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"Big, and the butt end by uil moa na, eays ono. "Cut potatoes, if you want to" economizo," fays a third. "They wíl] rot anyway," saya 11 fourth. Tiiore is a great variety of practico which shows that this very u.-eful vegewiblé wil! bear moro abuso thun nlniost any otlier erop jjiown upon a farni. The writer has tried almost oll met 'nocla and has settled down upon wlmiü potntoe, an inch to an inch and a Kalf n diamofer, as, on the whole, the most derrubie fort-eed, taking into lucouot Lhe imtnediata erop and the velfaro of tho tubers. IL we lortk' rrjefely at the mtimdtate erop we caá duubtless get moro from a ven aü.ount of secd to cut them into single ever--, tban to plant them whole. Hut we have very strong uspicipns that this cutüojï wèa'kena the eian:ina of tho {ilant, and if iollowed np with any vari ty tft a loog eeriea of yeara would riSit n'ut. "We onght to íullow sueh a mfïliod ii we can discover it, as will keep the pluDta in the highest heallh, and makg the erop suro and re.nunerative. TVo have growo good potatoea from the áraallest seed, a half im;h or less in diameter, but it waa only upon very rich soil and with extrf; care. The objectior.s to UBJng largo potatoes whole, nro tiiooxlia expense for seed, ai it requires from twelve to fiiteen to tho acre, and the oVerstOOklBg of every hil!, tending to produce a great inany Bm:ill potatoes. The medium size removes these objöctions, furnishes just aboutseud stocks the hills sufficiently, and preserves the heallh ol the plant. This practice we have lolloued for peveral years and on the vhole, it givos the best resi'lts. Il' we admit the theory to be correct on which the practice 8 i'ounded, it would üot fullow that t would in every oase preserve the erop from disense. - Al most o very variety has been subject to cutting and to díñense for many yeaie, and no one can be perfectly sure thut he plants a sound healthy tuber, ii the size is everything d8Í rabie. If the cimstiiution has been wenfcened in any :ty it is much more fikely to be injured by'the hot wet weather of August, tlian a strong plant woulá be. The prevalenoo of the rot is probabiy owing quite as mucb to the treattn.eut oí eseed, as to soil and climate fl oférteos. Jlicliipa Jüps.


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