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Látate qf Fokey, NinottTf! STATK Of SflCHÍOAN Counly of Washleiuv Al aftelden of tbe l'tubu tr Court for the CounÜ i ■ v, . holden ;il llic 1'roliateíHHcw, Ui ihtiit Aun Ari'in-, .ui Monda y, the thirty-firsi áuy of Uxtm the year one thouaand eigot huntlipii nd h'ixtv n Present, Ib oma Nn!e, Judge of Probate ln .' M.itt-r o! the Estáte nf Jonn Jr iím Koher, David Fohey, Jumes Fohey, KlN-n Kuh" .Vj niuh Kuhey. minors. " ' On reHCing an'l fiUog the petition dulv veriüed i ThuniM KrlfGuardlaoof naif1 mínnrri, pray'iog ihat k m:vy be licensed to sel] all tlie nt-ln. " ni inttow ai sani minors in certa i 11 real enlate iu &aiJ MitUiqJ? Thoreupon it is Ortlercd, That Frlday. U,. íPCo . ten o'clockiathe forenonn be wnedfoi tiif heuríngoí twid ijeti(io,and thatthJ uf kin of said minors, un-l 1I uther peraoiu íqu ested Id san! estáte :tre rtquired to arpear t session nf unid Conri , tben to be hoKlc-n at tfc Probate Office, lo the City of Ana Arbor,in saidCoum and ihow cause, if nny therc bt', whv Üie pravei i the peütioner shou'.dnot be grantíxt; And itwfurth! Ordered, t a-l Raid IVtltioner noticc to te nj ons tntereated n sai.l esUte, f the pendeucy j IC peiittoo and the hearing Ihe.eof, iv causíiij; "a copTÜ ih.s order to be pu. lisbot in the 'Michigan Argl I ]■ r printed and oirculatfng iu sa'iU CuuiuJ Wasbtenaw, four suco.sive weeks previous to aaid dj Of hearing. " (Atruocopy.) THOMAS NIXDE. Judgeof Probate. Mor fcg&ge Salo. DRPAfJLT baring bwn made ín the coirïition of & mortgage made by Williaxn W. Anninand Kim ir AiiDin toOliarlc-s, Deliítíhuwcriii:in, and ij,. tus 9ajD8on,dated Fobruary ISth, I. lviiï, re conto in the ufiice of Register of Deeds tor tbe Cotint f Wahtenw, Michigan, February 'IhX. A. D. I&57 1 o'clook in tho Liber 23 of rooriniíts pac 350. and wbicb mort gage, by wwting, duted Janaa?r itlfct, 1862, was assigned oy pald mortgagtres to Alomo Clark, understgn&d; und th nment tliereof recorded on tLe ;il dajr of itsdateat one anti a ]z o'clock in the afternoon, in the said Rcgister'a office InLiber 28, of mortgageflpase 7:J5: üpon n-hich mon! gage there ia elalmed due od unpaid at tiie date of thm notice the Bunxof niae btutdred niety thrt.e dolla aml Ehirty-three cents, anJ l)v further insta) jment of three bundred eighiy-tbrce and 33-100 dollars witfj n, terest from JhVbruary ISlh, last past, to become dneonj year (rom the lü.st naniwl date, and no uit or pruced Ing at aw havo been IfistUuted to recover the mons atoregaid claimed doe or any part thereoi: Noiiceu th.-rt-tore hertUy given that by virtue of a powerit Bald mortgage contained, in oro er to realizo the amoui Huw claimed aa aTorcBatd due on s&id mortgage lweth! er witb the interest accrulag from the date hereof m the costa of toreclosure piovi'lej ior in said moné,v I fdiiilUcll at public auction to the bigbent ommSjI the front door of tiie Court Uouüe (the place of botdhj the Circuit Court for Washtenaw Cuunty ) in the cit J Ann Arbor, in said county,on ihe 28th tlny of Ju next, at two o clock in tho afternoon, Ihe premisos fa shííi mortgage descríbed, sitúate in Wasbtenav Counrj towit: All that córtalo (rtotorparcel of land, known and describedasfollow8,to wii; The norlh -east quarter of section uumber twenty (SO) in township nuioWr four Kouili of range No. íour (4) east exccptinRantlreserving always f rom the operación of Ibis in.