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Tho stocks most ia demand in Dixie. Gun Stocks. If a mnn is dissipated, bis fortune will probably soon be so too. A falso friend and a shadow attend on!y when the sun shinea. Whon a lover dotes on bis darling a refusal acta as an antidote. Fnnny Fern leaving her hnsband is another edition of" Fern Leaves." The m!in whose voice wns "still ior war' bas kopt still ever since the war commeo eed. We aro never eatisfiëd thnt alady undorstands a ki;ís unless we have it frorn her o wii mouth. Somebody defines charaeter as the onlv personal property which everybody looka after for you. Teurs at a wedding aro only the comrneiy.ment of the that the young fulks aregetting into. Jt is no misfortnne for a young lady to lose her good name if a nice young man givo her a better-one. A Corkorian on being aBked at breakf;ist how be catne by 'that black eye," suid he " slept. on his fist." Novcr purchnse love or friendship by gifts; when thus obtained, they are lost is soon as you stop payment. It is said th:it the horns of a dilemma aro secuiely fixed at the capital foi the senators to hang themselvos on, A man excused himself for marrying, by eaying Ihat liis friends declared he drank to iniich for a single man. Jeff. D;ivis professes to see strong sins cf tho suocess of tho Southern Confedoraey. Ay but vo wil! teach him the counler-sign. Womr.n - the morning star of our youth ; the day star of our manhood ; tho cpoiiing star of oíd age. Heaven bluss our stars ! vSTEverybody sees the cloud on the horizon, but m-Lo thiuks of the clear blue sky abovo biui. SS" The Rictnnond Whig ntimates that somo of the rebel leaders are "hang' ng back." They ought not to hang forvvard but to hang perpandiuu lar. L" The Suripmrus speuk of inen'a askuig for bread and receiving a i-tiioL'. Tho reliéis ;.'il! lor alt and get peppered. They think they get the wrong cooditnent. I ISr' The Soutliern Cuuiederacy looks dull just dow, but our armies are scourng it.


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