Pilis mlmhnM v adnpted to Uielr pnrpono as au aponen t, lut I find Iheir ]-ihIícÍiI pfTectfl u)Kn lio Livor very marked tndoed. They liave in iny prac:- proved uniré eflectual íbr tho cure of biiiotu cnni' pluiulx tiíaii iny une roiuody 1 cau mention. I siucoivly rejolce tliat wo bavo at IvugLh i purgativo u!iuh b wop thy the ooufideouQ oCUie prolbedou aud lüo people Ti::'M;tmí;nt cf tiíe lATraoa, Washington, D. C., 7Ui H-1., iK,r,ü. ƒ Sin: T havo med yonr i'ül in my general and hospital prai i i' a orer itlnce yon nuulo Uienii aml cauuot hu-situte to Bay they aro the hutu t-athiii tic we eniploy. Tbc ti' rfigtl" laüng action í)u tho liver U qolck nud dddded, consoquentiy they are an admirable mnedy fordernngeineuti of orgau. Iudeedi l ba-ve Beldoiu founü nettseof biUous disease so obstínate that it dld not readlly ylld to tbein. KraUrually u; ALONSO BALL, M. J., l'tysiciaii oj' íhc Marine Hospital Dysentcry. l)iiih(v;i, ll'Iax, "Worms From. V. J. O. Oreen, Chicago. Your PilU bave liad a long fiiiü in my practico, and I hokt tlmia iu cstecui as ouo of tho best nfierjeuts l have ever found. alterativo effect upon Uw livor makes tbuiii a excellent remedy. vrbeu glven In email Josw for bidons diseiiter; and diarrltcea. 'J'lu Ir fii:yar-coating makei tliem very accciublo aud couronleiii lor tho uo of muueu and diUdreo. Dyspqisia, Impurlty of the Blood. From Ëev. J. V. Jhnes, Vaslor ■ 'Advent Cturc't, Botton, DiuAyib: I havo sed your Pilis with extraordinary success in itiy faniily and anJODg tlio$e I am called to vt.sït in iliscivss. To regúlate ilio orgairs of digestión and purify tho blood, Ihey are tho vory best ïemedy I fiave over kiiown, aud 1 cuu coiiAdently recommeiid tbemto my friüuda. Yours, J. V. 1IIMES. TVarsaw, Wyomlng Co., N. Y., Oct. 24, 1";"..'). Dear Sm: I am usiug your Out har tic Pilla in my practico, and find üieiu au excoHent purjmtlve to cleanse the sy.stcm aud v urij 'j the fotnUuim Ótr, lilmn!. J01I2Í Q. MEACIIAM.M.D. Con i pat ion, Costiioiïess, Siipprcsftioii, Htieunml Isiki, Gout, X tirulgin, Uiojisy, rumljsis, Fits, etc. From Dr. J. 2. Vaughn, Hhntiral, Canada. Too mucb cannot bo s:tid of your Pilis for the euro of .;. Ifothors of our fiatoniity have tauid litera a nicuci:,:is is l bave, tbejp Blionld joiu ino in proclufroIngitibr tho benefit of tlio multitudes wboRufTer from that BOlDplüiut, wliicll, dltltOllgll bad etlOHgh ín itïuU', Í3 tho progenitoi of othora (bat v& worse, I bellovo cstivcnêss tn orlginaie In tho livor, but your Pilla atluct that oigan and culo Llic tüaease. From Ir$. E. Sluart, Phytician and Mldwtft, líostmx. I finil ono or two lorgo dosca pfyonr Pilis, (:ilv(.'n at the propor lj;m:.;ire t-xcellent piotnotivt-s ol' the uttturul srerr.tjoji wIk-ii parlbilly suppressetl. and h leo very ' cflectual to cléatiëe tho ttomudt and rrjtel ivonns. They are so much tho best physic o havo taal I recouimend do otilar to tny paticuts. Frota Ote Sep. Dr. IfawIce$,rftJie Methodist Epis. Church. Pül.ASKl ITousr. PaTannah.Ga.. ,lan. (l, 1856. IIovonF.D Sir: I BhouM lo nngríktefni for Che rellejC your iskill bas biOUglit ino if I ffld pot report my case to you. A coM seltlud in my Knibsfind biought on excru-iating neurulrjic pftf, wfilch etided in cbrónic riimviatism. Notwfthstanding I had tho best of ph ysirians, the dïseaae grew wOrse and worse, iintil by fbt1 novice of your excellent agent In Daltimore, Dr. Bfackensle, 1 tricd jour Pilla. 