-.lruriR'nt a bout forty one and a half acres from tlie soutfa et ! thereof hcretofore conveyed by Ephraim Uilben aad 7. inah Jenkins oy deel 'iatel May th, 18f0 (for descrip, tion of wliich sec said deed,: Also excepting ad ro! serving aboul thref1 acres of said quarier BecUon hc tofore deeded to JameaCraoipton: Atso excepUng tnd lest-rving nineteen (10) and tbreo-teatlis (3 10) icr1 oí sald ter section heretofo'i ■ cteeded to Hubj Brownell: Also exeppting and reserving abmt twelr acres of thenorth cast corner of saiij quarler sectiM beretofore sold nnd deeded. to John lluls, mkio o? Learlng tiiy amount r,{ land hereby conveyfl abon n;:n ty lour (94) aerea bc the saine moro or lesa: aím gpranting and conveying hereby to the said parties af ifa sooond part, theii h-ir or axttign.atl tbe rtghts ind pa lii-li Raid partí of the tirstpart mayhsreot o.-.--..,; raislpg ■.-■;!!■ ri;-'l flowiiig lands for uses aaj purpu&es of propotliug machinery for r.:!ll or for any other purpose. AU NZOCLARK. A'sslriwi E B Wom. AU'yfor Assignce. Dttted,Marcb20, IS62. 8i3ld Mortgage Sa}e. DEFAüLT having beer made iu the condition of 1 mortgage ta ide by William W, Annin nd Elmt X, Anniu to Willirtuo U Bar t let 1 ander the name and stjls of Will:am BaHlett, datd August 231, A. D. 1858,. eorded November 5tb, A. D. lböti.ut oneo'clook, P.E, in the office oï Hegisttr of j eedü, for Wasbtenaw Cquq ty, Michigan, in Líber Í3 of mortgage.-, page H?;u4 ned by said mortgaji1 ö to U10 undersigned, aIod Clark, by wri1 ing,dated December 13tl:, A. D. 1861, ttd . ■■■ roed Karch 2tli, A. l). 1862, :i eight o 'clock in th forenoon in s;i.l Rogister's office in Líber 23 uf mortgages; pago 117. nponwhich mortgage there Is claimtd dneand onpald at thfi date of this notige tlio sum of one hundred and fllty ne dollara anJ sixty conta.aod no BQÍI m j. 'it luw Jiaring been iostituted f the recovery of saii debt oecured by saiu inortgftge w ;my part Üiereof Ne tice tberefore ia bereby givp tht '■:i the -8th day" of June next, at two o'clock n lhft(f ternoon by virtue uf a power contained in said moit gage in order to roslize tlic urn uf muoey w due as aforesaid on sul 1 mortgage together tuti interest accruing and costs of tureclosure provided fur in eaid mortgnge. I hall sH at public anctws to thehigbest bidüerat tho front door of t .e ('oari Houi-e (the plaoe of holding the Circuit Court for Wasli 1 ■ n:i -.v County) in thi city of Ado Arbor in said countj, , : I e ' ' ■ mises in said mortgage desenberf, viz.: All tint ei rtaiu tractor parecí t' land'known nnd öusc bt-d u foltows. lo-wit. ituated in the towoship ol Üti'geter, in the county of Wahtenaw ;n i State of Michigu, known as bemg a part of tbc umi 1 east quarter uf te tion number twenty, intownsbipnumber four southrf I □umber four eat ; beginaing s'-nili one degre and tbirty minutes v sixty links from quarter post in nortb line of said section, twentyati certnln vdlow oak tree,runnfug thence aloog quarjif section line soutti one degee aml tbirly miouUit tut tb;rty-cigbt linka to a aUit ím Htghway from which .1 yellow oak tree beaw wtt thirty-tbree aml oue half degrees cast flfty iive Kti, theoci' north seventy nine lec;rces and thirty mtDutei east live chains aod Blty links to :l yeliow oak tr markedi thenc-..: nortb ten degrectt, west ninety-five linki to a state, thence north siity nine degrees oast ntni cliaius and sixty-trt'o links tP astake, tbence n"rth r.fteen degrees west teven chaina and flfty links toactrtaln thorn treo or busfa standing on tbe sou tb bank o' leer MÜls mili pond, thence along the baDk of shore of said p ml, at high water raark, tu phceof teginning, enntaimng mneteen acres and thvee tenths ot an acre of land. abOTn described