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The Two Rebel Generals Johnston

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A correspondent desires to know the relative reputation of Joseph E. and Albevó Sitfney Johuston as military men. - Both of ther.i won a high reputation in the United States service. Joseph E. graduated at Wett Point in 1825. He was again promotcd for good comluct in the war against the Florida Indiana. - Be was again promoted for gallan try in tlie battle of Cerro Gordo, in whieh he was severely wounded. He also disMnguisacd himself in the battle of El Molmo del 2X03', and was again wounded at the battle of Chepultepeq. At the breakihff out o: the present rebellion ho TM in the Adjutiiüt Ganeral's Offi e, in Washington, but went over to the rebels. Jeff. Davis appohitcd him to tho command oí1 the, and Eubsequeutly to tho vrhole deparfcment of Virginia. Altert Sidney graduated at West Poiat in 1826. Ho was in the Blaak Efawk war, in the Toxaa vrar of indepcndeaca; in the Mer.ican war, and in the war agr.inst the Mormona. Ho wsa dier-Genorál, in coc-mapd of the military district of Utah, and at the commenoe'ment cf tLa rebsllion was in cotnthe Djepartment of tóe Pacific, ia iiu United States service Joseph E. Lad risen to the ran1: of Lieutenaut Colonel by brevet, and Albert Sidney to that of Brigadier General. The rebel governmeat íiavo regart'ed Joseph E. as the bost Geseral of the two ; but ho bas dono npthing to entitle Lira to n positioD a3 a BJÍlitarj man eqoal to that held by Albert Siuney. Both are base traitors and we hopo Joseph E. wiil die as Alber Sidnej did. r The recent floods in Californi havo developed new mines, and in ma-iy instanoes formod new deposita in th gulches and river beds, long since workec out and abandoned. The San Francisc Hulletm tbinks the total damage causet by the fiood will not exceed three and a cjuarter millions of dollars.


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