'J lu'ir eifiiCta weie slow, but sure. lty perseveriug Ja the uso of tlieui, I am now entirely well. Pknate CifAMnrn, Patón Pongo, La., 5 Dec. 1855. Dn. Ayer : I havo been entirely ennsd, by your Pilla, of Jihannatic Gout - apainful disease Uiat bad nfllicUd me foryears. VINCKM' SLIDÜLL. ,0S-Mo4t of tho Pilis In market contnin Mercnry, TThich, altliough a vnlnabio remedy in f-tdlful han. Is. is dangcroua in a public pill, from tho droadiul conse1 quencos that frequent ly follnw its incautioim use. Thcso ! contain no mercury or ininerul substnnco whatever. Price, 25 cents per Box, or 5 Boxes for $1. Preparad V Br. J. C. AYí;R o CO., Lovrell, Vass. Au i i i 5#iu iy Mayuard, Stebbms & Wilson, FABRAXD. S1IKLEY & CO. , Detru surtyl J II. BURBILL, Tmrelling Agent. RISDON & HENBEESON'S Esam THE GENUINE IB StEWRT'S ÍS T O T E. U'c wisli to cali the attenüon of tho public to this oelebrated COOKING STOVE! Whioh is'ilio only perfect stove mudo. It will do more t usiucss wifh one tliird less fuel litan any otlier STOVK maje. From tCBtiniony given by tlie persons teferred to below, on account. of its duiubilit3' nnd Fuel Saving Qualilies, it has proved a aaving frm Twelve To Twenty Dollars v per year. Wo would reler you to the following list of PERSONS WHO HAVE THEM IN USE: Prof. Tripiinn Ann Arbor. -. Jolip F. Sfiïler, Ann Arbor Prof.W t, " J. Gilbort ïmith " l'mf. Winciifll, " J.T. Aulla, " Prof. Doug'M8 u Josepii Watts, ' Alpbcus Felch, " Dson. ' ffm. R. Martin, " JIr g. Dentón " Bieh'd Hoopcr, " O. HawUna, " Hón. B.F. Orangor," C. A. Chapín. " J. W. Majoard, " Cluirlcs Thaver, " V. L. Stcbbins. " Martin ClaiL-, ' tT. B. WHoon, " S.Botiforfl, AA.Town. Mrs. O. Wclch, ■ Tlicmas Wood, I'.ttsfield. lira, E. TWnHaeM," Alverston Drnry, " v. Chnpln. " . ...■ bPolfaemut. Scio. C. H, I " N.C.Gnodale, " Josoph W. Wood, ' [ Mr. Fvllers, fc'haron. Wfl liave on hand o. larG assortnient of the best kinds of Cooliing, Parlor and PLAÏE S T O V E S , and a general nssortment of HARDWARE AND TIN WARE, .vul Bent stuff for Camnge ■wort. Particular at.tent.ion paid tofiUing up Efivctrougli and Conductora; and all kinds of Job vorlf done at the Shortest Notico. K1SD0N &, HENDERSON. Ann Arbor. 1861. TH i: l'i: OKIA MARINE & F.IRE INSURANCE COMPANT, OF PEORÍA, ILLINOIS. Capita], - - - 9500,000 om., of Hm HI'VVn'ST, 84FBST ud mT Insurance Cu's. in tlio L". ï. httnrM on rwisonftble tdrnis, and al .víivx P"V proinptlv. 'Iln.1!.. s uo beïttT l'ivc Insuranc Comi.;uj_y . Ayeres Cathartic Pilis.


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