eoursesM mated from trae meridlan allowance being nwdeoí two degrees tor variuiion ol needleJune, A. p.l-Vi. ALONZ0 CLARK, Assignee, E. B Woon. Att'y fnr Assignee. Iíated, March 'J4, 1862. S4ütd Keal Estáte for Salo. QTVTE OF MICHIGAN", Coubty of Wasiiteaw, 8S[O In the matter of the ttstato of PatriuU llüb;in,oi tha County of Wasbtenaw in the State of Michigan, DfceaseJ. Notice is hereby giren, That in pur&uance o. an ord LTrantel to the undcrsigiiid. Execuior, of the Estaïeof said deceased, by the Hon Judge of Probate for tb County of Washtenaw, on the twentyeighth day of March A. I). 1863, there will be sold at public veiidue, to the bwnest bidder, at the South door of the Court BouM i" tbe City f Aun Arbor in the County of W.htenaw in said State, on Öaturdiiy the tbirty firt day of May A . I. 1332, at one o'clock in the afteraoottof that day, (subject to alt encumbrances by moitgageor otherwise existing at the time cf the death of saM deceased.) the íollowing describod Real Fstatt t'j wit: Situated in theTonnship of Northfield, in the County of W.ishtenaw and State of Michigan, all that certain pieco or parcel of land known and designa t cd as tht north-west quarter oí tbe Soutb-East quarter of Sw tiun three in townsbtp one South of Kange Six Ekrt, containinsr furty the same more or less. PATK1CK WALL, Exccutor. Dated, March 2Sth,18C2. 84Ctd. Commisriioncrs Notico. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Waditenaw, The undersigned haring been appoiotcd by the Vtobate Court for said Coiity, Comroissioners to ieciWi ■ examine and adjustaU claims and (Iemands of a]l persons against the catite of Josiah lf. Sloat, lat of lh Townsnip said County, deceased. hereby give notice that six months fro.n date, are, bT onler of the tald Probate Court, aiJowed for cretlilorsta present their claims against said deceascd, and thit tbeywill meet at the residence of Mrs. Alary feJD Sloat, widow of said deceased, in the townfehip Sharon, in thc said county, on ?;ituiday, thc Dinetceotli day of July, and Satu:day( the eighteenth dayof Octobernext, at ene o'clook 1', M-, of each dayto receirt, examine and adjost 1 ï t claims. 1HLL GOOHYEAR, „_, . .nW1 Dated, April 18, JS62. 8WH General Land AgencyPERSONS wactiüc farms, or reflirtencen n oroeil Ann Arbor, can by callijïg 011 me elocifroir.i Mil oforer 1OO Farms For Salí! Ofvarioufsizest rom 'i , te l3Ct) acreííacbfliO' e gQodasEiB'y in'.hi&Connty.) Morethaa %( Divrliii1; tlouses nïhIsCity,fromtwn 'aundred to tourthousanddolt &rsc&ch:and over Oí fttlILDIJTG LOTS! Amonpthcrarimarethe KlBbcpeiarin , 1300;rf' the l'otter frm, i n Green Oak, tho ï'iacefarm, sul Jd ) ftcrea. íhe Blandón nnd JenkB farmB, in Wcb6ter ;h .Stub)rt, Michnel, Newton üoognn, n Kallahai fnrmê. in Ann Arbor; J .Kingsloy'4 fni nE'ittsüeid-theHntch and Hick farm In bodi;th Patrickflayufarm n Froodom; Vv. S. navikon.., O. Bakers nd Buck's fnrms inSylvan. Molt' thtisp nd many others can be dividodto lult purebbsers E. MC 1GAV. AonArlioj.Jnn l8t . 10R B SECOND WINTER STOCK! D. L. W002) & CO., BATE JUST OBESED Á LARGE & WELL SELECTED STOCK OF Seasonable Goods, For thc FALL & WINTER Tinde, Haring purchased their stock nt ipuch U" tban the usual pnces, they nre prepnred to offer GREAT INDUCEMËNTS To Cash & lïeady Pay Buyers. Thnnkful for past favors tliey ■?,■:]] be trtr ready to sh'op their Goods nnd by fair nnd liberul dealing hope to rooeivo their full si)" of the public pntrong.e. Wost side of public squaro. Aun Arbor Dec. 1861. , r Ayer's Ague Cui.


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