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Early Shearing Of Sheep

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A eonvsj.ondcnt of the Ohio Farmer niu!;o tho foliowing remarles in favor ol shearing eheep eaily a the season : " Vv'ti Viieur early, li'om the faotthftt from eêveral years' experience we have iound iluit aheepthrive bet'er, and wii! nrïhuully a littlo more wooï than whon ehorn late. It may be asked why ebcep sl-.orn early wfli clip more wooi late shorn sheep ? My nnswer to , that an WisO Providenoe bas coftstituted everything, animáis as well na humnn bcings, te adapt thempelves to the ctrourastancea in wliïch they are ])iaced. llence, when the weather becomes bi:rdensorne,n;ituro gees to woik to throw oft' tbia unneecssary amouul of clothing. The first indicatiun oí tuis wil] be scon on tho beily, theo tho lege, and ibout the face, and it s nol an unirequent thing beioro shearing time to soa a sheep neariy naked. On her hand, if tho isheep ia ehorn early, they íor a whila require n.ore protection, nnd Nature brings cvery power into exerciso to supply the demand. Hanv woolgrowers in Vennoot have prautiued early hearing for a fow ydars'past, and I bel'evo it is better for the s-heop than the oíd practico of late shearing. The only objeotiob that is made is, that vvool buyera are afraul to buy (inwashed wool, and will sornetimes take the advantage of thein. If it were not íor this reason and ono more, v.hich I have not spaco to menlion in thia artiulc, waehing sheep would soon be out of practico in this viciir.ty. In cslmslng this article, I will Hay tbat wo consider ie a foolish practice to vvash sheep, no matter wheUier the shoaring is to be done early or late; bul our principa! veason í(r taking this side of the question is, that the shearing raay be done earlier in the season."


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